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Dancer/choreographer Wayne McGregor has been compared to a praying mantis, a rubbery robot and a strand of cooked spaghetti. Tall and bald, he’ll be hard to miss among the seven other long-limbed dancers in his newly re- formed Random Dance Company. Following 95’s technology-influenced solo, Cyborg, he plans to catapult audiences further into the electronic age with his latest piece, The Mil/ennarium. ’It’s a bastardised word that refers to a kind of futuristic aquarium,’ he says of the title. ’I like the idea of it being liquid not as in water, but more like mercury.’ The result is oozy yet angular and jagged- edged, marked by the free-floating energy of a rave. McGregor juxtaposes fluid bodies with sculptural objects in a cyber-landscape of computer graphics and scanner lighting. ’This is not a tricksy experiment,’ 27-year-old McGregor asserts. ’The technology doesn’t suppress the Quality of the dance content. It’s an addition to the choreographic language.’ (Donald Hutera)

The Mil/ennarium is at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 76 & Sat 77 Jan; MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Fri 73 Feb. Outreach events at Royal Museum, Edinburgh, Thu 75 Jan; MacRobertArts Centre, Stirling, Thu 72 Feb; Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Thu 79 Feb.

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Film: Boogie Nights The golden age of pornography meets 70s disco fever as Mark Wahlberg strips off and gets down to action A highly acclaimed film that opens the doors to the era that brought us Deep Throat. See feature, page 10 and reView, page 41 Selected release from Fri 76 Jan.

Music: Celtic Connections The annual celebration of all things Celtic and musrcal kicks off again, The process of Widening the remit of Celtic Connections’ programme continues apace With appearances by DaVId Byrne and The Bathers, as well as more traditional artists such as Micheal O' Suilleabhain See preViews and listings, pages 32 - 36 Glasgow: various venues, Thu 75 Jan—Sun 7 Feb.

Art: In Visible Light A touring exhibition from the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, which looks at the multiple applications of photography from its earliest days to the present Artists include Dam/in, Mapplethorpe and the 1997 Turner Prize Winner, Gillian Wearing Edinburgh; lnver/e/th House, until 5 Feb.

Books: Underworld Hailed as the Great American Novel followrng its release in the States, cult author DeLillo's 800 page epic takes in baseball, the Cold War and J Edgar Hoover in a sexy leather mask This novel cOuld see DeLillo cross over from critical respectability to popular success. See reView, page 95 and Book events, page 96 Published by Picador, E 78 on Mon 9 Jan,

Theatre: The Relapse Philip Prowse, fresh from directing a London revrval of The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore starring Rupert Everett, returns to Glasgow to direct Vanbrugh’s sOphisticated sex comedy, With another high profile cast. See prewew, page 65 Glasgow; Cit/zens’ Theatre, Fri 9»-Sat 37 Jan Music: NME Miller Tour llTJCCllng a little brightness into the January rock ’n’ roll vacuum, here's The Stereophonics, Asian Dub Foundation, theaudience (sic) and Ultras0und. The NME reckons that they could all hit the big time next year. We're inclined to agree. See preView, page 55. Glasgow Garage, Thu 75 Jan.

9—22 Jan 1998 THE “ST 3