ART listings



22- 28’ (,‘ockburn Street. 220 l26l).

Tue -Sat llam- 5.30pm (closes 5pm or: I'ii).

Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan Sat II) .laii Sat 7 Feb The lirst solo show trout this collaborative duo. which Combines l'ound materials with lights and sounds. See preview.

Justin Carter Sat lll~\‘v'ed M Jan. New work.

Alex Heatherington Sat 17 tan-Sui 7 l'icl‘ New work.

EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL Outpatients corridoi and top of main Corridor. Seal‘icld Street. 5.36 725‘) Mon~Hi 9am-6pm.

Breaking New Ground Unut to Jan l‘)‘).‘<. Contemporary art by established artists and recent graduates from art schools in Coventry. I‘idinburgh. Dundee and Aberdeen

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 22l 6000 Mon 'l‘liu IOam- 8pm: Fri ltlaiu 5pm; Sat I()am-2pm.

Sara Radstone Ceramics 79—97 l'util Tue 27 Jan. A look at Radstoue‘s development as an artist over the past twenty years.

THE EDINBURGH GALLERY Itia l)undas Street. 557 5227. Mon l-ri llam ~5pni1Sat III(tltl-~lpltl.

Mixed Exhibition Until mid Mai. A large selection ol small paintings.

FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon-«Sal l0am~6pm; Sun noon-5pm.

Where The Rivers Flow t'nul Sat to Jan. A comprehensive survey of work from the past ten years. by one ol‘ the world's leading photographers. Thomas Joshua Cooper. Many ol‘ the river and sea pictures on display have not been exhibited in the UK betore and include a new series. Scottish Rivers. l’url of IIIII/tlt'lll lie/it


22a Dundas Street. 556 2 Ib’ l. 'Iue l‘I'I ltl ltlaui 6pm; Sat lt)am--—Ipm.

Small Pictures For Christmas Tue

20 Sat 3| .Ian. ()xet‘ I50 works by over ()0 gallery artists including paintings. prints. ceramics. Indian and wooden

Stormy weather: The Bell Rock Lighthouse by J.M.w. Turner showing at The National Gallery of Scotland 82 TIIE LIST 9~22 Jan 1998

boxes. sculpture. .iew'cllciy ciisluoizs and lif);lllc‘s.

INK TANK :8 SI Slc'pltc‘lt Slt'c‘c'l. 3:0 .544" Milli l‘tl 3.3lliiiii- 6pm iSat .\ Sun by

appointment 3.

Jonathan Gray 't'Iiu IS lat. sun I5 Photography.


6.5 The Shore. 5.51 5255. I'm III

I lam-6pm; Sat llain vi ‘II!

The Christmas Exhibition l'riiit s'ai :7 .Ian. A mixed- media exhibition it’.|l'.ll ii; the work of over 5() .l'rII\I\. many ol

w hoiti will also be cteatiug decorations for the gallery ‘s ("lu'isimas tree in .ud ot the Scottish Breist t‘ance: (Iuiipaizjn.

-. k. s w s‘m ._ \

Down town girl: Cindy Sherman's work alongside photographs by over twenty artists is on show at In Visible Light at

MARCHMONT GALLERY 2‘) Marchmont Crescent. 22‘) MW).

Wed Sun Ham-7 nu.

New Year Exhibition tfniil Thu 22 .Ian. A nii\ed exhibition featuring the work ot'ciglit up-and-eoming young artists

MATTHEW ARCHITECTURE GALLERY linis cisin ot' lidinbuigh. Department ol Aiclutectuie. 2t) ( ‘hattibers Street. 650 23%. Mon l'l'l It) 30am 4.30pm. Dictionary Of Building Mon I2 Jan- Hi 6 l‘cb. The lost in a series ol L‘\Illl)lllt)lls entitled Ila/sine/I’lii/ikiiie: Artists Bur/(l. The show features the work ol'Aiiiei‘ican public artist. Siah Armaiani. Also. an installation reading room by the curator oi the show. Simon Beeson.

lnverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belt‘ord Road. 556 892 I. Mon-Sat l()am—5pm; Sun 2~5pm. An impressive collection of 20th century art. including works by Picasso. Matisse. Moore. Hockney and Bellany. plus a selection of Dada and Surrealist paintings.

Scottish Colourists From The Ritchie Collection Until I l Jan 1998. Works on loan from the collection of Dr James Ritchie who began collecting in the late l‘)2()s. l‘eatured artists include C‘adell. l’eploe. Itrgusson. Mc'l'aggai‘t and Hunter.

Correspondences: Scotland/Berlin Until I Feb l‘)‘)8. An exhibition of new contemporary art. where six artists from Berlin show work alongside sis Scottish- based artists. The show is a collaboration with the Berlinische (ialerie and includes painting. sculpture. drawing. video installations. photography and video and light projections.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 802 I. Mon—Sat lilatlleptttl Sun 2‘ 5pm. £4 (£2.50). A line collection of works from the Renaissance to l’ost-liupressionism. including Rembrandt. Degas and Van (iogh.

Turner Watercolours liniil Sat 3! Jan. The annual display ol’ Turner watercoloiirs. bequeathed in l‘)()() by Henry Vaughan. The works are only ever exhibited in January in order to preserve the paintings. as the light is at its weakest and least destructiv e.

Discovering The Italian Baroque: The Denis Mahon Collection Until I5 Feb l‘)‘)8. A maior collection of I7th and 18th century Italian paintings belonging to the eminent art historian. Denis Mahon. The exhibition includes masterpieces by (iuercino. Guido Reni. Domenichino and Annibale (‘arracci

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8‘)2| Mon—~Sat “lam—5pm: Sun 2--5pm. A stunning collection ot portraits of famous faces ITOlll the |6tli century to present day. plus the national )hotograpliy collection. Portraits Oi Excellence Until I Feb l‘)‘)8. Photographic portraits of distinguished scholars from the Unixei'sity ol‘ Edinburgh. by University photographers Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie,