Frasier Channel 4, Fri 23 Jan, lopm

Niles thro.vs a fundraiser on Halloween here everyOne must dress as a character from literature Frasier opts for Chaucer. .-.'li.!e Roz picks the equally saucy V from The Story Of 0 Cue misunderstood, misheard conversations about pregnanCy Teading to chaos, confusion and JealouSy. Just the usual, then

Brideshead Revisited Channel 4, Sat 24 Jan, 9pm.

5 A welcome return for one of the most acclaimed televisiOn drama series of all t:me Jeremy 'rOns, Jane Asher, Laurence Ofivie', Claire Bloom and John Gielgud are among a stellar cast in this dramatisation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel of twenty years of high society. More social gadflys than you can shake a stick at.

Unfinished Business BBCl, Sat 24 Jan, 9.50pm.

In this new six-part adult comedy series, emotionally short-sighted Optometrist Amy literally runs into her fOrmer husband after ten years apart. A chain of complications ensues With the USual hilarious reSults.

Flight 8r Robinson In Space

BBCZ, Sun 25 Jan, 10.20pm & 11.35pm. A drama dOuble bill Alex Pillai directs Tanika Gupta's Flight the tragic story of love across the racial divide. Robinson In

Space is Patrick Keiler's idiosyncratic look at life in modern Britain

Portishead Channel 4, Mon 26 Jan, midnight. Caught live in concert in New York last year, Bristol's finest exponents of sample—laden, scratched-up, trip-hop t0rch songs. Tune in and see if the Yanks can get thrOugh Glory Box Without holding their ZippOS aloft Walden On Heroes: John Kennedy ; BBCZ, Tue 27 Jan, 7.30pm.

' Brian Walden assesses the career of

America's most charismatic and tragic

President and asks .vhetner JFK actually deserved the 'hero‘ tag with which he has been labelled Expect some cool

shots of Castro's beard

Under The Sun:

, Shinjuku Boys

BBCZ, Wed 28 Jan, 9pm.

A look at the Tokyo night-club scene where cross-dressing ladies or

'onnabes' prowde cOmert to lonely women. The clients may be satisfied, but things are different for the

sexually-confused onnabes

The Mark Thomas

; Comedy Product Channel 4, Wed 28 Jan, llpm.

Chunky chuckle-meister Mark Thomas combines comedy and

Current affairs in this series where no

politiCian 0r public cOmpany is safe from his satirical stunts His escapades are cut wrth live footage of his stand- up routine.

Mrs Cohen's Money Channel 4, Thu 29 Jan, 8pm.

FinanCial whizz Mrs Bernice Cohen examines the spiralling cost of university education and asks who benefits from an educated society and who shoulders the burden

The Truth About

Women Scottish, Thu 29 Jan, 9pm.

Melinda Messenger, Denise Van Outen,

Sophie Dahl and other curvy types

reveal the truth about the obsessiOn

With the body beautiful in this irreverent series examining what it takes to be a woman in 905 Britain Chicks, huh?

Question Time BBCl, Thu 29 Jan, 10.55pm.

Surreal comedian Eddie lzzard and

SeCretary of State for Scotland Donald Dewar are the unlikely bedfellows in the latest installment of the famous topical debate show, tonight coming from Glasgow Topics are deCided on the night, but expect Devolution, Labour sleaze and talking cows to be on the agenda,

Political party animal: Eddie lzzard in Question Time. BBC1. Thu 29 Jan, 10.55pm


c \

Good vibrators: Sylvestra Le Touzel and Lesley Manville in Dual Balls

The Talent BBC2, Fri 23 Jan, 11.20pm.

Even the most imaginative telly auteur would struggle to cram marital aids. football, bullying, sexual obsession with a statue. Greek myth, illegitimate kids, aphrodisiacs, prison break-outs and Slade into one 75-minute slot. Yet these tantalising topics are exactly what you get in the first programme of The Talent. the Beeb's new short film showcase.

Hosted by Late Review/s Mark Lawson. The Talent is screened over four evenings (Fri 23. Sat 24. Fri 30 8r Sat 31 Jan) and features a total of fifteen very different shorts by new directors, selected from BBQ initiatives including Tartan Shorts. In the final programme, a judging panel led by Alan Parker - director of Evita and The Commitments - will choose the best film of the series and award the winning director a £5000 development deal with BBC Films.

The first programme features Dan Zeff's playful comedy about the female orgasm Dual Balls. Damien O' Donnell's soccer corker Thirty Five Aside, Clare Kiiner's surreal Daphne And Apollo and Scottish film-maker Lynne Ramsay's evocative. semi-autobiographical Gasman - the story of a young girl growing up in 70s Glasgow, who meets the half-sister she never knew she had at a Christmas party - which won a Scottish BAFTA for best

short film.

Gasman is not the only Scottish film to be featured in the series. Look out too for Aileen Ritchie’s bittersweet romance Double Nougat starring Pauline Quirk and Andy Gray, Roddy Cunningham's Gaelic short Fishing and John Milarky’s magical The Star, based on an Alasdair Gray short story.

'The Talent is a good forum for tomorrow's feature film directors,’ enthuses Lynne Ramsay. who is now working on her first full-length movie. ‘lt’s a great chance for people to enjoy shorts. an opportunity they wouldn't usually have.

’I love short films,’ she adds. 'Making them lets you experiment and find your style. Watching one is like reading a powerful short story - really striking and succinct.’

(Peter Ross)

to England and wed Mr Nichols. Miller's play was performed as a monologue at last year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Centurions Radio 3, Sun 1 Feb, 4.15pm.

Irish poet and Nobel Prize-Winner Seamus Heaney is the focus of this weeks Centurions, the network’s pantheon of the 100 greatest artists of the century. Particular attention is . paid to North, his 1975 collection of ' political works including the famous Bog PeOple sequence

Woman's Hour: Slgourney Weaver Radio 4, Mon 2 Feb, 10.30am

The star of the Alien film series talks candidly about her most famous role as martian-mashin' Ellen Ripley. Weaver reveals her thoughts on whether the mowes are an imaginative portrayal of




All Back To Mine: Paul

Weller Radio 1, Sun 25 Jan, 9pm.

Grumpy Modfather Weller opens up his home and record collection to the public ear, so expect loads of stuff by Campag Velocet, Insane Clown Posse and Einsturzende Neubaten. Only jOkli‘lg, expect the usual Northern SOuI gubbins and signed Ocean Co|0ur Scene singles

Monday Play: Undine Radio 4, Mon 26 Jan, 7.45pm.

Kara Miller's Undine is the first of three new plays in the Black Broadcast season, a competition and training initative for new black writers. A young woman from Barbados takes up the offer from a marriage agency to come

23 Jan—S Feb 1998 THE lIST 101