Wake up to 1998 with The List's sneak preview of the year ahead. From what to see to where to be seen, we've got the info of the best films, clubs, gigs, comedy, TV and more. Is your diary big enough?


Jackie Brown (Mar) Quentin Tarantino‘s long-awaited follow-up to Pulp Fiction is an adaptation of Elmore Leonard‘s novel Rum Piuii'li. which celebrates the blaxploitation movies of the 70s. Pam Grier is an air stewardess caught up in a mix of money. drugs and guns. Samuel L. Jackson. Robert De Niro and Bridget Fonda also star.

Godzilla (Jul) You can tell it's summer and blockbuster season when there's a dinosaur-like creature stomping all over the box office. Expect top-of—the-range effects as this monster makes an appearance. which kind of puts paid to any of the camp. rubber-suited fun of the Japanese originals.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Judith Godréche in The Man In The Iron Mask 20 TIIE LIST 9—22 Jan 1998

The Ice Storm (6 Feb) ()ur bet for the lilnr to battle it out with I...-l. (‘ori/ir/t'riiru/ in the acting. screenplay and best Iilm categories at the ()scars is Aug Lee‘s close study of middle-class Airrerica facing up to a mid-life crisis in the |‘)7()s. Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver are excellent. but it‘s the kids -(‘hristrrra Ricci and Elijah Wood -- who really steal the film.

Titanic (23 Jan) Spectacle meets romance as James Cameron retells the tale of the sinking of the Titanic as a love story between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The action sequences and underwater shots of the real ship are stunning.

The Man In The Iron Mask (2() Mar) Brave/rear! writer Randall Wallace has his first stab at directing. and assembles a stellar cast —- DiCaprio, Irons. Malkoy iclr. Depardieu. Byr'rre A- for the classic swashbuckling adventure I'eaturiug those Inatuc XIUsketeers

Snake Eyes (Sep) Now lir'ruly up there in the actrorr hero big leagtre alter ('orr Air and line/(2)]. Nicolas ("age stars as a cop investigating a murder that took place during a boxing match in an Atlantic (‘ity casino.

X-Files: The Movie (2| Atrg) Mulder and Sctrlly' transfer the successtul T\' series to the big screen. in search of ey err w eir‘der and darker alien conspiracies. it has already discarded working titles Bluckii'rmr/ and l-‘ie/ri 'I‘lre l-‘rriure. so for the moment. the plot is out there. Amistad (27 Feb) Steven Spielberg‘s latest ‘serious' turn as director is based on the true story ol- a tailed mutiny on board a Spanish slave ship in lis’l‘). Morgan l-‘reeirran. Matthew .‘ylcCorraughcy and Anthony Hopkins bring w erglrt (o the ranks.

The Boxer ( U Mar”) Jim (/rr 'l'lit' Nit/ire ()j The l'irllrer) Sheridan looks likely to provoke controversy again in this film about a former IRA member (Daniel l)ay Lewis) who gets out of prison only to discover that his teenage love (liirrily' Watson) is married with a son.

Lost In Space (3) Jul) Nope. the film world hasn't stopped trawling through old TV series in search of the perfect big screen hit. Here. the Robinson taruily lace danger due to (Barry ()ldmau‘s unsportsmanlike behaviour. Armageddon (net) This year's big sci-Ii disaster urovie stars Bruce Willis as the man whose job it is to destroy 'l‘esas- sized asteroid that's heading for liarth. The Rainmaker ( l3 l'eb) John (iiishairi's irovels continue to supply the Hollywood studios with dramatic I'odder'. Here Francis Ford Coppola directs Claire Danes and Matt Damon in the storyqu young man just out or law school and tip against one of America's most pow‘ei't‘ul companies.

The Blackout ( 13 Feb) ()rrce again director Abel l‘errai'a delves into the darkness of human behay IUUI' as he charts the attempts of a Hollywood movie star (Matthew Modine) to light through drug and alcohol addiction in order to discover

what really happened during a mirror blackout.

Dobermann (Apr) Possibly the most visually audacious movie or the year. this cool and may violent l'rerrch rrroy re pits a super-stylish bank robber against a Muhshccop.

My Son The Fanatic r I may i Ilarrrl Kurershr's story or a liiadlor'd t;r\i driver and his increasingly Iarratrcal son. has taken its (true building a strong reputation on (he lestiyal circuit and provides a corrrples \rew ol irrrrltr cultural lirrtaru. SeeliookstilUS.

Eaters Of The Dead (2‘) .\l.ry ) Airtomo Baritleias takes top billing in this gory Viking epic about an Arab cour'trer who linds lriirrseli Iighturg a I'lesh-dcyoui'rng Ioe alongside the Norserucir

Dr Doolittle i ii Jul) l‘iddie Murphy is the workaholic doctor whose lile is turned upside down when he discovers he can talk to the animals. It didn't work as a layish rirtrsical lir‘st time round. but there's more coruic potential wrtlr this particular star. (Alarr .\lt)l'lls()II)

Emily Watson and Daniel Day Lewis in The Boxer