Parkinson BBC1, Fri 9 Jan, 8.30pm.

Two decades ago Michael ParkinsOn was Blighty’s biggest talk-show host, now as With all things 70s Parky is back Sir Anthony Hopkins and Paul Merton share a couch in this first new programme for sixteen years Look out for Elton 'Grief' John and Ewan 'Crieff'

McGregor in future shows

The Friday Night Armistice BBC2, Fri 9 Jan, 9.30pm.

The writers of masterful comedy-of- cruelty I'm Alan Partridge are back With this t0pica| humour show Armando Iannucci and Peter Baynharn unleash the snarling hounds of satire against New Labour, Tim Henman, William

Hague and Rolf Harris


Channel 4, Fri 9 Jan, 12.10am.

New series of the black music show which promises first uncensored showrngs of the best in hip hop, soul, Jungle, swmg, ragga and RBB. Tune in tonight for Busta Rhymes and Erykah

Badu, Video Diaries: The

Flying Scotswoman

BBC2, Sat 10 Jan, 11pm.

In April 1997, Anne Begg was a disabled schoolteacher One month later she became Labour MP for Aberdeen South, wrth an office in the Houses of Parliament. The Flying Scotswoman offers a unique View of the corridors of power as Anne deUSIS to life as Britain's first wheelchair-using

MP Babewatch

Scottish, Mon 12 Jan, 8.30pm.

An intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the world of modelling Babewatch looks at everything from 14-year-old hopefuls desperate to be discovered to the flashbulb-world of glamour

superstars like Caprice

Looking After Jo Jo BBC2, Mon 12 Jan, 9pm.

Robert Caryle stars in this gritty four- part crime drama set in early 80s Edinburgh Oor Bobby plays a clever yOung thief who falls for a Marilyn Monroe look alike See feature, page


Face To Face: With Ben Elton

BBC2, Mon 12 Jan, 11.15pm

Britain‘s most celebrated 'smug git -n a shiny surt' comes over all confessional when he is probed (ooh') by Sir Jeremy lsaacs in the first of a six-part series

Ian McKellen, Martin Bell, David Mamet and Joan Baez get their recesses examined in future episodes


Scottish, Tue 13 Jan, 9pm.

Scots actor John Hannah stars as boozey forensic pathologist, McCallum, who can slice up a stiff but can't Cut it With the girls Watch hirn fight crime With a scalpel in the first part of a new story tonight

Under The Sun: Prom Daze USA BBC2,Wed 14 Jan, 9pm.

A look at that peculiarly American phenomenon the High School Prom Spoilt Yank kids in tuxes, lirnos and spaneg frocks should have you shouting abuse at the screen in a refreshing manner

Nannies From Hell Scottish, Wed 14 Jan, 9pm.

In the aftermath of the Louise Woodward media circus, this examination of the troubled relationship between nannies and employers should be especially resonant Footage captured on hidden cameras and shown for the first time on British TV shows two nannies mistreating children in their care

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: Christianity BBC2,Thu 15 Jan, 9.30pm.

Theroux, the reporter With Michael

; Moore’s TV Nation checks out the

Working models: Honor Fraser and Caprice in Babewatch, Scottish,

Mon 12 Jan, 8.30pm


Bat and Ball: Christine Hamilton and Zoe Ball in The Truth About Women

The Truth About Women Scottish, Thu 22 Jan, 9pm.

Plump up your Wonderbras Girly Show, for here comes a show where real women reveal their thoughts on love, sex, bodies and things that go bump and grind in the night.

From the makers of those silicone-enhanced Hollywood Women, comes new ITV series The Truth About Women featuring all from the ordinary girlie-on-the-street to TV presenter Zoe Ball and actress Jane Horrocks to wife of the disgraced ex-Tory MP Christine Hamilton.

Yes, it's true. This is the show where even Tory wives kiss-and-tell about what it’s like to be a modern woman UK-style. Whether Conservative ladies are really qualified to discuss such matters is of course debatable, but nothing can stop Ms Hamilton giving her (undeclared) ten bob’s worth in the first episode 'Love And Sex'.

'At the risk of confirming the stereotype image I have in some people’s minds,’ says Hamilton on the subject of modern matrimony. 'I asked Neil to marry me, or rather I told him we were getting married.’ Way to go Chrissie.

Just to prove us Brit gals are not all pearl chokers and stiff collars though, others do get their say, like Zoe Ball who puts 905 womanhood firmly in perspective:

'I think men should see you pick your nose and eat it,’ says the sparky telly presenter, ’and if they don't like it then forget them. I like men who can see me looking a right old state.’ (Ellie Carr)

bizarre world of 90s America in this new four-part series Tonight Louis infiltrates the strange and terrible dimension that is horn-again Christian evangelism Expect tarnbourines, shiny teeth and hairspray

Fortean TV

Channel 4, Fri 16 Jan, 8pm.

New series of par'ar‘orrnal antics courtesy of the leather-wearin’, lrihie- totin', spoc;k-chasin' Father l.l().".('l Fanthorpe Tonight the revved-up Reverend goes ghostbusting With a granny and has a spine-tingling encounter with a woman with a literally electric sex life «Peter Rossi

recorded in early Decernher The show was double-top, so expect great things

Dream Team

Radio 5 Live, Mon 12 Jan, 7.30pm. New series in i.'.'hi:h the great and good choose the;r dream team from the li,oth.ill c‘luh they S'.ll.l;uli and talk about their life as a fan Future guests |l‘( lude Zoe Ball anzl Creation supremo Alan McGee, \'.‘llll lorrner Chancellor of the Exclic-guer Ken 'l've eaten all the money" Clarke kicking off the series

Beyond The Millennium Radio 4, Mon 12 Jan, 8.45pm. Sheena Donald asks six .isionary thinkers to predict schat life ‘.‘.lll be like in 2010 Be \‘Jarned silicon chips implanted in the buttocks of soldiers

figure heatil,’

The Late Book

Radio 4,1.1on 12 Jan, 12.3C'am. Acclaimed Arnerican cl. iracter actor Kerry Shale reads from Dans i‘.liller's The Tao Of fgfurtrrrrrnaj.’ Ali, an a.count cf the author's frrendshp ~.'.rth 'The Greatest'

Don DeLillo

Radio 4, Sat 17 Jan, 7.20pm.

One of Arneric a's greatest il‘.’.l‘i(} writers discusses his latest novel Uricfervch/cl, an 827-par;e epic look at .L'Ariierican culture from the Cold War to the present Characters getting the fictional treatri‘ier‘it include Frank Sanatra, Lenny Bruce and J Edgar Homer iPc-tc-r Ross)

‘J 2? Jan 1995 THELIST101


highlights We Got The Funk

Radio 1, Sun 11 Jan, 9pm.

Rapper, actor and professional hacl rriutha Ice-T presents the first of a tuto- part look at the history of funk frorn chain gang chants to the present day It's not ltlSi about Afros and velvet flares, you know James Brown, Carleen Anderson and Chuck D are among those bringing da word

In Concert The


Radio 1, Sun 11 Jan, 10pm.

More funky guhbins as c‘weryone's favourite North Country Bays get groovy at this Glasgcm Barronlarucl gig,