As the Labour cabrnet alrgns rts‘elf margrnally to the left of Benrto h’lussolrnr, rt's l‘eartenrng to remember that some bark-bent hers have upheld the prrnrrples on( e embra<ed by therr party. Not to be (onfused nurth lonres Blarr and Banks, the member for (fhesterfreld rs a gentleman so( rairst rn the Ontell tradrtron lor the past srx years or so, he's been tourrng the (abaret (rrr urt \.‘._rth folk s.nger and so( rology professor Roy Barley Named after Benn's antnology of \.'.r':trng on polrtrral drssent, The Wr/trng On The lWa/l rs a performanre \.‘.:th irve musrr, \.'.‘hr( h tells the hrstory of drssent and :nsurrertron, lared tasth the urbane brand of humour Benn has made hrs o\.'.n

The l/x’rrtrng On The ‘/./a// rs at Edrnhurgh Festrva/ Theatre on Sun 78 jan,

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7 Surely not 7 Yes, rt rs BHKO W:li:s as that 'master of drsgurse', lhe Jatkal Or at least, the 1997 rernrarnatron of the polrtrtal assassrr‘. lhe erlrs rnrarnatror‘ has hrs srghts set on someone at the top of the US go\.'er'r‘-rr‘.er‘.t "ather than Charles De Cuauile who dodged hrs bullet rn 1973's The Day Of The Jark'al Word rs, ho\.\.'e\.rer, that there are more dramatrt thrrlls to be had watthrng true-lrfe terrorrst Carlos lhe la<kal on trral rn Parrs than rn lvlrr hael Caton-Jones (lr(hed a<troner

The ja( ka/ goes on genera/ re/ease on Hr 9 jan. See TOM/(“:16 page 47

4THE lIST 9 .7.) ‘998

If the drugs don't ‘.'.ork, 1: must be somet'trng m the mater Ru hard Ashtrott arid hrs lutky men had that (an only be called a good year m 1997, topprng the Singles (narts t‘.'.r(e, and the dlt)tl"f rt‘arts \‘ull‘. Urban rhntns, \‘.l‘.|(l‘r eten grabbed the “best album' arrolade :r‘ The I rsr's Readers Poll Nov. theyre bark on an rnstant—sell-out tour, surf;ng the mane of sr.(tess .nto the New Year

The Verve play Cj/as(]()'.‘.’ Barrow/and on Sat TO (K‘ Sun «’ l fan SO! [D ()l/T

As r(ebergs part (ompany wrth the Art trr, forest frres wreak havor rn Asra and Australra and (omputers prepare to go mrllennrum—doolally, rt's easy to belreve every prophesy must be gloomy. But forget Nostradamus Pred/r trons rs a new serres of 241 porket-sr/ed books rn whrr h modern analysts explore the possrbrlrtres of the future Desr rrbed by publrsher Lor‘d Werdenfeld as 'a drstrngurshed assembly of world authorrtres', the author's tarkle sur h subrer ts as Clrmate, Drsease, the Mrddle last, (Jenetu l\lanrpulatron and lerrorrsm, ea< h argurng the (ase rn fewer than ()0 pages Read frrst, then batten down your hatrhes

The frrst (ave/ye Predr< trons [rt/es are ayar/ah/e now, pr/h/rsher/ rn Phoean paperba< ks at {'2 ear h. Tave/r/e more trt/es are due out from Apr/l onwards


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