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COUNTRY Garth Brooks Sevens {Capitoil v- «r x‘:

Gartr: Brooks: alourns are always not it less init'lil‘fl‘fllt. 32fta2rs than illS tetra stade spectamiars, and trSrrally more directly reher‘trve oi hrs r‘t'nrr'rtry roots. Severn; gets off to a strong start with the raur’tziry, hortky—torrkrng 'LC)r“.(,‘rte(l-< Bottle’, ind he takes a swrpe at rucky crrtrr's on 'How You Ever Gonna Know‘, Girl the alhurrr starts to tari off a'nout halfway through, and Ends up sotrndrnt; a little roo frjrrrtularc. It in an tae Horses, and rlt erodes shrri urrrt< -:. the us, but rt sfrl. domrfit really answer the vexr'ro r,:r:e‘.tr0n of wny this nrv. rr‘r-oestly talented orry rs so damn bier " Welsh


Overnight Mail (Argo) at it: “s Mrrirael Torke Wrii be working eytensrvely on orchestral music with the RSNO as their first Associate Composer In t rerr nexthut-one season, '.'.lr;;h is an em :trng‘ prospett Tins (lest retzects hrs work for (:harrrher Sr/e 'rrutrps, however, at"! .‘vlrrle the (liarazterrstrt :‘atrhy tunes, tonal harmony and repeatrnc; rhythrnrt patterns ("r/L ke roots ll‘. r‘rtrrtrnr'tlrsrrt, Torke finds lrrs own vrrree Wrthrrt the structures, .rnd presents rt wrtrr arnrrle coorrr and \d"i('lV That serme of variety rs lrertrhtr-rzed hy the drtfer’rr‘tr rnstrurr.r_rrtal lrneeur‘rs represented n the frve \v'or'tzfi, rrarnely Orke‘st De Vt‘tlharirrrrtt, the Apollo Saxophgnp Quartet ltww {MOMS}, l-“resent talusrr, and Tc-rt‘e's own enuerrrhle :K’flrl

JAZZ Jim Hall

Live A: The Village Vanguard .. Jazz} ~ *

lrrn l-lall' rattan. any,

illrlllll‘lt‘ll‘f‘rll in". Fresh

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"err-i'a' xtyie :3 rent .‘t‘r everyone, hut arrtnne \.‘.'l‘.:) ddll‘ll’l,"s the qwrrarrst's relaxed :rru‘ucal rrrraorrrattiz‘. ml! ‘v'rant 11) Clit‘t'lx :ut thrs lrve set Hall"; reg‘tular trr<> rs, lt_‘rllllt,’l_l up Wrth five (-tr‘rtrawrw; (Jtltjfiixl :!r the shape at Art r'arrzrrfir' (playwrrt hrs usual 'ilurrtrtrt', a cornhrnatron nt trumpet and tirrqelhorn‘r and {rarnhtrnrst Slide Harnpt'rn frern hs Ctr-xi: generation,

Bernard Butler gets all melancholy before he discovers that people might like 'Stay' after all

58 THE LIST 9—22 Jan 1998

pianist Kenny Barron from the :n- between one, and two younger hot- shots, alto saxman Carr-C; Osby 'a surpnsang but elfectrvr" Chou el and pranrst Geoff Keezer, who pushes ti.e harmonrt, envelope rn ex'rrrlaratrnu fashion on his two contrrbot'ons lKMt


Sm E

lt's About Time (Rhiannon) They‘re st:l| out there, threatening to fall off the edges of IfESll music Album two from the LOfldi)Tt-l,‘aSGd oarrd rs powerfully strrdent one moment, wackrly eccentric tne rrtvxt, postmodern ;_‘.lt‘rrr“rCl‘.(tr‘rt {its next to ’rehlrr: dangex on a wohlrée t‘trard, traztsrt lr'ttrede Celtic rnrasmas morph rnrr, Storm-era Movrrtg Hearts and there's the occasional whiff of New Agey strrd.o indulgence, er, l rrrearr (reatrv'rty There’s the mandatory reels-rd-a- rlubland groove (the 'Go On Go On Remrx'), sample sequences, rrroqranrn‘red soundscapes and expresswer vocalrsed old Erse arrs Irr‘. the 'SOJSrde tvlrx'l A consistent desire to surprrse and delight rs, rn the main, successful. rNCt

Patrick Street

Made In Cork {Green Linnet) w Delrarrtly old—fashioned, or: a aerrra- trrrted lrtrlllt.’ label, Pat'rt k Street are not aheut to sell out Thea (t!l(“]ltlll'\('x are frrnrly rooted rr. tne 70) and 80» the rnuSrc rans’ fofrrr‘rtrw years when rn drlferent rrraups they helped define the ernerqmtr ( hara-z ter of tr>:l.ry's instrrrrrrerrt—drrver. ('eitrt l)a"(l ‘Ir enr- Jat.l;re Daly's accordion powered De Dar‘rnan, (Sed Foly played guitar and Small prpes rn Battlefield Rand, '(evrrt Burke was the fluent, mlaxmi frddle rn the Bothy Band, and Andy ll-."l!t' brought the .vorld‘s rrrus:;‘ :nta: t‘rarattv what you see Is what all very well don-f? it much this trrrre :3: irx'rne lrerrthrokt‘n-effett totals are xarm-‘l and UN luttered, while the pollus, slrdesarrd strip-113th“ rerutrtarlgr

phrased and played :‘JCt

Deaf Shepherd

Synergy (Greentraxl r r ‘v’Vhol’y, joyfully Sr otttsl. in feel, therr second album rs lull of (ll/Eftith’PV', great tunes old and new, and a tasteful eschewrnq of the rrrrrs!c tethrroiorry and tempo excesses of s:rnrlar' youer

St) you get and

‘0 'ul‘vlrllS "-(.‘l rt‘-)

‘C ‘\.:.H(_)()’li’\"\1


trams ,t,.'.:: ‘.',,;?.r:. , :carts sortau, esp-Dually Barrrri' rarely heard 'Wrnter 0 Lite are not In -r' (:ttrrt time frames, the Instrumental ntrr‘ 2' as r-xteptrt‘naily \'/l':: p‘aw‘rl, the r :_::-»' t hate dawn-arable enerrty (wt-(r a .rr;r- Wild rrtythrrrs -- try r:. «y "-_‘r"tl)l)(?ll's 'Keys,

and there's a great ktl't‘

Li il‘i“"’! :1

rle'rm -; w t, rr ,

,r lettzl :r‘ ltrtt,’ Kl Martrrs' li-lrititl, (lassv pr" 'l-r; :rt-rr lill' rthl

UMB- Goldie

Terrtperterrroer (Ftrr) 6* x”:

A partre-rlar'y apt title rrr thr» the season i)? the t amt-festive ar‘rrt alpr and a parfrttriarz. {1mm treettrrr'r v.':t'n rt Choppr tl about, rrntahle and harsh, tlrrs (lees indeed sound irl e Goldie hauntr a t :rrtrtrrrr it's well \‘v.‘(tr‘lt\.‘.’ltllt‘ :l more than a lrttle uneerwru Sorrze bloke ralled Nee:- Gallauhe' dr es the squally (guitar's lll‘

Bernard Butler Stay lCreatron)

The lornter ()ll'”i:_' 'rrzrtxerr’st's sale (ielrtr!

r‘r a “who. hit! that tart \ -,,t' ,rrr

tit‘llirrr lit-it, l‘relore rt lath-yer) that

per vple rnuht like rt after a-l and .t (Vi-I‘lK. a h:t more horsterous Yes, rt rides sound a hrt lr‘w Suede and yes, Rttler ( trr st (3 be"; {at rsr‘rt unit?

he “arttr rrrrwe 2"?


Ali Fall Down {Radar Records) *2- tr Thrs :S a or: like r‘urvrnr; sex .viren you were lit??td()1‘~' fun, last, furraus arid s-zrrrzfyrnr; rituth'nr: ‘t s all -,ver very QUK lily as tut-ll Or that Just rue-7 (Hr


GrOurtded (BK-":87; ~-

BlO'rdy hell' ls it still the (SO?

Psyt‘hedlit swirls :hur‘rterrnr; (rtrrtars,

rzrt rzralur‘ril

Goldie: you don't want him to lose his temper



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prel‘artuiv ’1 net wit xp n

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a tarrrre't t'llm e ltlrtrht'

Lira al rrrnh srnzrznrr ahrrut tle (orruptron of gush: It hy tr:' e aherrt lierntr durnpr-(r Then. t'rtrld rust he aheut l1errv; Anyway live year‘s trrn :alletl it 'rarrrtfv (irritar pug"

ltd: 'Pii'i'ri

lah r'


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.mahr :v‘. ltw alrrt lily hilt thv'

ti-rllls .,.r x.’ (l/r- r' Z.rr' l tt‘hrt.“

“Jill; .rlir’, “il'1‘:".'il. ‘\ it

r: ruissror‘ate li'i‘ :a' -,'.‘


Losinr More "than My triuders (tvol)

Ftlore oftevuras froir‘ :' tai ial and possibly i‘rbdtra'r'» he t s Like :rrany lran'f‘, tl.e'e's a r: and the-rt a

rr-reate-l a t'e-s/ tart“. H

rv .rrrv unyiar ->l.‘r,rt<1'.hr, '.

‘1 [gov (“'Urtr

arzri inhraht ".'."e t'ie \' a..


The Commercials

\‘Vl‘frrt l Saw tier lace (lietsarr‘. letsarrt)

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Rer;;rlar Irtf‘o» nurnr‘er trurr.C~l.rsr,‘t1‘.us j-‘r who tour hrn'rlv thank; the U t'rrerr (ortstartt support t -'r tl‘. their tt-(ord sir-eve punt l.y stuff wrth lots of .‘vrrah' vzx‘als that it: no to ’rreast-(l (rurtt armed With at a statl; rzf Eddre

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE: frrn Byers, i‘itwrr: Drl)(l:rr, (errrry Lia‘th't-yuur‘, Jonathan Trev;

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grrr'ar rrrd all:

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