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99 Giacomo Puccini 8 8. 10 Jan at 7.15pm Tickets From £9

Production sponsOred by Walter Scott & Pa'tners

Sat l7 Jan at 7.30pm Tickets From £7.50

'...traditional heroes ...putting people to their Feet andmaking them dance the night away'

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Sun 18 Jan at 7.30pm Tickets From £5

A history oF dissent in words ., and music presented by -. "

Roy Bailey and Tony Benn Mp ( ,_ ~.

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Sun 25 Jan at 7.30 pm Tickets From £7

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Tues 27 to Sat 3i Jan Tickets From £4.50


NORTHERN __ __ BALLET ' . g _ THEATRE National lour

- Sponsor

92 _.‘ les Edinburgh \uwn u sponwtrd hs British Energy J:

Tara Arts

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Wed 4 to Sat 7 Feb Tickets From £5.50

‘It's the most street-smart Shakespeare '9: . -~ I l have had the pleasure to watch' ' "

t fix“ :1 4. 2' m - 7f r. THE HERALD

‘C'~. If“. “a

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wh e re - T H E - We are just opposite the suspension 3 l bridge, less than 2 minutes walk from T StEnoch tube] bus stations. 5 minutes H N O T E -

walk from Central Station

The l3th Note's new C'lJb Is now oper‘u at 260 Clyde street. and hosts some of the best local djs and clubs every weekend. Adthisslon Is free before I lpvh and a there


taking in both floors of the |3th Note every Friday. this dj collective provide roots. reggae and dub sounds on the ground floor. with hip hop. beats and breaks & drum & bass in the basement.

satu rd ays


Paul and Steven Watt take a floor each for their mixed grooves - combining soul. jazz. funk amd latin sounds.

flrsl’ contact


the thirteenth note. 260 Clyde sreet. O l 4 l .22 l .04 I 4. open 8pin- 3.1m daily. admission free

before I lp.m. £3 thereafter at weekends. {I admission to upstairs bar after I lpin (sun-thurs)

38 THE UST 9—22 Jan 1998