Renowned for stretching the bounds of dance music, GOLDIE has left the planet with his latest album Saturn: Return. All in a day's work, he says.

Words: Jim Byers

8 THE ll8T 23 Jan—S Feb 1998

‘WHEN I WAS fourteen.‘ confesses Goldie in his thick Midlands brogue. ‘I nicked my first bike. The funny thing is. I bought a Ducati yesterday. it‘s sitting outside the hotel right now. A big Ducati monster. In bright yellow to fuck people off. It‘s funny really. innit‘.’ I just

find it ironic. I'm laughing my bollocks off

here. I tell ya.‘

With his second album Saturn Return: (London) in the bag. drum ‘n‘ bass‘s most famous face is taking stock of his life. The boy whospent his teenage years in and out of care homes after he was given up by his penniless mother. has somehow become a star. He says he only started living his life when he got out

of the care system aged nineteen and now. at 32 years old. he‘s certainly making up for it. He‘s gone from being a graffiti artist in Walsall and a jewellery maker in Miami. to being one of his generation‘s most exciting and creative recording artists.

Of less importance. but interesting

nonetheless. he can now count Noel Gallagher. Val Kilmer. Naomi Campbell. Johnny Depp and Larry Fishburne among his new friends.

'I'm just taking the piss really.‘ he admits. 'It's a laugh. innit'.’ It's being able to make somebody get the chequebook out in some plush restaurant in New York one night. then