Celtic Connections



Celtic Connections runs from Thu 15 Jan to Sun 1 Feb

Unless otherwise stated. all concerts are at ycnucs within the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 Sauctuetialt Street. Other events take place at:

The Piping Centre. Rn Mer’hatei Street. Cowcaddcns;

The Tron. ()3 Trongatc;

The Riverside Club. 223 Clyde Street: Old Fruitmarket. Albion Street: Festival Club. lt).3(lpiir~3airt at the Quality Central Hotel, Gordon Street. Free live music is presented every night at Molly M-rlone's. 224 Hope Street. There are L‘f‘tllll‘lilt..rli$ of painting and photography. record and merchandise stalls and live radio broadcasts trom the (TRCH. See the Celtic Connections official programme for a lull list of workshops. masterclasses. the Film Series at the Glasgow Film Theatre. and the Literary Series at \‘y’aterstone‘s Book Shop. . Tickets and Information I luforriiatioit line 0141 353 4137.

I Tickets front the GRCH Box Office. I Credit card booking arid tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 0141 287 5511.

I Special access inl‘orirtation on the

Accessibility Hot-line 0141 353 4137.


I Between Worlds Tylam .\udttoritrm. T’itlpm. £35“. £ltt5tl. L115”, Micheal (l' Suillcabhatn w uh the lll‘ h (‘hairiber' ()i'chcsira ill a l’cstzyal highlight The renowned t.t‘lll;‘t|\t‘l and prarrl brings \‘llltltr\tt \Hltil\l\ liarr t l‘ l lyuri 'Ulil.'.tl! prpest. .\l rtlrr: llayes ititltllct .trnl lilt'lltl.'lll,t\\‘..‘lill.1l'llttltlc.l \lel .\lerci.‘t tirrsl. perctissrotrt and other yet’ to l\-.' .llllltllllitt‘tl1_‘ilC‘l\ lil.ti‘;‘llttllli.lllsc‘ that tenures ‘L'l'y'cl'."l 3 :ct. \ and

horn hrs piste '; 3y :e. t' id cork. .'l§'.l


\tllllt' lit‘\\ I‘lic'\ \"i' "l.".l "‘.

MARIA DEL MAR BON T: The warmth and seductively sunny sensuality of Maria Del Mar Bonet's pan-Mediterranean music will provide a stark contrast to the sounds of our own Presbyterian north and the incredible homegrown talents of lshbel McAskill and Sheena Wellington. Where our son 5 are generated in sub-arctic conditions, distilled in wet Gaelic or cold Scots and sung unaccompanied, Del Mar Bonet's music is weaned on sunshine and nurtured by her amazing band of acoustic musicians. A concert in which to com are, contrast and savour the di ferences. Strathc/yde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sun 18 Jan, 8pm, £9.50.

34THELlSTe .. it ~ I

I Barra MacNeils and Richard Wood Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £9.50. The Canadians are back: Cape Breton's MacNeils project rich vocal harmony. Gaelic songs and step-dance fiddle rhythms with stagey professionalism: Prince Edward Island's young lion has a yotrthful energy and contemporary edge to ltis sometimes furious fiddling.

I Norman Buchan Ballad Club Revisited Piping Centre. 8pm. £5. The fotrnt of the folk revival iii many ways. Buchan was a Rutherglen teacher who steered many of today's established singers into the wealth of the Scots tradition. Songs and crack from (iordeartna McCulloch. Ann Neilson. Adam MacNaughton and Brian Miller. I Wolfstone and Deaf Shepherd ()ld Fruitmarket. 9pm. £1 l.5(). Rumours of their demise are unfounded -- the gloriously amplified boys continue to shake Highland music by the seruffof the neck. Support from the equally energetic. btit acoustic-orientated younger band.

w ho are becoming increasingly popular performers of essentially traditional music.

I Streams of Whiskey Molly Malone's. 9pm. l-‘rce. Irish theme pub.

I Festival Club Quality Central Hotel. llldtlpirt. £ l .50 with concert ticket.


I Danny Kyle's Open Stage Exhibition Hall. 5pm. l-"rce. I The Dubliners and Tommy Makem Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. U l. £13. The original Irish pub band. originators of the style. pals of the l’ogues. and still touring here w till the banjo bearing entertainer and street balladcer from the Clancy Brothers (the original Aran jumpers). I Brendan Power Band, Ian Carr and Karen Tweed Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £0.50. 'l'asteful tree-reed virtuosity. in l’ower's eclectic harmonica and 'l'weed's lr islt based piano accordion. Carr is one or the most delightfully imaginative and skilled acoustic guitar accompanists around. I Ceilidh Dance Rryet'side Cltrb. 8pm. £5. .-\ward-w inning dance band | ast ll am lac .»\ticherishoogle. I Duncan Chisholm and Ivan Drever l’iping Centre. 8pm. £5. Brilliant fiddler arid singer/gtntarist from Wollstone on a regular duo outing. I The PiCtS Molly Malone's 9pm l'l't'L‘ ltlsli theme pub. I Silencers and Humpff Family ()ltl l-i'uitinaiket. 9.50pm. £l l.5tl. The rockier. raucous. raw er ertd of the Celtic continuum. probably not what your granny would enjoy bttt there's no accounting for taste. I Festival Club Quality Central Hotel. it). ltlpm. £ l .50 with concert ticket. I rmitcd number of tickets for nort- concert goers on sale each day from ltlam. £5.


I Deaf Shepherd, Ian Carr and Karen Tweed Strathclyde Suite. lpm. £6. Synergy is the aptly titled. fine new album from the aurally challenged

lloc kw atchets tsee Record i'ey tt‘\\‘\l. while Tweed and (air conjure rate delicacy and time from their unique pairing of accordion and guitar.

I Camhanach Molly Malone‘s. lprtr. l‘i'ee. li'ish bar.

ltheilidh l)ancc Exhibition Hall. 2.30pm. £5 50. l’ortobello Ccrlidh Band. I Danny Kyle's Open Stage Exhibition Hall. 5pm. l‘ree.

l’iping Centre. (rpm. £5.

I Richard Thompson and Chantan Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £l I. £ l 3. The cult. oblique. gloortiily perceptive btit often amusing English songwriter and eyeeptional guitarist ~- here teamed with the eclectic female Scots yocal threesome's repertoire. which ranges lroiti ballad to barbershop.

I Ceilidh Dance Riyerside Club 8pm. £5. Music from last Tram Tae Auehenshoogle.

I Poozies and Davy Steele Straihelytle


ROCK, SALT AND NAILS: Shetland’s antennae have always been focused

overseas even its traditional music is a hybrid - and in Rock, Salt and Nails the exuberant fiddle is right in there with gritty rock 'n' roll, blues and bluegrass, thrash pop and dance grooves, even Beatle's songs. When the plug in there's no point in attempting to sit down.

OI Fruitmarket, Sun 18 Jan, 9pm, £9.50.


Suite. Spin £9.50. Allwoman quartet iiiai‘ry the contemporary Scots/Irish tradition with entertainment The litre tip of harps. accordion. fiddle and guitar. features lead Vocalist Kate Rusby'. pltrckeis l’atsy Scddori and Mary Machlaster (aka Sileasi and ace squee/er Karen Tweed.

I Christy and Tim 0' Leary Piping Centre. 8pm. £5. The celebrated Kerry brothers together again as a dtro. The former w as for years the piper and singer in the Boys of the tough; the latter plays fiddle and bouzouki.

I The Bathers, Pearl Fishers and Swiss Family Orbison ()Id l-‘rtiitinai'kct. ‘lpin £0.50. Cliiis 'l'hornson's romantic lyrics front the headliners III a concert of w'ell-performed soft rock with a minimal folk feel.

I Prawn Gumbo Molly .‘ylaloiie's. 0pm l‘ree. ('aiun sounds III the Irish theme pub.

I Festival Club Quality Central Hotel ll). 10pm. £ l .50 with concert ticket Limited number of tickets for iron- concert goers on sale each day front ltlani. £5


I David Milligan Strathclyde Suite. lpm. £6. The New Voices series presents one of the leading ja// pianists in Scotland an tiinoy'atiy'e collaborator til the current folk/jal/ crossover scene. :\ new piece. for two performers. has been commissioned by the l‘cstiy'al and w ill be premiered here.

I Gaelic Songs Concert Piping (‘entr-tr 2pm. £3.50 lshbel Mac.~\skil! sings and presents Anne Martin. (itlhan and litona .\l.theit/.ie. arid Maeye MaeKinnon. The established Lewis (bra with her beautiful. highly indiy idualistie \ocal style. l‘resents some of the fittest. lesser- known talents. soon to gain recognition from their recent. or imminent CD releases

I Camhanach Molly Malonc‘s. 2pm. Free. Irish theme ptrb.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage li\lribrtion Hall. 5pm. Free.

I Alasdair Fraser's Skyedance Band Main Auditorium. Titlpnt. £|t).5t) (£8.50). The great Scots fiddler. long resident in the (iolden State. brings his six-strong .-\merican group of Celtic musicians. and his stylised approach to an original Scots-based instrumental ensemble sound.

I John McCusker and Tony MacManus Piping Centre. 8pm. £5. Two youthfully gifted talents raised on the edges ofGlasgow. and now travelling the world Bothweh's fiddler land multi- instrumenrahsti .\lc(‘uskci is the bedrock

(‘1‘llll‘Y;|:l[lk.lilh.l(llgtlllhl.\hlllltll’ill\lkl)"\ .\lac.\lanus gaye up triathertialtcs and concentrated. successtully. on maktrg the acoustic guitar play things that it hitherto ctttrltllr'l.

I Maria Del Mar Bonet, lshbel MacAskill and Sheena Wellington Snathclyde Suite. Spin. £‘l 5t) The current loll. icy ry‘al l\ llt'.l\ll_\ lll\lllilllt‘lll doiiirnatcd. and singing I\ lit the decline, But not here. .‘ylachktll .tiid Wellington have two tlrstiitcliye and pure yoices. and deep loye and respect lot tlteri respectin- (iaeltc arid Scots urtaccoitrpautetl song traditions. With her lust rate acoustic band. ll.tr'celoita\ Hotter l\ an astonishing pc‘lltulltt'l til~ \lc'tltlt‘tlarrt‘art song. whether from ('ataloitta. \paiu. t ireec'e. \'oith .-\lrica or eycn I aim \lltc'llCd.

I Rock, Salt And Nails and Barachois (lld l-ttiilmaiket ‘lpiit t” 5t) Slit-tlaiid high energy rockm roots iron: the now- established. endlessly gigging band. lirrrt layotri’rtes on the festiyal circuit Support front the interesting francophone side of l’rrnce lidwar'd Island's traditional llltl\lc’. much more ()uebecois than t eltrc. but loot-tappttrgly accessible all the saint-

I Gerry MacGregor .\lo|i_\ \talottek ()l‘tn. free. Irish theme bar

I Festival Club Quality (‘crttral Hotel Itlfytlpm. Li 5H w ttli c‘ttllc't'll ticket l.rinrted number ol tickets to: non concert goers on sale each day liom ltlam £5.


I Masterclass (‘lyde l oyer. l.‘..ltlpm. l‘i'ee. New \tttct‘s \e'll;‘\ citrlrptvseis l)aytd Milligan Sutton l’hottntizt- and Cot t'ma llcw at tll\c'lt\\ their Ctllllj‘tl\llltlll\

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage l‘.\'lltlillltit‘. Hall. 5pm. free.

I Tradition 2000 ( 'iydc foyer. (rpm. l'lt‘L‘. lillfi Ratlltt Sc'ttllalltl tllsc‘llsslttll ()H the luture ol traditional and folk music. recording lot a later broadcast Chaired by .-\lClllc‘ fisher.

I Cherish The Ladies, Christy and Tim 0' Leary .\larit Auditorium T ‘stlpm. U05“. £12.50. l-ronl-i'artk performers on uillean pipes. whistle. riddle and l‘ou/otrki and yocals. the l l. leary boys from Kerry are w ell known trout the Boys of the fouglr and other bands. but here then sibling empathy w ill be ey tdertt Ill a concert duo format they pledge to continue See pt'ey new for Cherish The Ladies.

I Songs Of The Emigree Piping Centre. 8pm. £5. The diaspora of the contemporary cells. especially the English-speaking ll'l\ll arid Scots. in

songs interpreted by singers Sara (hey.