O'Hatran's fhe f/lrss/rrq, a study of

WW tilt/1’. K RI "JIE '<;rrtrnrreri

Gut Symmetries Jeanette Winterson ’Granta £3.99)

Leaprnt; rn trrne and perspet true, rnterttrt ‘.'/rth st rrpt and lists, fl'rtrnt; ‘.‘.rrtl‘ astronomy, pl'rrlosotjhy and rrrytlrrrlooy Wr'rtersort's sixth novel :s a distornted heast '.'.rhr( h \.‘./«';rks hy the skrn of its teeth Revolver/r arerrrtd the rrrysterres of love, the frrals of the larrrely arrorryrivnrs riar'ator I:er;rr‘. ahoard the (352, Takrrt'; Ney'.’ York and ..r‘.'e'r>r>’>‘ I" the (rarest ‘or answers


Love In A Blue Time Hanif Kureishi (Faber and Faber £8.99)

Ktrrershr :s a trrrllrant writer rn small doses Beyond that, tedrtrrn sets rt All harl, therefore, hrs frrst short story tollettron, flashes of hrrllrante rn hrte- sr/e thtrnks \.'.rrth the never-ending enrrrmas o.‘ io'.'e provrdrnr; the pivot From the mental atteptarrt e of ((IIIII'YIIYYIOI‘T, Il‘l()tif;l‘. the fhrr‘. .rne ire-tween love and hate, these ten tales are {’JI‘S'SI("‘°.I‘/ outstarrtirrir; 'SH‘

As If Blake IvIO'tISCTt (Cranta {/99} Curiously, the rat ket of Andrew

STAR nitride—Sm

g t s -\ Unrnissable ; t ,.-. Very good \. Worth a shot

Below average

I You've been warned

the bookstop. cafe

drink the latte eat the muffin read the book

chew the cud

never has retail been ° so good for the soul

4 teviot place, edinburgh 0131 - 225 5298

opening times 10 - 8 mon - sat 12 - 8 sun

96 THE LIST (I 2/ Jan Witt

more and Sf)( :ety ;;'.s‘.-7'er} ‘.\'es‘., .‘eattrred words “if :i'arse 5"," Llorrrson Iv'ov.«, (E’IYT'ItITt La"‘es BUI’IW murder, t.‘r’;"'sr;n trite-"tits a srttrriat study A t.rsttr't:rnr; at : ”‘ the trral, ‘.'/II:(I‘. he attended, '." 'rwym arrs hrs lll()tl(]l‘.lS trtr‘. Mari"; :I‘.”‘l(}S protrarmrnti definefi s«f;ltr’.ryns S?!

Skating To Antarctica

lenny DISK! t(;ran.a 20.99, ~ Pah' Self-rndtrlrrent nonsense hallers the eVr Mr Frrst Impress'rrns Stowe

trme Eater, dripped hy ': ant pat :t down' syndrome, yotr'fl tend tr: drsatrree Drskr, a former psythratrrt patient and prodtrtt of, re. 90s speak, a dysftrnttronal family, rndtrltred an apparent whim to travel around Antarttrta Her narrative hreathes eat and Wrsdom rnto her experient es, rnterspersed wrth frank seams (1‘ atrtohrorrraphy (Sly/Ir




Don DeLillo Wed I-l .Ian. 7pm. t2 rredeemahle against hook r. \Vater'stone's. I53 Saucluehall Street. 32 ‘)I()5. .-\ rare chance to meet .-\irierrcan author I)on l)el.rllo. as he talks ahout his neyy noyel ('Irt/t'rrmr'lt/ t l’icador L l S r.

John Banville and A.L. Kennedy to It) .Iari. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). \V;IIL‘I\IUIIL‘\. l53 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 I. ()ne of Ireland's most higth regarded \yr‘rters. Banyrlle. makes his lll’\l yrsrt to (ilasgtm.

.‘\.l.. Kennedy rorns him for air eyeririrg of

chat and readings, I’m! ()1 (‘(’//I( (‘olt/Ir’t'lrortx.

Burns 1998 Conference Sat l7 .Iari. 9.30am 5pm. U5 t£7r Includes lunch. l'nryersrty of Strathclyde. lecture Room 325. John Anderson Iiurldrng. I‘or further details and to hook a place contact (’entre for Scottish (‘ultural Studies. 5-18 i5 It). .-\ host of. \y rrters discuss \ arrous aspects of Burns. the man. poet and songyy rrter. Speakers include William Mcllyaririey. (‘arl .\Icl)ougall and .I Derrick .\Ic(’lure. Storytelling For Children: Karen Boyd Sat l7 Jan. I lam. I'l't‘t‘. \Vatei'storie's. I53 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 I. See Kids listings.

Robert Temple .‘ylon I‘) Jan. (r.-15prrr. I)lllotls. I74 I70 Arger Street. 248 JSl-l The author talks ahotrt his neyy hook I’lrt' Sirius .llrsrt'rr t('enttrry tlb‘Nr \yhrch looks at neyy scientific ey rderice that alien contact took place 5000 years ago.

Janice Galloway and Colin Toibin Mort l‘) Jan. 7.30pm. £3.50 t£2,5()r. Waterstoiie's. I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 3329105. (ialloyyay talks .rhotrt her most recent hook Where You l’lllt/ II. and 'I'orhrn reads from his tlrrrd rioer I‘lrt' Story ()f The Night. I’tirl or (‘t'lrrt

('Ull/tr’t Hum.

The Summer Walkers ‘I‘ue 2t) _l.ll‘.. 7.30pm. £3.50 r£2.5(h. \Vaterstone's.

I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 ‘)It)5 'I'rmothy Neat. author of The .Srrrrrrrrt'r Hill/wry hosts an exerting ol song. music and story celehrating the way of life of. the trayelhng people and pearl fishers ol North and \Vest Scotland I’trr'l of (.('//I( ('orrrit't Ito/ii.

Ian Crichton-Smith, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Joseph O'Connor \yctl 2I .lari. 7.30pm. \Vater'stoiie's. I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 3 32 ‘Jlll5. .-\ri eyenrng \\ ith author and playyyrrght (‘rrchton- Siiirtli. \yho is routed hy one ol Ireland's top contemporary poets I)horrihnarll. and storyteller ()'(‘oriiior. l’trr'r o/ (t/Irt ('orr/it't tin/ii.

Kate Clanchy, Angela McSeveney and David Kinloch Thu 22 Jan. 7. 3()prii. £3.50 t£2.5()r. \Valci'stoiie's. I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 ‘)l()5. .-\ri eyeriing of poetry readings \y ith these popular poets. I’ri/‘I of (.('/II( ('rrrrrit't Hurry

The New Feminism Natasha Walter (Little Brown £17.50)

Natasha Walter is miles ahead of most commentators. Feminism, she says, is no longer a single political movement, but courses through the mainstream of modern living in fragmented forms.

Stark inequalities still exist - British women who have children take an average 55% drop in lifetime earnings (compared to 7% in France), while becoming a father makes no impact on the average man's income - but Walter offers innovative remedies.

Rooted in research and attuned to the latest shifts in attitudes, Walter's optimism can hardly be faulted, the hope that Labour



the new feminism

horas/m wa/ter 34'

would support single mothers being one exception. Looking behind the media obsession with laddish masculinity for instance, she finds that men are moving in step with these changes, and benefiting.

She is not alone in recognising all this. What sets Walter apart is her readiness to go out on a limb, arguing that feminism has no business prescribing our personal activities, relishing women's fashion alongside men's fiction, skipping from a women’s breastfeeding project in Easterhouse to the corridors of Parliament in one sentence, and proffering Margaret Thatcher as the unsung hero of British feminism.

The New Feminism ricochets with dynamic ideas. boasting a breadth of vision and irresistible panache that is, quite simply, to die for.

(Deirdre Molloy)


Joy Hendry and Peter Mortimer Sun I I .lan. Spm. £1.50 til I. I‘rurtmarket (iallt't’). ~15 Market Street. 225 2333. Poetry readings

Steven Pinker 'I'hu I5 .Iaii. (r3llpiti. L2 Royal Museum ( )l' Scotland. ('hariiher‘s Street. 2-17 -12 I‘). :\ lecture gry err hy Steyeir l’rrrker surrounding the issues raised in his hook Him The .llr/it/ ll'or'lti rl’engurn L25 r.

Kirsty Gunn and Jenny Diski ‘l‘lru IS Jan. 7 30pm. \Vater'storie‘s. S3 George Street. 225 3-130. An exerting \y rth (iraiita hooks \\ rth I)rskr readrrrg from her" papei'hack Slur/Hie ’lrr XIII/(II'IH (l ((iraiita UHNr and Iidrrihurgh-horn (iunn. reading from The Kev/mike t(iranta {5.9%.

The Writing On The Wall Sun 18 Ian.

7.30pm. £5 Lit). Iidrnhurgh I-‘estryal

'I‘heatre. I 3/2‘) Nicolsoli Street. 52‘) (illllll,

See Theatre listings and I'i'ontlrries. Colum McCann Mon l‘) .lan. 7pm.

\\'ater'stone's. l3 I-I Princes Street. 55h 303-1. The tl\\;ll'tI-\\'llllllllg Irish tioyeltst (‘olum .‘\Ic('anii reads from his new hook '/'/11\ Sale ()I line/1mm r (Phoenix

9; l 50%.

Lee M Silver 'I‘hu 20 Jan. 7pm. £5

ti 3.5m I~'rtrrtiiiai'ket (iallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Professor Silyer. author oll Renal/yum lit/ell WVL‘ItIr‘lIlt‘ItI «K Nicolsonr toms a distinguished pairels of experts to dehate the moral. etlircal and legal issues surrounding cloning.

Ian Rankin Wed 2l .laii. 7pm. \Vttlt‘t'slollds. I2tS Princes Street. 220 2(r(r(r, lidinhurgh‘s t'rrrest crime \yr‘rter reads ll't)lli his neyy hook 'I‘lre Hrmerrre (fun/err t()rrori L'IhU‘JI and lJ/ut A :Irrt/ li/rrt' r()r'ron £5.99) \yhich is non

ay ailahle rrr paperhack

Joseph O'Connor Thu 22 Jan. 7pm. Waterstorie’s. I3 I-I Princes Street. 556 Ktl3J lire popular Irish \H'llt‘l‘ chats ahoirt his next hook '/‘/rt' Sultry/mm rSecker L‘I‘J‘h.

Don DeLill talks about his new novel Underworld at Waterstone’s, 153 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow. 7pm Wed 14 Jan