Side orders Mother India

Glasgow: 28 Westminster Terrace, 221 1663; Edinburgh: 10 Newington Road, 662 9020.

Look out for a flurry of activity from the new Edrriburgh branch of Mother India The original Glasgow restaurant has established a 1:?DUidilOll for provrdrng a wide range of authentic Indian food at reasonable prices rn surroundings which could be desc'rrbed as off the beaten track The Edinburgh premises r omprrse a large listed town house whit h shouir' leave plenty of scope for the proprietor to exert :se hrs urirgue sense of interior design Watch this spat e

JD Wetherspoon

The Standing Order, 62—66 reorge Street, Edinburgh; The Counting House, George Square, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Shawlands Arcade, Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow.

The Wetherspoon tharri continues its plans for world doriirnatron with a beer festival in all three of its Scottish pubs in the month of Qanuary All three boo/ers are serving up a whopping range ()1 10'“ guest peers from all over Brrtarn What's more, they are selling .‘our' beers and one wine at what they t la:ni are cheaper prz: es per pint than are as'arlatiie rn lea-ding supermarkets

Caledonian Golden Promise

Organic vegetatzies have been with us for some time but orgar‘rt beer seems more of a novelty in ta; 1, tne Cait‘rdoriear‘r Brewery nave been i)7(“.'.’ltt(;111(‘l' Golden Pror'use ale since 1990 A re: e'tt resurgence of 'zr::‘.'.r‘ thin-:1 and orn 1". sales of the b'eu'.’ Golden Pro-"use has a fragrant, bitter ssneet n‘a‘ty taste ‘.'.;'."i a Jesty, 11{){)l)"/i1715511I’:Li'1(‘S‘y’i‘i"'(M'Tlttiiiy grrt-z'rn 11(2;)s ’.‘.11:{1‘ are sourt ed in Kent ar‘d New Zealarid lt |Y"l).'(‘55(“(i the ,::.:l:;es at the re: e"t 1997 Soil Association Orna'it; Food Awards that

interest rri ornana: a ly

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Bann’s 5 Hunter Square 226 1112

Voted best cheap and cheerful rrieai 't‘; Edinburgh by List readers Egon Ronay rec‘orrimended 1Carri-1 1pm every day

The Basement lOa-12a Broughton Street 557 0097

Restaurant gualrty food at pub-(rut) prrces, served 'trl 10pm in 13'.'("“,’, colourful surroundings

The Bookstop Cafe 4 Tevrot Ola; e 225 5298

New bookshop/can't Promises book-browsrrig, plus, extensr'.e: menu, smoothies and deli snacks


Cellar No 1 1a Chambers Street 220 4298

For superb atrtiospliere, i'.rr‘.es and food, late nights and il‘.'(’ music, the Cellar rs No 1'

Common Grounds 2/3 North Bank Street 2261416

American-style toffee house on The Mound :j‘\‘~“z"‘ Food served all day Lrve

music most evenings

Cyberia Internet Cafe, 88 Hanover Street 220 4403

'One of the best cafes :ri Edribtrrgn

' Scotsman With the fastest rnterriet access in town

Dial restaurant/cafe 44/46 George i‘-.’ Bridge 225 7‘. 79

'\.\’ea."s its style I." a capital wrtl‘ toad tc: match' Con'ad Wristt-n,



Filmhouse 88 Lot'nran Road 229 5932

Relaxed, atmospheric (ate t:a', ser; rig great value A

grim k3, salads, specials and brillzarit (appuzcrnos 10am trll late

Helios Fountain 7 Grassrriarket (wrth shop1229 7884 Mon-Sat 10arii-6prn, Sun 10am-4pm Excellent \.’("<}("1d."t(ilt coffee house serving reale tasty tried lsabels Cafe 83 (iter' Nature's (Sate- " Stone \.'-.'alled, sriioke-free 'tt-aservet‘t oasis serving homemade '.‘ef;:;re/vegar‘. food fresh, delrc was and crieap'

Marclimont Road 446

9873 Espresso bar Jt;1((‘1)a." Food specials all day 'Worth

the trrp' 10am 10pm, 7 days m Khublai Khans Mongolian BBQ 43 Assembly Street

555 0005

Lunch (T—rr & Sun‘ £5 drrfrter segen days* {13 95 All yriu (an ea'. {TV 880 Unique and ft.r-

Kaffe Politik 146/148

Ndebele 57 1101116531001 221 7 ACciiOdlKiStilttiVHtlt(1(“1\.'.liitrilf impressive range of urinary delznltts front Southern Afnt a

Negociants cafe, bar, restaurant 45-47 Lothran Street 225 6313 Eclectic 1.1t‘-:lrterrariear‘ rrienu, super range of drinks, coffees, ;:>tktarls,

runes and bee's Open 9-3am

Pancho Villas 2‘1OCan3r‘nate

557 4416

1.1exrcan-born t:\.‘.rner lytayra Nune/ says ’15 you're go:ng to eat isiCthill, then don't be bland Lunch until 5pm, drrine" tintri 11pm

Passepartout 24 Dearihaugh Street, Stockbrrdge 332 44759 ' \ License-z: bzstro and -

coffee house New, ext rtrrig, et lecti:' Cosmopolitan ‘.'.:th :larly set pr’rt e lrrf‘ch/drrine' menus from £5 58112 50

booking adusahie-

La Piazza 97-99 Sharidr.‘.rtk Place

221 ‘50

Stylish. 'talran restaurant '.‘.'t?it:ut designer prices Open 7 days 11arri-rrirtitirght

Pyramids 16 Hayrriarket Terrace

337 9979

For a coriipletely different taste this Christmas Egyptian and Sudanese :trrsrrie Brrrit your own ‘.‘.l."r(‘

The Sanctuary 38 Blair Street 225 6885 New bar/cafe excellent food in unusual surroundings with too! sounds 6pm latel‘ue Sat

Smoke Stack 53-55 bro-tighten Street 556 6932

3.1t1t1""(f."("111:‘:" t:;r':;ersan:isteaksat this sty rsl‘ but ‘rrerizty r‘ea‘. tt‘art;rr'l

lé‘Siticlr't‘: ii

Tabula Rasa 90 P-éayrriarket Terrace 474 3446

it's Latin rnyrnr'ig sang for a t'eari :i' ate Yours '.‘.;l| t)e' T"; It'

Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthveri Lane 334 7‘65

“.'.'<:rl:t fie (usine, ‘.'.eeke'i:l breakfasts,

Harp. Hoar, .1 iii: -. .-. rrir ; ('\‘."‘|’ ‘ri'i [2“{{1’\"'( i~. 'i\ I“.Yl )’;1\1(:\(:I'«lk.;(i3s‘c/uc >..t5t...ll..t 5

Balbir's ‘3'"

21'- men

‘.\'est Regent Street

ROCKET},'1ifiili‘Srfilli”,'l;IiS(‘X‘.’,It;Si brilrar‘t Hign giralrty rtdran (lilSl'tU at

a“r:»ruable tint es

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Asl‘ton Lane 342 4966

Belgian neers ’(1't‘rii Let’fe

and Hoegaarder‘r, frrie

'. r‘es, 'List': ftiod, (’70!

"rush, relaxer: atri‘-:is;:.'ie.'e

Cafe Del Mar 94 ()rmen 1.1a'ga'et

ift': grammes, ‘1' t Tt't'St'S, lrt'lrJS all”

yum, yu'n

Kama Sutra 33‘: "1- behal! Street 332

t, Sta

I I r w o‘\ a 7"*V\ 1;~ I, r r t 0 To . 4H


Le Petit Pain 239 Byres Road

, 337 1118 \phone/faxt

é Coffees, gualrty sariclwrches and pastries to go or to stay

4% Outside tiaterrng

Mama Miska 1321 Argyle Street 334 0594 Mama

Lashrrigs of paprika, v Miska

pasta and pizza 'Ari Alpine grotto of delight, hrghly retonirrierided ' The List

Miro‘s 36 Kelvrrigrove Street 353 0475

The new look Miro offers a fresh vrew to European dishes Open from noon trll late, 7 days a week

Mojo 158a Bath Street

Much acclaimed M 0

stylish bar a urirgue blend of modern brasserie cooking in an intimate setting

Mungo Jerri‘s, American Sandwich Cafe 25 Parrire Street 5‘32 7999 rphorie/faxl

Choice of 33 varieties of American food in American style wrth iazx and R&B Murphy's Pakora Bar 1287 Argyle Street 334 1550 Over 30 ways to get stuffed at the great 1.1urphy's buffet Daily 3— ". /pm only £3 95

Ocho 150 West Campbell Street

332 1032 A vrbrant l‘.(‘\\ bar, l)’()‘.‘l(1111(; relaxed irieals, noon-7pm, f inky music, great vibes and daily drinks promotions

H, ll'l “\

Rab Ha's Restaurant 83 Hutcheson Street 553 1545

Traditional Scottish cuisine offered in intimate surroundings, \.\'|1i163Ci10|(2(.‘ of pre-theatre and a la (arte menus from 5 30pm, 7 days a week

Ristorante La Fiorentina 2 Parsley Road West 420 1585

Savour the flavour of Tust an cooking wth our extensive menu including many v ‘-<;etar'rari dishes

Restaurant Splash at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2 Sauchrehall Street, Glasgow, (32 3NY

Tel 332 3163

Stravaigin 28 Gibson Street

334 2665

Eresh Scottish ingredients, authentic and original recipes, award-Winning cooking, lively and informal attire-sphere

The 13th Note 80 Glassford Street Bar/c afe«".eriue saith. a totally


‘oori ‘u..t.'".'i a relaxed

atrnt sphere

Tron Theatre 63 Trongate 552 8587 'A whole lot more than great theatre'

Voted (Elasgows best bar - The List Readers Poll

The Ubiquitous Chip 12 Ashton Lane U to” ; 33.15007 b“ ‘n- One (:1 Glasgow's finest restaurants se'yuig modern Scottish fayre

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