experiences in the epic and fantastical novel Lanark Still regarded as his magnum opus, it was followed by several top-notch works -- most illustrated in Gray’s distinctively qurrky style - including 7982 Janine, Poor Things and The History Maker

John Hannah


W H Auden’s poetry enjoyed a surprising boost in sales thanks to Hannah’s reading in Four Weddings AnclA Funeral The 35-year-old former apprentice electrician c0ntinues hrs foray into the rriainstream conscience as forensic pathologist McCal/um on TV Future rnovres include romantic. comedy Sliding Doors wrth Brad Pitt's ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Disney’s revrval of Herbie fever, The Love Bug

David Hayman


Egually acclaimed in both fields, Hayman played Hamlet at the Citizens' Theatre, broke into films as Jimmy Boyle in A Sense Of Freedom, and later became artistic director of 7 84 Theatre Company His debut behind the camera also had a prison setting Silent Scream went on to be named as European Film Of The Year. Currently putting on a Russian accent to hire Bruce Willis in The Jackal but do political aspirations in the Scottish Parliament beckon?

Phil Kay


Madcap improwsational comic Phil of the clan Kay hails from Fife, but we're putting him in anyway because he’s based in Glasgow, havrng studied Philosophy and English at Glagow Uni. After Winning the Gilded Balloon’s So You Think You’re Funny? competition in 1989, he went on to Win numerous awards and star in his own Channel 4 series Phil Kay Fee/s . . last year. Phil hasn’t let fame go to his head, though he did name hrs daughter Coco Blue,

James Kelman


A much-imitated creator of minutely detailed fiction, Kelman has been compared to Joyce and Kafka, and wrote some early work in London Since returning to hrs native Glasgow, he has concentrated on gritty interior monologues in a distinctively Scottish voice usually that of the underdog Kelman remains the sole Scottish winner of a Booker Prize for hrs grimly humorous How late It Was, How Late

Fred MacAulay

Comedian/chat-show host

This follrcally-challenged former accountant made hrs stand-up debut at 31 and plugged away for almost a decade before finding fame through BBC 1 's They Think It’s All Over, Radio Scotland 's Fred MacAulay Show and BBC 1 's unlikely pairing, McCOist And MacAulay Still a remarkably nice fellow, despite the high-octane lifestyle fame has thurst upon him

Kelly Macdonald


After bursting onto the scene as seductive schoolgirl Diane in Trainspotting, lvlacdonald lOund film work a-plenty, working VVllli top directors Mike Figgis and Hugh Hudson as well as big league stars like Jessica Lange, Bob Hoskrns and Shine’s Geoffrey Rush A recently completed move to London is evrdence of her burgeoning career, and her awesome performance in Ste/la Does Tricks confirms she’s got what it takes

Joe McFadden


A sensitive boyish type in High Road, a sensitive artistic type in Small Faces, a bOyrsh sensitive type in The Crow Road. Glasgow's Joe McFadden one of Scotland's hottest yOung actors ~ has run the gamut of characters Joe can play any role as long as

rt is a sOulful young lad wrth long eyelashes. >



The 40 best things about Edinburgh

Wm. Armstrong 8. Son 3 l 3 (litigate. 5% (325 l; 83 (irassniarket. Ill) 5557. l’robabI) the litlesl selection til. t‘c‘lt‘o clothes and accessories )oti'll find an)“ here in Scotland: ever'}thirig from «ills to Blls chic. and friendly \\ ith it. Arthur's Seat/The Salisbury Crags Less than a mile from the cit) centre. these imposing chunks of granite dominate the south-eastern sk'} line. (ireat l'oriogging. hiking and biking; also for mood) contemplation ol~ the cit). Will soon become an ideal vantage point for Devvarspotting.

The Atrium/blue cafe-bar ll) ('aitibr'idge Street. 228 HSXZ/ZZI l l 12. Situated in the building vs hich houses the Traverse 'l‘heatre. Andre“ Radl'ord's tvto establishments share with it a line of st} le and innovation. The Atrium is one ol‘ the most handsomel) designed restaurants in the cotinlt'). \\ ith a menu to match. vs bile the “Cu er blue cafe-bar is fresh. air) and smart. \\ ith lots er prices reflecting a simpler menu

La Belle Angele ll llasrie‘s (lose. 225 7530. [p a close behind the ('ovvgate. La Belle ma} not offer much in the \ta_v ol' decor. but riiakes tip for it in atmosphere and music. Apart li‘otn some sound club nights like Manga. Big Beat and l'nder Yer llat. it‘s also a pretty good venue for bubbling under live music acts.

Barry Didcock

Journalist ’The best thing about Edinburgh is that it's small and manage- able. I tend to go to pubs like Black Bo's because I'm old, The Antiguary because it serves Murphy's, and Clarke's becausel can watch the football there The worst thing about Edinburgh is that you have to go through to Glasgow to see bands ' J

The Beltane Fire Festival (‘alion Hill. ever} 30 Apr. lidinburgh might have a ('alv inist reputation. but come Beltane night. a grim ing group of performers get pagan on our asses. vvith vv ild costumes. bod) paints. anarchic dancing and enough lire to torch every

p} rornaniac in the land. Six/lin'.

Cafe Graffiti Mansfield Place. Broughton Street. 557 8003. Long established as a bohemian and atmospheric cabaret \enue during the Fringe. (‘al'e (iral‘liti has been revamped and novv hosts the thriv mg Lil/ard Lounge acid jazz club. pltis theatre and other events.

Cameo Cinema 38 Home Street. 228 4 I4 I. L'nusual programming makes the (‘ameo one of the cit_v'.s favourite flick-houses. Dallying with both mainstream and arthouse releases. the (‘ameo also features imaginative double- bills. One big auditorium and tvto

smaller screens are augmented by a slender btit attractive bar.

23 Jan—S Feb 1998 THE ll8T13