Don DeLlllo: Underworld (Picador. 9 Jan. £17.99) One ofAmerica's finest writers. DeLillo penetrates the soul of US culture in a novel whose horizons shift from a New York baseball game to the emergence of the atom bomb.

Julie Burchill I Knew I Was Right A11 Autobiography (Heinemann. Feb. £15.99) Britain's tnost notorious journalist tells her own story. from the rebel years at the NME. to her post as a Mail On Sunday write r.

Ed. Sarah Champion: Disco 2000 (Sceptre. Feb. £6.99) Campion‘s follow- up to her Ecstasy-fuelled short story compilation Disco Biscuits focuses 011 millennium madness and includes tales from Douglas Coupland (see below). Neal Stephenson and Grant Morrison.

Douglas Coupland: Girlfriend In A Coma (Flamingo. April. £16.99) The cultural guru who labelled us Generation X follows up Polaroids From Tlte Dead with a tragi-comedy about a coma victim who gives birth and awakens eighteen years later.

Will Self: Tough Tough Toys For Tough Tough Boys (Bloomsbury. Apr. £14.99) A third collection of short stories from the maverick novelist and journalist who specialises in throwing caution to the wind. '

Ed. Toni Davidson: Intoxication (Serpent's Tai1.Apr.£8.99) New, stimulant-based short stories by writers including Irvine Welsh. Gordon Legge. Jeff Noon. John King and the collection's Glasgow-based editor.

Andrew O'Ha an: Our Fathers (Faber 81 Faber. 98/9 ) First novel by the author of The Missing. set in a high-rise scheme in Scotland.

Alan Warner: The Sopranos (Jonathan Cape. May. £9.99) Last slice of Warner‘s trilogy of novels beginning with the acclaimed Morvem Callar filmed by the BBC

and continuing with 'l'liexe [)1 Mining! [um/x. This one follow \ the est‘iotts of .1 girls' school choir.

Ardal O'Hanlon: The Talk Of The Town (Sceptre. Ma}. £101 Debut nouei from the star of (‘hanuel 4‘s limit .1 l1 .1’. focusing on a frustrated eighteen-y c.11- old Dubliner on a wild weekend o1 drinking and lighting.

John King: England Away (lottalhan Cape. May. £9.991‘111e linal t‘at'l ot King's trilogy. following //It‘ [lint/lull [victory and Heat/lituilers. lle time. it‘s sex and violence abroad under the Union Jack.

Hanif Kureishi: Intimacy (Faber _‘ & Faber, May. £9.99) The author of The Black :i/lllllll returns to the minefield of relationships in this 1111\t'l about a man leaving his partner and family. See


T. Coraghessan Boyle:

Riven Rock (Blmnnsbur). May. £15.99) The story of a love affair interrupted when the man falls \'lC111111()st‘\1ltll mania and schizophrenia. From the author of the excellent satire 'lhr Tortilla (.‘urlain. .

Gordon Legge: Near Neighbours (Jonathan tape. .lun. £9.99) A collection of short stories taking a grim but funny 100k at life. from the Edinburgh-based author of The Shoe.


William Boyd: Armadillo (Hamish

Hamilton, Feb, £16.99) (5t'\t'11ll1 1111\ e1 11111111111311 .1t‘1111'. .1 \otitig l‘11\111t'\\11‘.11‘. who keeps .111.tppotntttientonly 1o thscoxer .1 hanginl 111.112.

Iain M. Banks: Untitled «(h-bu. June: -\11'.1\j-'\‘1 1111’11lt‘tlst'1t‘11c‘t‘ 11c‘11111111(\\t‘l 110111 the File l‘.1\t'ti.1'.lll1t11111 'l/n' ('nm It’. 1110’. \1 ho keeps churning them out to

ylt‘ul .‘icc'itllltl.

Barry Gifford: The Sinaloa Story 1Rel‘el Inc. .1011. Lb.‘)9- "\ l‘Ultlt‘l tale o1 greed .111tl1.lttt)llt‘ll} set 111 .'\le\1co and America. 1111111 1).1\1di_\11c11\

collabotatot on the lllt1\‘.L‘ lml Hie/truly.

Ardal O’Hanlon:

yet another comedian turned writer

Government Minimum Wage Bill A central plank '1.‘1_abour‘s election manifesto will become law this year, bringing an end to tales of expleitation 111 industries such as hairdressing. catering and cleaning. ()fcourse Blair and ca. are still shying away from setting a rate the figure will be decided by an independent body -~ but anything tnore than £4 an hour will be a surprise. It remains to be seen whether the policy will produce

the job losses predicted in some quarters.

rule sometime this spring.


Nuclear veterans test case Three Scots who claim their health was affected by atom bomb tests in the 1950s have taken the Government to the European Court of Human Rights in the search for compensation. Two are veterans of the artned forces who claim they were forced to parade on Christmas Island while bombs were detonated above the sea less than fifteen miles away. The third is the daughter of an RAF pilot who claims his exposure to the blasts caused her childhood #' leukaemia. The Government and the MoD have insisted for decades that the ' " tests were not to blame. but if they lose they will be forced to offer compensation to them. and dozens more waiting in the wings. The court will

Aussie Republican referendum That English Sheila with the crown could be out on her car down under. as Australia contemplates a referendum on the future of the monarchy. Currently they are electing representatives to a constitutional convention which will meet in February to decide whether or not to have a referendum on the topic. If they decide to send Lizzie packing. expect calls in the UK for Rolf Harris. Dame Edna and the forcible repatriation of shamefully had. yet addictive soap Dame Edna: forced repatriation? operas. (Stephen Naysmith)

Louise Woodward appeal The prosecution is appealing against the decision ; to free the British nanny early. claiming the original jury was right to convict Woodward of the murder of baby Matthew Eappen. Tabloid darling Woodward will again be facing a fifteen-year mandatory sentence if the prosecution is successful. Campaigners hope to have her home by Easter.

Scotland's Parliament Remarkably. the latest front-running site

for the devolved Parliament is neither Leith waterfront nor Calton

Hill. but the former Scottish and Newcastle headquarters adjacent to Holyrood Palace. As a compromise candidate. it offers the centrality of Calton Hill without the sky-rocketing expense of converting that site. The long-awaited decision will be made in the first fortnight of January. while the election machine will kick into gear as the year goes on with candidates and manifestos prepared. ready for the first poll in




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