Carlyle. a man known to choose his words and his parts carefully. was equally impressed by the character Jo Jo. who unlike his psycho pal Begbie is party to the dreaded F-word feelings.

‘With Jo Jo there's a very deep psychological strand running through.’ says Carlyle. "l‘he search for the truth of what happened to his [dead] father. searching for his place in society that’s what it’s all about for him.‘

It is however TV. and a part that could be seen as a step back for Carlyle whose movie— making star seemed in the ascendant after The Full Monty.

‘I had no idea it was going to be the size it was.‘ he admits of the hit comedy. ‘But I did feel there was going to be a change. So I wanted to do something that people wouldn't have expected me to do this time. What people expect from Robert Carlyle now is movies and films. So surprise surprise. I’m not doing that.‘

This is about as personal as it gets with Carlyle. who rebuts questions about his private life with a lair but firm ‘nobody‘s fucking business btit mine'.

Of his next two films l7th century costume drama l’ltmkett And Mac/eane. eo- starring Jonny Lee Miller and Liv Tyler and cannibalism picture Rave/mus. he offers a few lines. But ask about his childhood growing tip in a (ilasgow commune or his recent marriage to his make-up artist girlfriend and the haekles rise.

‘I don‘t have any problems being in the spotlight.‘ he says. "l‘he problems for me come along when my private life is exposetl.‘

lf ('arlyle disliked the press before though. he’s ready to chib tts all to a man follow ing the recent ‘secret wedding‘ stories plastered all over the tabloids.

‘l was gutted.‘ he admits. ‘I can’t really talk about it any more because I‘m going to get so angry. lt‘s disgusting. 'l’he thing that made me



“Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

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look sharp: the cast of Looking After Jo Jo model their 80s suits

laugh .tl‘ottl it the 1110s! was they had this esclusiw about Robert ('ailyle's “secret \xetlding". ll' it's such a secret. what's it doing in the tuckin' paper."

So no“ wouldn‘t he a good time to ask about the honesttiooti then Robby? lir no. eleatl} not.

Looking After Jo 10 starts on BBC2, Mon 12 Jan, 9pm.





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