I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo Club. leiii-3am. £5 (£4.50). It) Ian. Fortnightly. Roots reality. dancehall. dubwise sounds and upfront reggae on Scotland's one and only heavyweight reggae sound system.

I Moroccan Clouds at l’o Na Na. I()piii—3aiii. Free before I Ipm; £2 after. Well Stirred at the controls in this busy bar/club. dropping a mix of disco. funk. 60s. 7()s. 80s. hip hop and cheese.

I RAW at Negociants. I()pm—3am. Free. Busy underground house night.

I Red On Red at The Vaults. l().3()piii—3am. £l(). Big party action and dressy crowd vibes at the recently reopened Vaults. Larger than life promoter Charlie Chester is at the helm. which means a frenzy of "big name' guests from the garage. house and techno arenas. Dress code: smart clubwear essential. Information on ()I 3| 558 9052. Guests tbc.

I Tomb Raider at The Rocking Horse. I Ipm—3am. £3 (includes entry to Frenzy and Fly on the other two floors). Climactic night of heavy guitar sounds. I The Showcase at The Cavendish. 9piii—3am. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. I.ive bands every week.

I Snog at Cltib Mercado. 7.3()—I().3()pm. £4 members; £5 non- members. Busy under-lSs night playing the best in chart and dance.

I The Subway West End 4pm—3am. Price tbc. Studenl-orientated venue from the same people behind the Subway in the Cowgate. The music is suitably varied from ()US to 90s and the drinks are double cheap. ()pen seven nights a week with DIs on every night.

I Teaseage at The Citrus. I Ipm—3am.

£4. Indie. with a touch of dance and ftiiik.

played to a packed and sweaty crowd.

I Tribal Funktion 6th Birthday at The Venue. I().3()pni—3am. £8 members; £l() non-nieiiibers. 17 Jan. A residents‘ bash with George T. Simone and H on the US house tip in the middle; Ritchie Rufftone

and the Dynamic Duo in The Cooler with

drum ’n‘ bass; Dr Joli. Johnny Uncut and H upstairs with hip hop. swing. ftiiik and soul. ()ne of Edinburgh's most complete clubs. Relaxed and friendly. Dimitri From Paris guests in February. See Phactlile and DJ Top 5.

I Vegas at The Shooting Gallery. Next date 3l Jan. Monthly.

I Vena at Wilkie House. Next date 3| Jan. Monthly. Call ()l3l 556 3022 for


l I John at Tribal Funktion, Edinburgh

more information.

I Vibrant at The (iallery. I Ipm-3am. £5 before midnight; £6 after. I7 .I an. Fortnightly. New school Scottish residents Steven McCreery (monthly) and Gordon Whittaker at this night of progressive house. Big chunky bealz upstairs with Jay. Pip (The Method l. Sleazy C3 and Cheeky Beats (Merry Pranksters). Pre-club party at The Catwalk from 9pm.


I Catwalk ~lpm—Iam. Free. Chill out right through from ~lpm-Iam with a nice selection of hip hop and funky house.

i I CC. Blooms I Ipm Jam. Free. See


I The Clubhouse at The Vaults. ‘)pni--3am. Free. New decks-in-the-bar setup bar at The Vaults. With Kev Wright from Sublime providing ambient sounds every Sunday.

I East Coast Project Sunday Service at Indigo Yard. ()pllI-ltllll. Free. Joseph Malik and Unkle Fawaz playing anything they want which usually means a healthy mix of soul. funk. jazz. hip hop and other Sunday vibes.

I eh 1 More at eh I. 9piii--Iam. Free. Chill out to acid jazz. funk and hip hop with residents Tim King and lih‘.’ Wun! Drinks promos.

I The Grind at The I.ane. I().3()pm—3am. £2 before midnight; £3 after. Swing and hip hop with regular freestyle sessions. Good drinks promos. Busy and vibing.

I Karma at l’o Na Na. I()pm— 3am. Free before I Ipm; £2 after. Murray Richardson (Zodiac. Sutra) starting with early and late 80s tunes. building iiilo current house and garage lrax. before finishing with dance classics. Busy and fun.

I Mad Sundays at The Attic.

I Ipm—3am. £3. Party dance with spirits at 20p (this drinks promo thing is getting out of hand) and pints £l all night.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. I()pm—Iate. £2 before midnight; £~l after. Swing. hip hop. soul and disco.

I Never On The Sabbath at The Bongo Club. 2pm—6pm. Free entry a £I donation is encouraged. A bohemian afternoon of live jazz. board games. Turkish coffee. continental breakfasts. a fleamarket and bizarre performances.

I The Sanctuary 9pm—slam. Free. Chill out with excellent sounds before you head to Taste next door. Drinks promos.

I Spice at The Tap ()'I.auriston. Rpm—lam. Free. Chilled tunes. chilled beer and chilled people.

I The Subway West End 4pm—3am. Price tbc. Student-orientated venue from the same people behind the Subway in the Cowgate. The music is suitably varied from (Ms to 90s and the drinks are double cheap. ()pen seven nights a week with Dls on every night.

I Sunday Night Fever at Century 20th). I Ipm-Jam. £3, Drinks at 7()p. Slip and 90p. appropriately accompanied by music from the 7()s. 80s and 90s.

I Tackno at Club Mercado. Next date 25 Jan. Monthly.

I Taste at The Honeycomb. I Ipm » 3am. £6 members; £8 non-iiiembers. Membership is available on the night. ()ne of the most essential clubbing experiences in the capital. Residents Fisher & Price take you on a jouiney from vocal garage and authentic house to harder. faster hands-in—the-air happy stompers. With a boisterous iiiixed/gay/slraight crowd.

I Timewarp at The Rocking Horse.

I Ipm- 3am. £2; free before I2.3()am. Classic tunes from the last four decades of hop.

I Yush at Negociants. ()[)lll~3tllll. Free. Kicking ftiiik. soul. disco. swing and old skool beats from the 7()s to the 90s. Willi A] from Blacka'nized.


I Black Bo’s 9pm” lam. Free. With DJs Cheeky Beats and Sleazy (3 (Rebel Base).

I Buddha at Negociants. 9pm—3am. Free. 1‘) Jan. l-‘ortnighlly. Jazz in the Negociants basement.

I Catwalk ‘lpm- I am. Free. Classic old skool from Styler of Solefusion backroom fame. Downstairs in this smart new bar.

I CC. Blooms Ilpm-3am. Free See Friday s.

I The Clubhouse al The Vaults. limit-311m. Free. Hip hop and swing in the bar area of The Vaults from The Mad Ambassador (Soundclash). Drinks promos.

I Digital Biscuit at Negocianls‘. ‘)piii-.lani. Free. I2 Jan. Fortnightly. Nu sonik beatz. from uplifting sounds to deep. dark drum 'n' bass. llipping out to hip hop come big bealz trip hop. Served tip and spiced up by Paul (I .ift). (.irafik (Dry Rizer) and Believe (iiti phonik sound system).

I Po Na Na llpiii—-.lani. Free. Various party tunes from Roddy and DI Klllpllllls‘ in this bustling bar and club.

I The Subway West End ~lpni«-3ani. Price the. Sttideiit-orienlaled venue from the same people behind the Subway in the Cowgate. The music is suitably varied from ()()s to 90s -— and the drinks are double cheap. ()peii seven nights a week with DJs on every night.

I Trainspotter at The Subway. l(lpiii~3aiii. £I (free for students with matriculation card). A mix of indie and dance.


I Calabash at Negocianls. 9piii--.laiii. Free. Weekly chilled \ ibes from (iaviu the Jan. King and Fawaz.

I CC. Blooms Ilpm 1am. Free. Same as Fridays but with (i()s. 7()s aiid 80s- tunes.

I The Clubhouse at The Vaults. ‘)piii--3aiii. Free. Drum 'n' bass and other cutting edge vibes in the bar area of The Vaults.

I Kickback at Catwalk. 9pm - Iain. Free. Hip hop and breakbeats with Brains and Noodles.

I Motherfunk at The Venue. Ilpm-3am. Free. Iixceplionally popular rare groove and ftitik night. The last couple have pulled in around SIX) or 900 ~ on a Tuesday? Now playing drum 'n' bass in The Cooler.

I Po Na Na Ilpm—3aiii. Free. Up-lempo dance sounds with Mark Braithwaite.

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listings CLUBS


The List selects the hottest sounds from Clubland.


Contagious Love: Charles Dockins feat. Lawrence D'lor (Fatt Boy Records) Hot new soulful bullet from Baltimore’s richly talented producer Charles Docking, Big male gospel style vocal, jazz blasta and ruff beats.

The Night The Earth Cried: Gravediggaz (Gee Street)

Typically moody, dark hip hop production from main Wu Tang producer RZA. Comes complete with the trademark eerie piano and ruff beats, plus a Stereo MC‘s mix.

The Strip/Climbing Walls: Silicpn Soul (Soma)

‘Climbing Walls’ and 'Candy Love' are lovely mid-tempo house/techno tracks, both aching with feeling. 'Tbe Strip' meanwhile is a eerie slice of haunting daricehall.

The Book Ends: Salt City Orchestra (Paper Recordings)

Proper house from Manc masters Miles Hollway, Elliot Eastwick and unsung studio hero Si Brad. Tuff beats with reasonable male vocal. Four quality mixes to choose from.

lazzin The House 5?: Dimitri From Paris (NRK Sound Division)

Two double-funky, dancelloor—friendly house Outings from the French Dimitri. Out previously on Nitegrooves, but now on NRK for those who missed o'ut first time.

Jazz Cigarette/Overture: Over Street (Tronicsole)

Tuff jazz house on ’Jazz Cigarette’. The Restless Soul-produced 'Overture’ is more mellow, though still jazzy, with fat bass


Miami Deep: The Essential Funky Green Oogs/Murk Mixes (Harmless) Classy American house from Miami's Murk duo. Here we get a compilation featuring all their best work to date, including old Liberty City material and mixes of Iaydee and Fire Island.

UK Garage Fever: Various (Subversive) Yet another ’underground/speed garage’ compilation. This one's better than a lot of the blatant cash-ins though. The usual suspects (187 Lockdown, Dreem Team, Baffled Republic, Scott Garcia) appear, though there are also a few newres - to keep you interested. (Jim Byers)

8-22 Jan 1998 THE LIST"