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George T

George T has been co-promoter and co- resident DJ at Edinburgh's Tribal Funktion at The Venue since it started 'six years ago His profile has risen considerably rtr recent months thanks to a string of well-received productions for labels such as Stickman Records, NRK, Aquarius, Imperial, Catch 22, Quality Control and Monkey Frurt. Hrs Chicago~ influenced Dling style, which mixes garage, house and techno, recently earned him a guest spot at Glasgow’s Sub Club. By day, he works in Underground Solri’shun RecordsHere are his top five records of 1997:

'Eighties': Cajmere (Cajual)

'Stunning blend of old and new Chicago house An underground anthem.’

‘Kindred Spirits/Ripe': Special Agents (Unabomber)

'Deep, tripped out house monster from Kenny Glasgow and friends '

'The Word Is Love’: Steve ‘Silk' Hurley

(Silk Entertainment)

‘Best vocal track I've heard in years! Hurley returns with a masterpiece' ‘Dem Young Sconies/Busconi': Moodyman (Planet E)

‘Detron’s Kenny Dixon Jr‘tr pushes b0undaries once more with a fresh approach. Superb!’ 'MarathonlEvacuation': Aubrey (Offshoot)

'AmaZtng UK techno/house crossover Deep, inventive, original and dairtned addictivet'


I The Subway West End 4pm 3am. Price the. Stttdertt—ot'ietttated \entte liortt the same people behind the Subway iii the Cowgatc. 'I'Ite music is wildly varied - Ii'ortt (ills to ‘)lls and the drinks are double cheap ()peit seven nights a week with l).|s oit c‘\c‘l_\' night.


I CC. Blooms llprtt 3am. lice See Fridays

I Chi at I’o i\;i .\'a. llprtt 3am. l‘tee. Soul. funk and disco front l._\ley artd .-\..I. irt this busy har-cunt-club.

I The Clubhouse at The \attIts. 9ptit~3ant I-i‘ee. (.iar'age arid Iiottse iii the bar area of The \"atilts.

I The Deep End at the liquid Roortt. l0..30pnt 3am. t3. Student—oitentated night with e\ceIIent drinks pt‘orttos' aitd a wide playlist. taking rtt cltart. indie. 70s. 80s arid 90s. Drinks .50p during Itappy hours.

I The Double Six Club at (‘in ('afe. 8pm~|am. I'i'ee. Britain's best board games club. offering professional waiting staff dressed in kitsch 70s style clothes and a menu of up to 350 games to choose from. MttsicaIIy. they proy rde 'l‘orrt .lones'. Sergio MerttIeI. Bacbat'ach aitd all tltat. Booking a table rrt ads attce is

78 THE usr 8427 Jan 1998

recommended. ('all 0I 3| 330 or 37 to book. I Dub Department at Negociants_ l0pnt-«3ant. I'i'ee. Spiritually ttpliftirtg

duh courtesy of the Rude boy s.

I ER. at The Jaffacake. 0.30pm 3am. to (£5 with liyerl. Sttidertt only night where you pay your money (flit on the door arid the drinks (except bottles and cans) are

all free thereafter. Bi/at’t‘e.

I Girl Meets Boy at The ('itr‘trs Club. Ilpttt~3ttltt £3. Reduced price dtiitks all night. Iiasy listening and 70s disco atttid

a colourful backdrop of Iaya lamps attd rttirrorballs.

I Men Of Leisure at Negociiirrts.

()prn- 3am. lice. 'l‘r'rp hop. hip hop aitd . bIock rocking beats with .\h' A and .\Ir II attd special guests.

I Out 2 Lunch at I’o Na Na. llpirt 3am Free. With II t'litbaI I-unk'iorr i. .Iohrttry Leopardskttt and lunch Mates putting the electric irttotclecttc. Busy and highly enjoyable.

I Soul Sessions at ('atwalk. 9pm -lant. I‘iee. Nu soul. Rtk'll. funk. disco arid swing from Bob (‘ait‘ns aitd guests. ' I The Subway West End 4pm ‘siiirr, f Price the. Student-oiientated \eittte froin the sartte people beltirtd the Sttbw ay iii the (‘owgate. The music is suitably varied. frortt (itts to 90s. arid the drinks are double cheap. ()peit seven nights a week with his oit eyery night.

I Vinyl Grooves .it The \‘enue. l0.30prn-3airi. l‘r'ee. New weekly indie/big beat session on the top floor. It's li‘ecl (iood drinks promos too. including a free tequila on entry


I Absolut Groove at The I.ane. l0pnt~-3ant. Price the I'plilnttg house

and garage with Kr'yin Jones and Neil I-crgus‘on at this trendy West Iitrd


I Catwalk 9pm -lant. l-ree. (.lpen decks bring your ow n records and

hate a go. I CC. Blooms llpnt 3am I‘i‘ec See ; I’r'idays.

I The Clubhouse at "The Vaults. ‘)pnt-3'.int. l‘ree. Hard hottse iii the bar area of'l‘he \aults.

I Kinky Indie at The (‘ttrus ('lub.

llptrt 3am. [3. .-\ chili working on the prettrise that guitar‘s aren't going out of fashion Classic IIltlIL and ;tlter'tr.iti\e. old and new. llr'inks prontos all night.

I Homeless at I .t Belle '\ttgelc. Nest date Io .lan. I‘ttl’ intor’ntr'ttibctship call

()4 it) 323 non.

I The Living Room ‘h‘ltt Ia!” tree. or 4th \' Presents a fusion ot soul. funk artd ltip ltop l’t'ecltth

I The Mambo Club at The (ayendtsh. ltlpnt late. U H.3t. Swing. htp hop. funk and soul.

I The Night Fever Roadshow at The ('asettdish. 9.30pm 3am. £3 before lllpnt; L4 after. Hig theatrical production tdanccr‘s. decor etc i. \'.:lltttls sounds and cheap drinks. ()yer ISs only (ietting yery popular.

I Ripped at The .‘alfacake. llpnr 3am. L3. Weekly session armed at sttzdents Vodka ts 30p a shot. tequila .50p .tttd SL‘IL‘c‘It'tI iic‘t't'S Nip.

I The Subway West End -Ipttt 3am. I‘t‘tcc tbc. Student-orientated \enuc from the same people I‘ehtn.l the Subway lit the t‘owgatc. 'l‘he tzrtrstc is suitably \arted frottt (ills to “Us and the drinks are double cheap (Iperr \t‘\t‘lt nights a week with [Us on L‘\L‘I'\. night.

I Thursday Night Fever .ir IIEL' t liltlltl Roortr. l030pnt 3an; L3. (‘Ireap drinks (selected draught and bottled beers C l. \odka and dash Cl t and \atrrttrs indie/pop sounds Hosted by Shaggy I’icat. Slick Cool. Keyin .Ioites. Nick Stlyi-i and Lenny lose.

I The Unspoken Thing at Segot-iarits. ‘lpitt-—3artt. I-ree. ’l'tip hop. hip hop. drum 'n' bass arid beats ‘n' scratches front Edinburgh's deadliest soittc \;I\ touts.

I Zoology at \\'ilkre House. llpttt 3am. £4. Iipic pr'ogres‘s‘ise house/bieakbeat may hem arid large piss-up madness w itlt (iordon Whittaker arid l’Itil :\Icock. Lager and spirits cortte in at around L' I.




I The 13th Note 80 Glassford Street 553 I(r3S.

I The Apartment 33 Royal lischange Square. 33l 7080.

I Archaos 3.5 Queen Street. 30-1 3IS‘). I The Arches Midland Street (off Jamaica Street). 33I 400l.

I The Arena I5- 37 ()swald Street. 331 3010.

I The Attic renter through The (iaraget. 490 Sattchrehall Street. 333 II30.

I Babaza Royal lischattge Square. t)I~lI 3(I—l (IIliI

I Baby Grand 3 Iihtthank ('iardens. 33S .1943.

I Bar 10 lo Mitchell I.;rne tolf Mitchell Street). 221 S353.

I Bargo Albion Street. 552 2(its‘tt. I Bar er0 3o Kelyittgroye Street. 353 0475.

I The Bedsit l I’ark I)ri\'e.33‘) 0-133. I Bennet's St) (iltls‘sford Street. 552 576i.

I Betty’s Mayonnaise 37 Queen Street. 33I 5934.

I Blackfriars Underground (below Blackfriarsl. 30 Bell Street. 553 593-1. I Brel 3‘) Ashton l.ane. 3.13 4066.

I The Cathouse l5 Union Street. 348 (i000.

I Caledonian University Student Union (Asylum) 7t) (‘orieaddcns Road. 3.33 (I08 I.

I CCA Cafe Bar 350 Sirtietiieliall Stt't‘cl. 3.53 Tho-l.

I Cleopatra's 508 Great Western Road. Kelx inht‘idge. 334 0560.

I Cottiers 0.3 IIyttdIand Street.

357 5835.

I Cul De Sac Ashton Lane. 64‘) 47l7. I Fixx II 80 Miller Street. 33I I508. I Fury Murry's Uh Maxwell Street. 33 I (i.5 l I.

I The Garage J‘Ill Sauchiehall Street. 333 MN)

I Glasgow School of Art to? Renfrew Street. 3 33 06%.

I Glasgow University Union 32 L'nisetsit} .-\yenue. 33‘) SN)?

I Ironhorse Bar West .\’rIe Street. i33 33l5.

I let l5 Bertalder Street. 337 3777. I King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut St Vincent Street. 33I 537‘).

I Lime (formerly The (‘ottort (‘ltiht 5 Scott Street. .353 ()7 I 3.

I McPhabb, 33 Sandyfor'd l’lace. 22l 0770.

I Media 8r Press Club 94 \s't-si Regent Street. 400 I033.

I Mojo's Bath Street. 33l 2257.

I Nice 'n' Sleazy 421 .Sttllc‘lllc‘llttll Street. 333 0637.

I Nico's 375 Sauchtehall Street.

333 573p.

I October Cafe 'I‘op floor. I’rinces Square toll Buchanan Street). 33I tilttt

I Polo Lounge 34 Wilson Street. 553 I33 I.

I Queen Margaret Student Union 33 l‘iti\eistty (iardens. 33‘) 9734.

I RAF Club 3.7 .-\shle_\ SII‘L‘L‘I. 3.33 ~l-l(t5

I Rat Trap ‘) Brown Street. 33I 7333. I REdS 53‘) Salchlit‘ItaII Street. .33! M35.

I R.G.'S '73 Queen Street. 33I 3300 I Rocksy's Basement in New Sneddott Street. I’aisley. 553 57‘“.

I Rooftops 93 SauchiehalI Street. 333 58S 3.

I Sadie Frost's S to West (it-urge Street. 333 8005.

I Strathclyde University Student Union 00 .lolrrt Street. 553 IS‘)5.

I Strawberry Fields 5o ()S\'..lltl Street. 33l 7S7l

I Sub Club 33 Jamaica Street. 343 4N)”

I Tin Pan Alley Mitchell Street. (ilasgoys. 343 S533.

I Times Square St I'Znoch Square. 33I (i573).

I Trash It)? Pitt Street. 572 3372.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 204 I000.

I Variety «lolSauchieltaII Street. 553 444‘). I The Velvet Rooms Sauchiehall Street. 333 0755. I Yo Yo 3! Queen Street. 348 S-ISJ.


I ABC Film Centre I30 I Ullilttll Road. 33S I038.

I The Attic I)\er’s Close. Cow gate. 2:s sssz. '

I Assembly Rooms George Street. 330 43-18.

I The Basement lil'tttlglilt‘lt Street. 557 0097.

I La Belle Angele l I Hastics Close. 335 3774.

I The Bongo Club It New Street. 556 5304.

I Cafe Graffitti Mttltslicld I’Iacc (‘Itut'ch tbottont of Broughtoit Street I. .557 3003.

I Catwalk Hr'ottghton Street. 335 5583.

I Cavendish \Vt'st 'l-Ullkiltl‘s\_ 3353. I Blooms 33‘ 3—1 (it't‘c‘llsltlt'

l’Iace. 55o 933l.

I Century 2000 3l I.othian Road.

33‘) 7070.. . I The Citadel 3‘? (‘ontntercial Street. . I.eith. 555 5(i33. f I The Citrus (irrndlay Street. 633 r


o t I The City Cafe Blair Street. 220 ; 0l25. I Edinburgh Rock Cafe l25ir I’l‘lltc‘t‘s Street. 330 loo-l. l

I eh1 Bar And Brasserie on High Street. 3305377. I Filmhouse Bar Lolltiitll Road. 338 3683. I The Gallery 3.33 ('owgatc. 335 55S3. I Gran Via-Tasca 3 South St Andrew Street. 5.56 roll). I Henry's Cellar Bar Morrison Street. 33! I383.

I The Hone comb 30 38A Blair

Street. 220 .3. St.

I The Jaffacake 2s Kings Stables

Road. 33‘) 70Sh. I JP'S Nightclub 3 Semple Street. 33‘) 7733

I The Lane 7 Queensterry Street

lane. 22o 0833.

I The Liquid Room ‘lc Victoria

Street. 225 2504

I The Living Room 235 (‘ongirtta

335 4o2S. I The Meadow Bar threeleaeli Street. 033 705“. I Club Mercado 30/30 Market Street. 2204224.

I Minus One t('arIton Highland IIoteIl North Bridge. 550 7377.

I Moray House Holyi-ood Road.

550 5IS~1.

I The Moscow Bar Soiitli St. Dirt-id‘s SIl‘t‘t‘I. 5.50 0.57.5.

I Ne ociants l.otlii;iii Street.

335 (i. I3.

I Oddfellows IJ/Io l‘ot'rest Road. 330 ISIo.

I PJ. Lyles I38» l—lt) I.eitIt Walk.

407 7()5I.

I Po Na Na 26 treat-rick Street.

33(i 3334.

I Potterrow Union Ilr‘isto Square. (350 S000.

I Rockin Horse ('owgatc; 225 3320. I Royal ighland Exhibition Centre lrtglistoit.

I The Sanctuary Blair Street lltc‘\I to the Honeycomb. 335 (iSS5

I The Shooting Gallery 32 Broughton Street. 557 I735.

I Stones Frederick Street. 220 t22ti I Studio 24 ('aitott Road. 553 3755’. I The Subway t‘ongiire. 225 (min.

I The Subway West End I.UIItittIl Road. 33‘) ‘)I‘)i.

I The Ta O'Lauriston Iauristtitt Place. 33‘ 404 l.

I Teviot ROW Hrrs'to Square. 650 4073.

I Tex Mex 47 Hanos er Street. 335 I796. I Traverse Theatre Bar (‘iirnhritlge Street. 338 l-ltl-l. I The Vaults Nitlttrv Street. 55s 9052. I The Venue ('ahori Road. 557 3073. I The Wee Red Bar Iidinhurglt College Of .-\rt. I.auriston I’Iace. 33‘I |~l-l3.

I Walkers l3 Shandwick Place. 336 3887. I Why Not? The Home. (ieorge Street. (r24 8033. I Wilkie House (irrigate. 225 2035. ;