going down the Blue Note the next and watching some nutter sweating like a cunt. I find it funny. really.‘

Dance music's brightest stars are notoriously keen to push their music to its furthest limits. ()n his epochal first album 'I'imeless. Goldie broke new ground but this time. he's gone so far he has practically left the planet.

Saturn: Return is a massive undertaking. both for the artist and the listener. It runs for over two hours and comes in two parts. but its main talking point. aside from much-hyped contributions by .\'oel Gallagher (on current single ‘Temper Temper“). rapper KRS-l (‘l)igital') and David Bowie ("I‘ruth'). is the hour long ‘Mother'. the track Goldie recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

It‘s an immensely powerful and brutally honest piece of music. one which reveals the breathtaking extent of Goldie’s creative vision. (‘ritics have said it is overly self-indulgent. but

it is unwise to ignore the honesty and intensity of this man‘s music.

‘It was quite heavy emotionally.‘ he reasons. “but life‘s heavy innit‘.’ When you cum your load. you can always get it back tip again. can‘t you'.’ Sometimes you just gotta face up to it. But I did it. I got it together. The old (‘eltic blood was boiling. mate!

‘lt‘s my job to go out there and accelerate and have an edge.‘ he reasons. ‘I went out there to do the do with this record. I put 120% in and came out with 400%. I'm the zero factor. but I can still talk to you. mate. I know where you‘re coming from. In fact. next time you see me. you give me a good fucking slap in the face.‘

Next up for Goldie are a couple of possible film roles a British production lz'i't’rvluuly Loves The Sims/zinc. and an American movie with Val Kilmer. He is looking forward to involvement in film because. as he admits himself. he's been acting all his life. ‘l‘ve been doing it for 30 years. mate. I‘ve played a lot of shit in my time. I think I've played every part in this hook. mate. so its gonna be easy.‘

As for the music. he says he‘s through with the heavy stuff. ‘All I‘m going to do for the next album. to be quite honest. mate. is hold my dick and loop the fucker. I don't have to do nothing for nobody. l‘ve nothing to prove anymore. I’ve done it. mate. it‘s done and dusted. I‘ve done everything I wanna do with this. I‘ve got everything I want. mate. everything else is just material. [just wanna keep the moving target moving. 'cos they‘re shooting. they‘ve got the big guns coming.‘

Goldie’s Saturnz Return album is out now on London Records.

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