V I saw you l-‘iona. student of German iti Iidinbuigh. at Cheesy Pop. QMU. Glasgow on [1/] 2/97. Me German guy with dark hair. Your horrible friends separated us. love to see you again. Box No [7323/].

0 I saw you John (itil'dtitt Sinclair-esqtie chappy. swingin‘ around old lidinbtirgh low it. Hope the studying isn't too bad. Life will be sweeter wlieti we meet again. Merry (‘liristmas Box No [.7/323/2.

V I saw you freshly pierced foxy thing at Glasgow (‘aledoniatL Brootiihottse Batik atid in my dreams. Would love to see you on ‘the other side'. ltiiss you. PI". Box No [7323/3. V I saw you German girl at the l.t//.ard Lounge. You're slightly shy and cute. I rang your number btit it was wrong. I'd like to see you again. l.o\ e Paul Box No [7323/4.

V I saw you Kerry-l .etht at the l‘oli ceilidh. Me: grey shirt and kill. Must apologise for' falling over whilst attempting the (iay (iordotis. Icl‘s drink ourselves sober again to soothe lliose bruises. Box No [7323/5 V I saw you guitarist Ill Maison Hector oti l-l Dec. I was there with a male friend. Our eyes liiel. Did yoti feel I] loo'.’ Box No [7323/0

V I saw you Irish Iithel. bltisliitig and grinning at Partick train statioti. My. how you‘ve blossotiicd. l.et‘s drink the health of past follies now we're tilt] arid wise. Your round. wasn‘t it'.’ Box No [7323/7.

V I saw you at Bullttt at The Bongo (‘lub on Titanic Night. You the free teqttila girl. me the Btidvat' boy. l-‘ancy mixing drinks again'.’ Box No [7323/23. 0 I saw you Pamela. Basement. Sat l3/l2/97. You: small. dark. gorgeous. Me: Jack. small. specky atid begtnled. Spoke briefly. You were intent oti Po Na Na. Me. didn't get in. Did you'.’ Big queue. bad bouncers. Arrange a babysitter sooti atid stiiile at me again. Box No [l/323/9.

V I saw you III my imagination Donald. Thanks for the (‘hristmas card. l.el's get together and look at tiiy holiday slidesl! llave lost address. so get iii touch. S. xx Box No [7323/10.

9 I saw you Shirley Bassey at the Leather and l.ace/Jaiiies Botid party. Yoti looked slitii. glam. gorgeous and dead sexy. (‘an't wait to see you at the next one. Box No [7323/] l.

V I saw you I.esley. when you

came to London iti December. If

you don't cotiie to stay. I don't ktiow what I'll do. Roll on l‘ebruary. Love ya. Chris. Box No U/323/l 2.

V I saw you Dublin woman on the 20:20 to Dublin 20/6/97. We discussed listonia. making small talk that definitely grew. We said 'So long. maybe later' and you considered meaning it. Rtght‘.’ Write. Box No

[l/323/I 3.

V I saw you iii CC. Blooms. 20 December. You: blue shirt (with boyfriend'.’l. Followed your nods upstairs then saw you again in taxi queue. Me: blue shirt also. Get in touch arid let's meet (without boyfriend! ). Box No [7323/]4.

V I saw you Pamela frotii Giffnock upstairs at The Garage last Saturday before Christmas. We met. bttt didn‘t give you my number. been kicking myself ever since. Like to meet again'.’ Phil. Box No [7323/15.

V I saw you Dari. I'IIIIIIIUllSL‘ box office. I ant touched by your presence. Blondie. Box No [l/323/lo.

V I saw you a fitial year medic (l.) on l9/l2/97 at Baroque. Me: a research bioclietiiist (II t. Mother taught me tiever to talk to strangers. but I was enchanted by your smile. Box No [7323/]7.

V I saw you iii the Willow Tea Room. Sauchiehall Street beautiful girl with dark short hair. wonderful blue eyes and a smile that always lights tip my day. Me: tall. dark and sortie say handsome. Will you spend eternity with me'.’ Please'.’ Box No [7323/] 8.

V I saw you (‘at'e Blue. to December. You were w ttli a blonde friend. I was w itli my office ('hristmas dinner. I gave you a card. please call soon. Box No I'/323/l‘).

V I saw you datictng and knew we were meant to be partners. let me murmour words of endearnient iti your ear. Roxanne. as we slide across the floor. Satita Maria can watch over its from the stars. Box No [7323/20.

V I saw you polite litiglisli girl. stylish iii leather jacket. GI‘T. Monday 22/l2. I gave you time. I‘d like to give you more (time). It's a wonderful life with a wrist watch. Box No

[3/323/2 I.

O I saw you Seattle Coffee Company. Waterstone's ~ slitii. dark. tattoo on arm! Would really like to btty you a coffee! Box No U/322/l.

V I saw you Matthew iti Alloa. 25/] l/97. You blotid in Next fleece. ex Garvald. We spoke at end. You had a lift. Let's meet. Box No U/322/2.

V I saw you in your kilt playing with a pile of wood sticks on 28/] [/97 at one of Dumbarton Road pubs. I.et's ltieel. Box No U/322/3.

V I saw you behind the counter in the off-licence. Saltmarket. next to Tanning Studio. 30/] I. Said you had a double. You smiled. setit me wild. I.e['s Ilieetl! Box No U/322/4.

V I saw you One Night Slum! matinee. GFI‘. 30/] 1/97. You: front rows. fair hair. worn up. black bag. new book. I hoped you'd drop something. even a hint. Box No U/322/5.

V I saw you at Colliers. 28 November. Green. pink and silver. Mr Bija. Box No [1/322/6.

O I saw you working in Edinburgh shop on 29/l [/97. You enchanting smile. lovely all round. Me buying throwover. wishing to give you 3k kisses. Box No U/322/7.

V We saw both of you Ivanhoe. 5/12. You were drunk. so were we! Fancy another ‘average’ banana milk soon?! (Just follow the yellow brick road!!!) Box No U/322/8.

V I saw you Veronica. Tron 29/l l/97. You gorgeous. charming and intelligent (Gig Guide. Counting House. Nobles. Honeycomb etc). Me kicking myself since and totally smitten! Drink and tour of Iidinburgh'.’ Box No U/322/9.

V I saw you Scarlet. iii a northern Scottish town. You had too much style to mention. I swam around at your feel like some spilt lemonade. you were beautiful and dangerous. The jailed man's dreams lay pale beside we two. Box No U/322/10.

O I saw you David from Aberdeen. Queen's College 9 l. brother Donald iii Edinburgh. You taught me how to do roll ups. lrisli Claire has some juicy gossip for you! Box No U/322/l I.

V I saw you mad woman with the tartan car. You helped push start my triumph. Let‘s get together for a laugh. No complications. just fun. fun. fun. Box No U/322/l2.

I V I saw you Stuart at Jeff's

V I saw you jigsaw girl. Happy

party. Fri 28/1]. Best laugh I've had in ages. Thanks for the lift home. Hope I bump into you again. Box No U/322/l3.

V I saw you too briefly. small

bttt perfectly formed ().T.

student. bouncing III your otrtsize T-shirt. I need your therapy. I watit to explore life inside your Guernsey. Your stnile haunts me. Robert. Box No U/322/l-I.

V I saw you Yvonne Euro- Walk 2000. lialkirk. I really do think you're gorgeous and I‘d like to get to know you. if you're free??? love Norman. Box No U/322/IS.

V I saw you Mark through my shattered lens and then again on 26 Nov. Me: tiiissitig yoti! You: just lovely!! Pop iii next time you‘re passing and I'll make you a cup of milky tea. Jx. Box No U/322/lo.

V I saw you Danced with you. kissed you. Kerry at Flow. CCA. 7/l 2. Thank you. where are you'.’ I’ve been [47 ling you. hoping you‘ve called. please let‘s meet again. sober! Box No U/322/I7.

Christmas frotn cress man. Box No [l/322/18. V I saw you Motherfunk.

9/12/97. Yoti drink with The

Wannadies. Me: red shirted. babbling and linglish. You reminded me of an old flame. We were interrupted. Must see you again. Box No U/322/l9.

U I saw you Brian at Waterstone's. Glasgow or at least I will if you pick me up at the airport iii January. Love Cindy. Box No U/322/20.

V I saw you in lnsotiinia. Sunday 7 Dec. lunchtime. You: goatee beard. fair hair with three friends. Me: goatee beard, dark. We made eye contact. Hope to meet for a coffee. Box No U/322/2 l.

V I saw you Zen (double bass playing friend of Sophie'.’) l0/8/97. Bute llall. then III the college club before the fireworks. You: short dark liait. black leatherjacket. See you again sometime'.’ Box No U/322/22.

V I saw you Soldier Soldier at Goitig Places. Are you ready for active service. This Wren would like to know. Box No U/322/23. V I saw you rose tattoo oti arm. walking tip Laurel Street. You suit and moody face. Very nice. This local male would like to shag yoti. Soon. Box No [1/32 U].

V I saw you our eyes joined. Diane. petite. smoker. outside Royal lidinbnrgh Hospital. The voices III my head say you‘re the only medication I need. Save me. Box No Il/32 I/2.

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V I saw you I.itida. Polo lounge. You: small. fair. with Susan. We danced once and you left with brunette. Me: tall. bloiid atid desperate to see your smile. 'l'attoed vet'.’ Box No [1/32 [/3. '

V I saw you Alistair. looking rather the worse for drink at the BASS punch party. Glad to see you enjoying yourself. I don't know about the bouncer though!

Box No [U32 l/~I.

V I saw you . . . once. Danny from Kendall (as in mint cake) btit never again. Where were yott at Steven's leaving do'.’ Oh well. maybe some other

time Box No [7321/5

V I saw you S. in Bennet‘s l-t‘iday [4/] [/97 Went to mine for coffee btit didn't have any. I walked you to a cab. Afraid I gave you the wrong number.

. The final digit should be an 8.

Also iti directory. I. Box No [732 I/(i.

V I saw you teach badminton III The Lion. The Bitch And The Wardrobe. I'm so glad your

office was open during

[flit/lint/r'rx'. Here's to public conveniences! Always your friend. MUFASA. Box No [l/32 l/7.

V I saw you blue-sweatered guy. Yoti walked slowly past ()ld College and then across Cow-gate around 3.30am.

I()/I [/97. I‘ew words exchanged. W].TM again. ltidoor drinks iiiaybe'.’ Box No [l/32 l/S.

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