Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then b day, then alphabetically by title. Clu s will be listed, provided up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Clubs listings compiled by Rory Weller and Jim Byers.


I 4th Dimension at The Baby Grand. ()pltt—lttidttigltl. liree. Andy Young and Dartny plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion arid funk. Drirtks promos. l’re-club.

I The Ark at Tlte Tttititel. l().30pm—3arrt. £6 (£4). ()rte of Tlte Turirtel's key iiigltts of high-glam splendour. witlt possibly Scotland's top ltard ltotrse D] Michael Kilkie. joined by Scott Mackay arid [ammo (Rhumba) iit Room ()ne. plus Duncan Reid arid Simon buy it) Roortt Two.

I Babaza at Babaza. 5.30ptn 3am (l)Js frortt llprtt). £5 (free before llprti). Laid back mix frortt Lex Blackruore (tlte legendary Blue Boy).

I Bar 10 8pru~ close. liree. Stevie Donaldson. Bios. (‘ool Lemon. Ground Control aitd a Burd ('alled (ier taking it irt turns each week front drum ‘rt' bass to rnirtitttal house arid teclrrto.

I Bargo Spin—midnight. liree. Regular pre-club night at this phenomenal bar iii the Merchant‘s City. with guest l).ls on art under'round dance vibe.

I Bri liant at The Venue. lt).30pm 73am. £4 (£3). Gordon Tennartt witlt a commercial mix ofcltart dance aitd indie offerings iii the refitted Venue. Drinks promos.

I Buena Vista at (ilasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). l0pttr 3.30am. £3. .-\ slice of Latin Via/.1, and ftrrtk frotti Mark and Michael of Delaitey's Rhythm Section.

I Cool Lemon at .let. l0.3()pm 3am. £6 (£4). A weekly hard house night for the west ettd with (‘ool Lemon duo lairt Paterson arid Trevor l’rice doing w ltat they've been doing so well every month at the Arches.

I Crucial Vibes at The Bedsit. ()prtt-Zam. £4 (£3). to .Ian arid fortnightly. DJ (itts playing all the latest artd classics irt reggae. ragga. dtib attd roots.

I Deep Fried at The 13th Note. l()ptn—3am. £3 (free before I lpiu). Some of the members of Kung l‘unk with reggae. dttb arid mellow grooves on the ground floor and ltip hop. bigbeat artd furtk iii the basement. Note that the l3th Note has now moved to ('lyde St and is open as a bar frortt 8pm.

I Hellfire at l’rince Ai'rnany's. 8pm—2am. £8 (£6 members/£4 student). 0

I Phunked Up Fridays at R (;,'s

Spin midnight. l'ree. Wrtli Mac arid (‘hris for futtky house. ’re-club.

I Polo Lounge at llte Polo I otiitge. llpitt 3am. £5 Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open lllllll 3am. or downstairs for D.) Michelle wrtlr classic disco pop.

I Pure at Bennets. ll.3()pitt 3am. £4 (£3). (irant Dtiff with an upbeat dance night. (iay.

I Pure at The Stib t'hib. llpiti 4am. £0.99 (£4.90 titerttbersi. ‘) .lart only. Twitch artd Tlte Bill front the legendary lidirrburgh techno night w itlt their monthly escapade irt (ilasgow. features Professor Slaterrttass‘ throbbing light show.

I Radio City at The Attic.

10.30pm 3am. £3 (£3). The original retro cltrb. playing Stas. Motown. The Stones. The \Vltt). etc.

I Rapt at The .-\pat'truerrt. llpitt 3am. £S (‘har'lie Initiait playrrtg sw trig. ltip ltop arid funk itt tltis stylish cltrb catering for art estreiiiely' exclusive .set tonight.

I Reds llpllf 3am. £5 (£3 for students before midnight). lfasy-going llll\ of disco. furtk and contemporary chart (ltlllL‘L‘.

I Tangent at The Stib (‘lub llpm 3am. i £7 (£5). to .lart. .-\--ntarr arid l’auic l continue their hugely popttlar night of ' eclectic. funky techno shenanigans to a loyal crowd. No guests for the moment as they're finding the night busier w itlt rust residents.

I Trash llpitt 3am. £4. funky house lll Room ()ne with D.) Sktrd. street soul. swing and classic grooves lll Room Two front D.l (irahante.

I Uptight at The Bedsit. 0pm 3am. £4 (£3). ‘) Jan ortly. Brottgltt to yott front the (ioodfoot collective. (ilasgow 's .\'orthern soul specialists.

I Velvet Rooms l0piu 3am. £(t. x\ltlll Ronald tit Roortt Two w iii) an open llll\ from house anthems arid disco to soul. Martin llcsketli in Rooiit ()ue play trig mellow hip hop. swingbeat artd classic soul.

I Virunga at The llrye. lllpnt 3am. £4 (£3). The legendary world music tiigltt featuring DJ Tchico and Ana now goes weekly in this new \eitue for soca. salsa. merengue. reggae. ska. llamertco. pop arid much more. Highlight of the night is undoubtedly the liiitbo dattctitg. (io on. gtye it a go. lb .lari onwards.

expedition iitto Lattrt. soul. tan and of course ftiitk.

I Brighter at The Arena llpm 3am. £4 (£3). Now weekly due to popular demand with Tarn ( ‘oy le. man behind the ls'es (‘lub and Dream Sequence. proudly ltailirtg itself as the only true indie night irt tow it tortigltt.

I Brilliant at The Venue. lt).30pitr 3am. £3 (£3.50). (Bordon 'l'ennant back again for a commercial ntis of chart dartce aitd indie offerings. Drinks promos

I The Cathouse Ill.3()pitt 3atn. £4 (£3.50; £3.50 before ll.30[‘nti. Three floors of rock. grunge. conteniporaiy indie arid indie dance. Bit cheesier and more accessible than before. (‘tte Spice (itt‘ls. Drinks promos

I Classic FM at l‘ur'y .‘ylurr'y ‘s‘.

I lpitt 3. l5atn. £5 (£3). (‘lub classics iii the main room with Dls lint Dow-rite arid Sean Webster. Quality trtdie music front Twister upstairs.

I Rtw‘ksyK‘ littst'tttc'ltl.

l0pitt 3.30am. £5. Martin. Wilba and Barrie of Rtib-A-lhib playing the best and deepest frortt the underground.

' _ioiried frequently by guests of a hiin standing. Well worth the tasi fare out

Jan aitd monthly. (‘outiituatiort of Scotland's only true fetish club w itlt strict fetish dress code. dancelloor on a dance bias. two playrooms for the liberated attd food included irt the price.

I Katch at The Cathouse. l().30ptn—3ant. £3 (£3.50; free before ll.3()pltt). Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge arid contemporary indie. Drinks promos.

I Love Bug at The (iarage. l0.30pm—3artt. £3 (£4). :\n eclectic llll\ of good time party tunes. Drinks promos. I Lush at The Lime. llpm—~3artt. Dl Sam Wallace with fresh house and spicy garage. Drinks promos.

I My Generation at The Hall Hat. Spin—midnight. l‘ree. A kaleidoscope of sound along mod revival lines. l’re-club. I Parklife at The Arena. lt).30prtt—3aiti. £4 (£3). Glasgow's first attd foremost Britpop night playing classic dance/pop/irtdie/retr'o/soul sounds from the 60s to the 90s. It‘s back to the old name front Blag since people were getting confused. Drinks promos all night.

72 THE LIST 8 22 Jan 1998

I Shag at May Murry is. llpiit 3. l 5am. £4 (£3 ). Tltt‘ \L‘\lt‘\l. c‘ltL‘t'slcsl ltlltcs L'Vt‘l' front t‘ylaik arid James (3.

I Skint MF .it The Queen Margaret Union. l0prri 3am. £3 (£l before lL30prtt). lttdie night w rtlt Redstiipe for a quid, lo Jan onwards

I Slam at The Arches. l0. 30pm 3am. £7. World faittotis D.| aird production duo Stuart arid ()rde providing the best in deep. electronic dance for an tip-lor-it capacity crowd ey ery week. Because we hay e Stuart aitd ()r‘de play mg on our doorstep eyei'y week it‘s easy to forch how lucky we are. Better than c\ er.

I Spank at Tin l’an Alley. llpitt 3am. £7 (£0). New house night featuring Trevor Reilly attd (ieoi‘ge Bowie.

I Spectrum at .-\i'cltaos. ltlprtt 3am. £7 (£5). Latest outing for the ('olours crew providing house for .t glaitttued-up crowd w ttlt residents .lon Mancini. (‘rosby arid Bottey. ‘) .lan. l’hat l’hil (‘ooper front (.‘reant guests. Io .lan ('olin llaitiiltoit of Lush (liast Krlbiide) guests. Drinks pl'ttllltts.


I Apartment at The .'\[);ll ltttcltl.

llpitt 3am. £S. Robiit Burrows with club classics in this stylish and sung venue.

I Archaos at .-\r'chaos. llpm 3am LS (£6). ('hris Harris and .-\.J. lll|\ tip garage arid house for a busy. iitoder'ately dressy crowd. with Scott arid (ieoff playing club classics in Betty’s .\layonitarse (part of Archaos). l’aul 'l'rayrior playing Rth.

sw trig aitd hip hop rrt Roottt Three.

I Bahaza at B.iba/a. 5. 30pm 3am (l)Js frqu llpm). £5 (free before llpm). Laid back llll\ front (iraltanie Wilson.

I Bar 10 0pm midnight. l'ree, Busy ltard house pie-club w itlt Nick l’eacock and guests.

I Bargo Spin midnight. l'iee. Dancey pre-club night w iilt guest front some of the better underground club nights iii the city

I Bongo Fury at The Bedsit. 0pm 3am, £4 (£3). l0 Jan only. (iraltaiit t'iortt Sottl Limbo. Martin of Kung l‘unk aitd Man from 'l‘ropical fruit corrtirtue their

front the city. but note the ttiidttiglit curfew.

I Club Cubana at The l‘lt‘tlsll.

l0pitt 3am. £4 (£3). l7 .lait and fortnightly .‘ylore Latin sounds by the irtiittitable D.l 'l'cltrco. one of the hottest clubs of its type iii the city .-\ll proceeds to the Scottish (‘uba Defence t‘anrpatgn. I Club Iris at Bennets. ll.3l)pitt 3am. £(r (£4). l).l Sara with a good daricey llll\. Drinks promos. (iay.

I Cool Lemon at The Arc-ties.

llpitt 3am. £l0 (£8). l7 .lan arid tttorttltly. ’l‘reyor arid laitr are pulled by ('hicago‘s Tyree ('ooper back over for his fourth visit to (‘ool Lemon.

I Cul De Sac ( 'ul De Sac Bar. ‘) llpttr. l‘ree. Split-back kirtg .liru llutchison front Teknotis with ltard house and techno. Drinks promos,

I Definition of Dance at The .‘ylarlbot'ough (Shaw lands ('r'oss ).

|0pm 3.30am. £5 before midnight; £4 after. Bartgtitg house aitd funky techno sounds with guest DJ eaclt week.

I Divine at (ilasgow Scltool ()f Art . (downstairs). l0pnt- late. £3.50 (£3.50 3