SliX (ili'l‘S l’li()l’‘S attention. lnevitably. at a time when porn videos are doing more business than ever. Hollywood is delving into the dark world of the porn industry with an orgy of high-profile lilms.

l-‘irst tip comes writer-director Paul Thomas

Anderson‘s Boogie .\'ights. with former rapper

and underwear model Mark ‘Marky Mark‘ Wahlberg as a naive sotil who is discovered by porn director Jack llorner. played by Burt Reynolds. and becomes the industry‘s biggest star and an obnoxious drug addict. [I has been hailed as one of the best American lilms ol' the ‘)()s.

A comic and serious drama. Boogie Nights examines the mechanism ol‘ recording a porn film and has caused an outcry among American conservatives. who have slammed the film for destroying family values.

‘()h no. I think the film has a (‘hekhovian quality and is pro-family.” argues Julianne Moore. who starred in The Lost World. and now plays Amber. the leading l’emalc porn

star. ‘l-oi‘ most of the characters. it’s a sad life. They all long for ltllllll)‘ and create their own versions of it. This isn‘t a tnovie just about sex.‘

Still. the Motion Picture Association of

America initially slapped the controversial film with a porn ‘.\'(‘-l7‘ rating. For four months. Anderson tinkered with the film and it linally received a regular adult ‘R‘ rating. ‘l'd be concerned if somebody had moral problems with this movie after having watched it from the beginning to the end.‘ says the 26-year-old director. ‘But the people

shouting the loudest have not even seen it. or

have just seen parts ol~ it.‘

What. then. about the film‘s ending. in which Wahlberg exposes himself lull-frontal. showing oll‘ his (prosthetic) thirteen-inch endowment'.’ Was that really necessary? Anderson laughs. ‘lt‘s a big ending. And I

would never subject you to two and a hall

hours ol‘ talk about his penis without showing 11 It) you.

Boogie Nights is just the first of many raunchy new Hollywood films about the sex industry. Robert De Niro's film company is producing 'l'he Mitehell Brothers. a drama

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As Hollywood turns blue with Boogie Nights,

an expose of the 705 porn movie world, we investigate the reality behind the gloss. On the next six pages, we track down porn veterans, speak to the creators of gay and women's porn, and fling open the doors of Scotland's only erotic cinema. These are the XXX files.

Words: Roald Rynning Illustration: Ross Evans

' .r This big: Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds size each other up in Boogie Nights

Heather Graham snaps up some action

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