D, C

32 |.otliian Road. 33‘) ‘)I‘V

Capacity Intro.

Entry on Saturdays L: ts‘iuttenrs tree before midnight. £3 at'tetr

NY 2 \v' r

@I l'rrknown

i {I 35 bel'ore rnrdnrght. £2 at'tei.

it? ~ + Ll

Rx Yes. [9:9 loads {E (i.

g“) SUN/Slip.

iii Sartre as The Subway in The (‘ow'gate. although slightly stricter.

The Subway \Vest kind is owned by the same people w ho run The Subway iii The ('owgatc tsee abo\e r. It operates with a similar ethos. attracting a similar studenty/young crowd. (‘heap drinks and yarietl music are also the order of the day. The only real difference is the plusher interior and tlte posher location on l.othian Road. which means that it

iney itably' attracts the odd stray punter t'rom C‘entury 200i). ()pens seven nights a week until 3am with [Ms most nights. Food is served during the day,


G. H, I

IS I7 .\'iddry Street. 558 0053 Capacity sun.

Entry on Saturdays L‘ In.

N? 3 \v' 3. W t: i {2.20 l7? rt


Yes. btit tt cart get yery hot on a busy night

Gil lhtee areas to sit in r5? 4.

«z‘\ (i( lt)+/t 1. iii \'aries according to the nights. bttt Saturday s tend to be quite strict

The \aults recently reopetied at'tcr sey'etal tltolttlts til c‘ltistltt‘ {liltc' lttlg'c‘ yetitte lltts Red ()n Red (Saturdays) at its helm. a dressy house nrglit run by legendary promoter (‘hailie (‘liesteix offering a range of big name l).ls. ()ther nights haye yet to be added. although techtto club Skull is currently operating on t'ortnightly l-tidays‘. The Vaults is still in need ot' some inyestrnent the stone walls and lTUUI‘s do not tnake this an ideal place iii which to wear your tinest clothes but tnoney has beett well spent on the toilets. Plans are also afoot to open the from bar during the week. lti time. it could regairt the sigriil'icance it held a couple of years ago when it was the capital's prernrer


H, G, T, HH, F, D, J l5 (‘alton Road. 7 3073. Capacity sun/three lloors. Entry on Saturdays £5 Ls.

h? a,


l. 5.’

‘tincludes The ('ooler"s downstairsl.

g! I2k‘ (ground floor). 4k tupstatrs) and

lk (basetiienr r. l7"? 9; I.

i £3.40.

\ l-ine downstairs and on the top floor. bttt gets \ery hot on the ground floor on the busier nights.

Q Plenty oi tables and chairs in the

90 THE “ST 1‘) ll(?( 199/ 8 Jan 1998

basement and an excellent seating area by the bar on the top floor. :\lcoyes tn the main room.


3(i()+/£l on lltc top lloot. -15l)+/£l In the basement (let there early.

.\’o dress code most people dress down. The \'enue's iii-house security work the door w ith a tirm hand making sure there is no trouble

The Venue is one ot the most loy able yenues tn tow it. Its three-floored interior is home to a couple ot' lidrnburgh‘s most popular nights. Tribal l'tlltklltitl tt‘ortnightly Sattti'daysr otters one tloor of drum 'n' bass. one ot‘ l'S house and another or hip hop. It's been going to:

oy er liy e years and has one ot‘ the friendliest crowds around The seltl explanatory l)rsco lltlt‘t‘llt)Itlllc‘l'lttllt‘ Saturdays) ts more ot' a lighthearted night oitt. though equally busy. l’ure tl‘ridaysr is tor serious house attd techno hills. with some or the world's linest l).ls guesttng regularly. .\lorhert‘unk t'l'uesdayst is a br/ariely popular student night with a funky old skool edge. while Vinyl (irooy es ‘\\t‘illlt‘\tl;l’\\l is a tree indie tirglit begrntnng to make a name tor Ilsc‘ll.


C, D

I: Shandw tck l’lace.~17(r7tll3. Capacity 7nn.

Entry on Saturdays t5

U? 3, \v' y, W l'nkriown. i 2220. ii? a is Plenty. E (y.

3\ 5()()+/5(lp.

Til Smart dress only: no trainers. no blue denims.

Walkers is yery much part or the West

lind scene and attracts the usual mix of suits and secretaries ~ not the place to go for underground music. Which is a bit sad because it w asn‘t so long ago that it was home to (‘arbolik‘ l‘rolic. one or the best house clubs this city has ever seen.


G, H. C

1-1 (ieorge Street. 624 SUN. Capacity 700.

Entry on Saturdays £7.50.

N? I, \9 r. g: lllk. i £2.30. it? as“. *‘s Q y’t-c. E 7

it} Smart dress only: no trainers. no derttttr

5.. tron/cl.

Why not .’ attracts a mainstream tow n centre clientele. Situated beneath the rather swanky |)ome bar. it gets yery busy trom Thursday through till Sunday .-\s yet. it has trey er been utilised tor one ot't'club eyents. although surer this is only a nratrer ot' trrtte

Tr, H, G, T, HH, Ga

207 (‘owgatcn 335 5583.

capacity 75ll/two tloors.

Entry on Saturdays it» U). |.u\ely tmonthly' Saturdays) tree bet‘ore 0.30pm

U? a ‘3' 3.

W Ink. 7 £2.3u. Ti? crzs.

\ .\'o system. btit adequate \entilation. ()n a busy night. it gets hot. especially upstairs. Try chilling ottt in the foyer.

In the toy er. on the balcony and iii the cltiHour/backroom.

E (i.

Ax JSll/tl per hanger r3 items per hanger t.

it} Varies. .loy arid\ely are predoniinatly gay. The door stat't" cart be a bit aggressty e btit do keep troirblerrrakers out

Wilkie House is home to some of the most errroyable clubs rrt town. lts t'oui Saturday nights .loy. l.uyely. \'ena and .lakkara. cater tor art tip-tor ll mi\ed/gay/strarght crowd more interested in hay mg a good tirrre than posing about. Sublime it'orrmghtly l'l'ltl;l}\l is the rewel in its crown. attracting a tiercely loyal crowd to its lttll-ott trance and techno bashes. l'roni Sunday to’l‘htrrstlay there are usually some good. relaung nights The Method is the best oi the cttri‘ llolt'l e\pect too mtrclr hour the yenue ttselt’ it's lattly basic with a small bar. a huge main hall downstairs and a balcony area with a bar upstairs. lt you‘re into sweating. socialising and dancing. this is a good bet.


HH, I, D, F, S, F, NS

l‘itllttl‘ttlglt (‘trllege ( )I '\it_ I .iiitisttrri Place. 22‘) low

Capacity :on

Entry on Saturdays U

h? r

W 2r.

TF9 tr.

E” Marty and mat-a

:5? ‘~

t .(ill.

.0 J m


it} .\'o dress code: member s and guests.

Tltc‘ \Vee Rc‘tl ls lltc‘ bar' til. the .-\l'l (‘tillc‘gc‘ and pulls iii a suitably studenty crowd. The ligg tSaturday'sr is its main night. playing a dryerse mix of Northern soul. indie. new way e arid soundtracks