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lt’s six years old and still as funky as

over. Jim Byers salutes the Ednburgh institution that is Tribal Funktion.


Name Tribal Funktion

Age Six

Occupation Edinburgh’s much reSpected, three-floored provider of the best in hip hop, house and jungle. Previous history Tribal Funktion started at Moray House, Edinburgh in 1991, running every Friday night for a year, and playing a mix of funk, soul, Latin, house and hip hop. The club also had

spells at the Blue Oyster Club and briefly

at The Vaults, before it established itself (first on Thursdays, then later on Saturdays) at its current home The Venue.

Present status One of the most consistently busy and enjoyable club nights in Scotland, with a national and international reputation as one of the premier house clubs in the UK.

Who plays there? In the past, some of the very best 015 in the world particularly those from Chicago and New York have guested there. The cast list includes Danny Tenaglia, Gene Farris, Cajmere, Angel Moraes, The Stickmen, George Morel, Erick Morillo and Gemini.

Anyone else to add to that list? The residents of course, without whom Tribal would certainly never be as strong or as well respected as it is. So it‘s hats off and mucho respect going out to middle floor house resrdents George T,

Simone and H, basement iunglist Ritchie

Ruftone and top floor hip hop swmgers Dr Jon, H and Johnny Uncut.

Future plans The club marks its birthday

this month with a residents' night, then they get a visit from Parisian DJ Dimitri on Valentine's Night.

Other news Resident George T is enjOying some heavy-duty praise at the moment as a result of his recent studio output. So far, he has recorded for a number of labels including Catch 22, The Stickman, Aquarius, NRK and Quality Control. He has also prowded remixes for Imperial, Monkey Fruit and Matrix. 1998 could well be his year.

I Tribal Funktion’s sixth birthday is on Sat 7 7 Jan at The Venue, Edinburgh.

GLASGOW CLUBS: WED continued I Depth Charge at Bar Booslika.

8pitt--inidnight. Free. Deep and funky American house from the Jackal.

I Fab at Reds. llpiii-—.3ain. £3 (£2 ). Groovy garage and club classics. Drinks prontos.

I Go West at Cleopatra's. I0.30pm-2.30am. £2 (£l with ticket). A mainly stttdetit-orientated bill of fayre. I Jengaheads at The Living Room. 9pm--midnight. Free. Mainly big beat session with some daft tunes thrown iii for good measure all from the .lengaheads (Paradise Island). Red Stripe £ I .50 aitd one house spirit o0p. Drinks promos.

I Pushy at The Velvet Rooms. l0.30pm~—3am. £3 (£2). New regular Wednesday night from D] Tchico. playing sotil. ragga. fttitk reggae. swing and hip Iiop iii Rooiii ()ne plus Stevie Smith with Iiappy house. garage and

74 THE lIST 8—-22 Jan l998

i l

classic dance in Rootti Two.

I Stefan 8: Grant's Excellent Evening at The Asyltitti ((‘alcdonian University Union). ()pm-«2am. Free. Party music from four decades.

I Sticky Fingers at The .-\lllc.

l0.30pm- 3am. £2 (£l ). (iei'ry with indie arid retro sounds. Drinks promos.

I Turbo at .Iet. llpm--2. I 5am. £3 (£2 ). (‘luh classics. (i0s sottl and 70s disco. (i0p spirit arid mixer.

I Upstairs Lounge at l.lllle.

llpmv 3am. £tbc. New vocal garage. deep house and new school disco tiiglit from 23rd Precinct boys Kris Keegan and Billy Wood.


I 4th Dimension at Brel. 8.30 llpitt. Free. Aitdy Young plays _ia/,/. Bra/than. soul. ftisiori arid ftiitk. Drinks promos.

I Audio Psy-phi at The Stib (‘luh

I lpiti 3am. £3. New night froin I’hai' ()ttt's Patrl (:1le replacing Red ('ell. embarking on a voyage of hip hop. drum 'n' bass and generally music with the ftiiik.

I Babaza at Baha/a. 5.30pm 3am (D_ls frotn Ilpiti). £2 (free before I lpiii). laid- hack cross section of black dance music from Stevie Middleton. Drinks promos. I Big Karn’s Party Night at Bennets.

I 1.30pm 3am. £3 (£2). Karn Dunbar with 80s. ‘)0s aitd loads of cainp nonsense. Drinks promos.

I Bomb at The Velvet Rooitis. l0.30piti--3am. £3 (£2). Night of soul. rap. Rth arid swingheat featuring Martin Ilesketh and Mike Campbell.

I Cheeze at Strathclyde Student l'nton. ‘)pni—3am. Free (students pltis three gtiests). Now becoming the city largest cheesy beano with three floors of lack. £| pints of lager aitd 50p a shot.

I Cheesy POP (it The Queen Margaret linion. l0pm—2ani. £2.50(£2). Beast of a student night with silly tttltes .t-plenty aiid Cai'lsherg only 70p. l5 .laii (ilthll'tls. I Chief at Trash. I lpiit 3am £3 (£2 I. Night of antics with DJ Rory (fortiierly of (‘op and Chopper) in Rooiii ()ite w tilt classic house and future anthems arid (iraham in Rootti Two w itli his indie/party mix. Drinks promos.

I Cop at Archaos. l0pin 3am. £4 (£2.50). Busy student house night froin DJ (‘.I and Vance. ‘Turn tip. get dowti. cop off.‘ Drinks promos. Tam ('oy le ‘The Fitz/7 does his indie/pop/kitsch stuff iii Betty‘s Mayonnaise. which is part of the Ai'chaos complex.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at Variety HPIII'CIUSC. Free. Hatch and .lilkes of Knucklehead with a (lobby mix of new dance and techno. Pic-club.

I Disco Dynamite at The Arena.

I Ipm—-3am. £4 (£2 l. l'ndergi'ound ftiiik



Emily at Joy, Edinburgh

arid disco front Stiperlly TNT and friends.

I Donkey at The Cathouse. llpitt 3am. £2 | .50; free before I |.30pm). lndie/grunge/indtisti‘ial/cbemical heats rock on a darker tip than The (‘athouse's other nights. Drinks promos.

I Fluffy at Reds I lptit 3am. £3 (£2 ). A titgltt of classic disco. peppered with the best contemporary house and garage. Drinks promos.

I Free Flow at (ilasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). I0pnt 2am. Free. .la///ftitik/sotil indie iiigltt with host Alan Rutherford. Drinks promos.

I Helter Skelter at The Venue. l0.30pin 3am. £3 (£2.50). The Venue is back tip and running for more mixed-up. student orientated music. with retro tracks next to contemporary indie from (iot‘don 'I‘eiinant.

I Hi Karate at the (ilasgow School of Art (upstairs). I0pnt--2.30ain. Free. The Hi Karate collective of Neil McMillan. Andrew Divine aiid (‘rawford Tait. Big Beats. dirty hip hop. Latin anin and punk funk.

I In Tone at Bar 10. 8pm close. Free. I’aul (‘aw Iey from Phar ( )ttt with a weird underground pre-cltib experience.

I Jengaheads (‘ut De Sac Bar. 9 Ilpm. Free. Ali and Martyn of the .lengaheads with more of the same nonsense they get tip to at the living Rooiii on Wednesday nights: htgbeats and a wee hit more. Drinks promos.

I Loveshack at Fttry Mttt’i'y's.

10.30pm- 3.l5am. £5 (£3). Fine indie house and disco sounds in two rooms. Drinks promos.

I Natural Selection at I.ime it‘ot-itiet-ly The (‘otton Club). I lpm—- 3am. £3 (£2 ). Iain l‘Tl/Pult'tc‘k with fttnky dance and indie. Drinks promos.

I Orange Peel at Jet. llptii--3ain. £4 (£3). Deep house and techno w ttli residents Dan and Chris.

I Rumble at The (iarage. llptti 3am. £3 (£2 I. (‘ardow and Ross w rib att exceptionally busy mght of chatty dance fa\es. cheap drinks and drunk students. Snogtastic?

I Salsa Classes at The time.

7. I 5- I0.30pm (class starts at 7.30pm). £4 (£3.30). Salsa classes. strictly for the Iiot blooded. no partner required. beginners welcome. Free pass for club alter.

I Wanna Play? 10pm 3am. £4 (£2.50 with matrtc card). Student itiglit featuring Kevin and Scott (Tunnel weekends) arid play trig a mix of classic house anthems pltis treasure Ittiiits and wheel of fortune.

I X-Rated at The Asylum (Caledonian t'nivei'sity l’nion). 9pm -2am. £2 (£l ). ('hart arid dance in the main room with DJ Ray plus indie and lise music in Rooiii Two.

Edinburgh listings

I Big at the Jaffacake. I0pm—3am. £4

(half price with matric card). Mainstream

chart sounds with excellent booze promos. free bouncy rides. guzzle guns arid plenty ofdrinking-related ftitt.

I Boogie Mo Dynamo at The Venue. l0.30pm—3am. £4 members; £5 non- members. 9 Jan. Monthly. Edinburgh's biggest arid best big beat club. hosted by local DJs Smack (Blam Blarii) and Wreckage (who Itas recorded for Wall Of Sound). Fat. dirty. sexy grooves. With special guest Touche front The Wiseguys. Next date 6 Feb with Derek Dahlarge.

See Hit list.

I Catwalk Opin—Iam. Free. Moisey and Phil Alcock with garage. house. funk and beats.

I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse.

I lpm—3am. £3; £2 with flyer. Price includes entry to Katclt and Voodoo (,‘Iiile. Popular night of rock/indie-hased sounds.

I CC. Blooms I Ipm—3am. Free. Free club downstairs at this gay pub seven nights a week. playing a party mix of commercial dance and Iii-energy house. Hill to bursting at weekends.

I Century 2000 llpiti-«3am. £5. ()ver

le. (_‘oininercial dance music under

, Scotland's most expensive lights. No

ripped jeans. steel toe-caps or trainers.

E I Divine Divas at The Venue. Next date

23 Jan. livery fotir weeks.

I eh1 More at Iihl. ‘)pin—lam. Free. Various local DJs spin in this smart pre- cltib bar. Free entry. quality music and good drinks promos.

I Evol at the Liquid Rooiti. I0.30pm--late. £4. The original indie/altei'native/crossovei' cItib regularly pulling iii well over 500 punters. Now in its seventh year. arid still committed to supporting new music. lixpect a wide selection of indie. ()0s. 70s, pop. noise. hip hop. big beat arid dance with regular promos froin record labels.

I Flashback at The Attic. I lpm-3am. £4; £2 with llyer. From Duran Duran to Wham. Some spirits arid selected drinks £l all night.

I Higher Ground at The Honeycomb. llpm--3ant. £7. lo Jan. Monthly. Residents Finds aitd Dr Aritin with funky British arid American house. Lyley (Tribal Ftiiiktiort) arid (lino (Motherfunk) in the backroom.

I High Rollin' at Negociants. 9pm-3am.

Free. Iixtremely popular Friday night with Dr A] (Astromotel. Higher Ground). Joni |.yley (Tribal Funktion, Scratch). Al (Blacka'iiized) and Gino (Higher (iround) mixing soulful house with hip hop. ftttik and disco.

I Katch at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3ani. £3; £2 with t‘lyer. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Voodoo

Chile. 80s arid 90s indie dance. j I Kerplunk at Club Mercado.

I0.30pm—3am. £5. to Jan. Fortnightly. Bounce on down with the 70s retro-

hoppers arid space hoppers at this fab ( night. Happy Hottr Ilpm-midnight. . I Kingdom at The ()tithouse. Rpm—lam.

Free. Happy house. garage and disco with John i'Vchonald.

I The Lane at The Lane. I Ipm—3pm. £3 before midnight; £5 thereafter; metnbers free. Residents Jon Flowers arid Kev McUinIey with a wide dance-based


I The Living Room ()pin—lain. Free. Andrew Moisey. Dillon arid Christopher Wright with a freestyle mix of dance sounds in this well-situated bar.

I Madchester at The Gallery.

I lpm--3ain. £3.50 members: £4 tton members. 9 Jan. Fortnightly. Baggy Manc action from Steven 8; Del Kahuna Boy upstairs. A mix of big beat and new indie downstairs with DJ Fabio Lee froin FBI.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana Cafe Bar. Spin-lam. Free. Gareth Sommerville (Cream. Hard Times. Shindig. Sub Club. Yip Yap. Atomic Baby) with a relaxed