Romeo And Juliet Iliduiliuigh: l‘c‘sll\';ll 'l‘heati‘e. :7 ‘1 Jan) Northern Ballet Theatie tetiiins w Ill) its teiiipei‘aiut‘e» raising iiiodein billet interpretation of Shakcspcaie's tale of the stairci‘ossed

lo\ ets Shotiltl go till). ll a neat \\ illl llltist; lone struck by the ieccul tiliii ‘.t‘t'\lt)ll. l)t'lll\ .‘ylaltiikiue. last seen sinking his fangs iiito lht lead iole ol NBTs acclaimed llnir u/ii. stars as lovei Al‘oy.

New MOVES l(il.isgow: \aiious Venues. 30 Feb 2! Matt Scotland's biggest dance festi\a| strides into its ele‘venth year. showcasing the companies causing ripples ll) lititope. (78A and ('atiada. lispect eyery tliitig from the beautiful to tlte bi/arie. (‘luebecois coiiipaity Jean l’ieire-l’ei‘tauli. last seen .tt the l-.diuburgh l’estiyal iti l‘N-l. is this year s big draw.

Spirit Of The Dance (latltitl‘tllglt: Festival Theatre. ‘) ll Mar) (‘eltic dance .llgg‘t‘l'} -poket_\ as rock opera. in this lllt‘gilrlTll’c‘k\ show from the \'.‘llI-[‘l'()lt‘\\Ctl oi igiiial It’n ('It/(lflt r' chiii‘eographer. a iitati whose ego easily matches his considerable dance talent atid his bank balance. Think clog dancing lllL‘c‘ls' Arlene Philips and you'\ e got the picture. Peter Schaufuss Ballet (l'iesliuil Theatre. 23 23 Mar) Bi/arre dance cookie Schauluss with a modern ballet piece creating a litik between three trad productions Schaufuss. an accomplished international soloist iii his own right. puts his company through their paces with his three~tieied interpretation of Xurui bike as nighttiiai'e. Slur pine Brown as sensual dream .rlltl Nun mt Arr as happy dream.

Yolande Snaith Theatredance tlzdiiibuighi 'l‘raieise Theatre. 37 Mai) UK coiitempoiary choreograt‘het Yolande Snaith. comes ll esh from working on Staniey Kubrick's new film It'ir \ ilk/e Shut. with Tom t‘tuise and Nicole Kidnian. to present the \voild premiere ot her new work at the 'l‘ra\etse. Based on visions of the last supper. from leotiardo l)a \'iiici to Poussin. lH/tn/ Iii/ll! promises a colourful tableaus ol images which melt and flow through a world continually transformed by light. colour atid sound.

Goal t()ti tour. .\lari l)l‘. mg into the unlikcl) L'tillil‘lllitllt)” of dance and footie is this new Scottish production aiming

Joseph Malik at Lizzard Lounge

for the popular appeal of show s like fill) [)I‘QV and lt’ii'r'ti/u/u'r'. li\pect much tn the way of fancy footwork and stylish teamwork from a show backed by various football luminaries including touriialist and former lleai'ts player .lohn (‘oltpihouii Dancer Donny McNatiiara. bl'tilllc‘t‘ of('eltic player .lat‘kic‘. is one of its star strikers.

Tales Of Hoffman Scottish Ballet founder l’eter l)arrell’s touching tale of an old man looking back m er a lifetime of failed love attairs. gets its first outing tn Scotland since the late 70s ()rigitially conccnerl as an opera. this ioniaiitic. :-\ti'avag.iiit ballet has been fully adapted by John laticliliei‘y l/.tl I't/fe .llo‘l (fun/("rt and. for Scottish Ballet's spring tour. will use costumes from lloiig Kong Ballet. Rumour has it that another guest star of the Way iie Sleep variety may be iostling iii the wings witlt the SB regulars. Scottish Dance Theatre tt)n totlt'. spring) Scotland's contemporary dance company makes a miracle comeback courtesy of new artistic director .laiiet Smith. I ast seen thowmiig iii iiiedioci‘ily. the company is back w ith a yengeance.


(Jim Byers)

24 THE LIST '9 .‘2 HF.

1 N73

Lizzard Lounge Last year saw Lizzard Lounge becotne probably the most consistently excellent club experience in Edinburgh. especially for those seeking solace from the house music scene. With 1998 in its sights. this night ofAfro-jazz-Latin-rap-soul fusion looks set to attract further glory with an earlier opening titne (9.30pm) and bigger bands playing live. A must forjarled twenty-something clubbers and Broughton Street types alike.

Northern Ballet Theatre's Romeo and Juliet

l)on‘t itiiss this impressive troupe of dancers on its spring tour. however much you swore wild PR statements wouldn't drag you back.

Dutch National Ballet (l-idinburgh: International Festival. Aug) No sign of any big contemporary dance names yet for this year's Festival. btit the Netherlands‘ biggest ballet company should proye more than just fairytale fodder with a repertory stretching from Smut Luke to modern ballet-meister (ieorge Balanchine and contemporary dance rebel Laurie Booth.

Pacific North West Ballet (Edinburgh: ltitei‘national Festival. Aug) The Festival continues its low affair with top .-\nierican ballet companies. This acclaimed 25-year-old Seattle-based outlit‘s activ e repertory numbers 70 works and ranges front Balanchine classics to original ballets by artistic directors Kent Stow ell and Francis Russell and one-off pieces by leading modern American choreographers such as Paul Taylor and William Forsythe. tlillie (‘ai'ri

Tribal Funktion With Tribal Funktion very tnuch iii its ascendancy (led by resident DJ and (‘11 rogue producer George T). American house fans have never had it so good. Edinburgh's bastion of the Chicago/New York vibe kicks off 1998 line style on Sat 17 Jan with its sixth biithday: then. one month later. a Valentine's Night Special with the gloriously groovy Dimitri from Paris.

Cream at The Tunnel The Tunnel enters the New Year with its Friday night (The Ark) and its Saturday night (Triumph) still going great guns. ()nce a month on Sats. the venue is given over to Cream. Boy George guests on 3) Jan. followed by Graeme Park on 28 Feb.

Colours The Colours bandwagon swaggers on. with its sister nights in Edinburgh (Club Mercado. fortnightly Sats) and Glasgow (The Arches. montth Sats) still doing the business for house fans. The Colours female contingent should clteck Sat l4 Mar when it's women DJs only. Heaven. Rachel Auburn and Anne Savage are guests.

Slam Stuart 3c ()rde continue to explore the finer. funkier elements of house arid techno at their long-running Friday nighter. Gene Farris (a recent contributor to the Sonia Records recording roster) guests on Fri o Feb. Watch out for a change in format at the club later in the year.


Natural Science (Edinburgh: Stills. 27 Jan-2| Mar) Cornelia Parker. who is planning to retunt a meteor to space. features in this show of artists with scientific leanings. Parker shows her bewitching Embryo

F t'rcumts alongside work by Gerhard Lang and Alan Thomson.

Portable Architecture (Edinburgh: Matthew Architecture Gallery, 16 Feb—l 3 Mar) Tents and camper vans are featured in a show pointing out the altematives to bricks and mortar. Interestingly it is sponsored by Portakabin.

Have You Seen The Horizon Lately (Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery. Apr) Famed widow Yoko Ono is given the retrospective treatment in a show tracing her life as major New York artist. from Fluxus happenings in the 60s. through to the present day.

House In The Woods (Glasgow: CCA. Apr) Contemporary German artists come out of the woods in a show of figurative work featuring Thomas Schiitte and master woodcarver Stephan Balkenhol.

Some English Aristocracies (Edinburgh: Collective. May) Blue bloods Bridget Smith. Bob and Roberta Smith. and Simon Periton. among others. gather in a show of classy art.

Degree Shows (Glasgow School Of

Cornelia Parker's Embryo Firearms

Art and Edinburgh College Of Art. Jun) The bright young things show their wares in the annual public showing of graduate art.

Mona Hatoum (Edinburgh: Gallery Of Modern Art. Aug—Oct) Sending a video camera through her digestive system got Mona Hatoum talked about a few years back. Now her strange and startling work gets centre stage in this solo show from Chicago.

Dundee Contemporary Arts (Dundee. Oct) Off the Central Belt but likely to be big on the art map is this new purpose~built arts centre. Arzists Catherine Yass. Anya Gallaccio. Simon Starling and Cathy Wilkes are working on projects in the run up to the opening which will be marked by an international group show.

The Dean (Edinburgh: National Gallery Of Modern Art. Oct) After a revamp from architect Terry Farrell. the Dean opens to show works by grand old man. Paolozzi. Surrealist whiz kids from the Keiller Collection and contemporary artists.

Museum Of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1 Dec) A stuffed Sean Connery may ' not feature. but the nation‘s first museum devoted to the history of Scotland's people is officially opened appropriately enough on St Andrew’s Day. (Susanna Beaumont)