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Canton Express 407 Sauchiehall Street. 332 0H5. .\ fast food institution. best appreciated in the post-pub. post-club grub \\ ilderness. The fluorescent lighting and for'mica tables are a per\erse part of the appeal.

Celtic Connections (ilttsgrm 's hurnungotIs folk festiial is currentl) rounding tip its fifth successful _\ear. Based inainl) in the ('oncert llall. it's enough to riiake Januar} \sot'llt looking foi'isar'd to.

CCA ~‘50 Sauchiehall Street. 332 753 I. :\ galler}/cafe/bciokshop/hangout all-in-one. shortl} to be upgraded to superplusgood if those nice Lotter} people cough up. Belle ck Sebastian groupies should note that singer Stuart is no er off the to} er payphone. Citizens' Theatre (iot‘hals. 43s) 0022. The cit) 's most respected theatre has opened its doors to a tie“ season for the llt‘sl time since last spring. The directing trium\ irate of(iiles llaxergal. Robert l)a\ id .\lacl)onald and Phillip l’r‘oxsse know him to pick the \\ inners tgener‘all} l.

Curry houses To single out one of(ilasgo\\ 's man} fantastic Indian restaurants would be unfair. but an}thing in the .-\shoka chain and the likes of Mother lndia 12S Westminster 'l‘errace. Ill trim l. ('afe ltidia ( l7l North Street. Z-lts’ 4075i and (retire de la ('reine llll7l :\rg_\ le Street. Ill 3333) are curr} llll‘\;lll£t.

Designer shopping lridispurahh the best selection of designer clothing labels outside London. Versace. Armani and llairinett are part of the furniture. Head to Buchanan Street. especiall} l’rinces Square (Ill 0324) and the Italian (‘entre (552 (fioh'i in John Street. for some retail therap}.

rAlison Clark and Anna

Cossar Fifth-year students, Glasgow High

Alison (left) ‘I've been to Edinburgh and I like shopping here better People are actually guite friendly in Edinburgh

Anna lrrght)‘ 'I think people are a bit less intimidating in Edinburgh You get all these neddy sort of people here and they're quite scary It's not like that in Edinburgh It all seerris a bit cleaner and more formal but

it's not stuffy or anything ' 9 J

Fratelli Sarti Ill Built .s‘ri-eer. 304 0440/] 33 Wellington Street. 2-18 ZIZS'. (‘onnoisseur‘s of Italian food sis ear b} Sarti's and the constant stream of diners is the proof of the tiramisu. The Wellington Street branch is a deli-eurn-cafe and the adjoining Bath Street premises is a restaurant/bistro. both dripping W ilh authenticity GFT l2 Rose Street. . 53 Sllb'. 'l‘ltc‘ c't'st\\ltile (‘osmo (‘ineina is a listed building \\ ith a strong deco feel and the cit) 's best programme of arthouse and foreign films. Its (‘afe (‘osmo is also a great place to drink red wine and discuss Werner ller/og films.

Glasgow Green/People's Palace/ Templeton's Carpet Factory Historical expanse of parkland in the oldest part of (ilasgtm. the liast lind. The People’s Palace closed until .-\pr'il for refurbishment houses a museum of (ilasuegian hislot‘} and the Winter (iardens. The former carpet factor} is

the cit} 's most outlandish building. lttotlc‘lletl on Venice's Doge's Palace.

14 THE “ST 23 Jan-S Feb 1998

This page, clockwise from top left: Daniela Nardini, Edwyn Collins, Big John, Tam Dean Burn and Wet Wet Wet. Opposite page, clockwise from top left: the Bay City Rollers, Shirley Manson, Finley Quaye, Ewen Bremner and Stephen Hendry

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Daniela Nardini


Heiress of the currently troubled Largs ice cream dynasty, Daniela forsook 99 cones to play a flake in twentysoriiething flatshare drama This Life She wowed Britain With her getting naked/drrink/high antics as baimy barrister Anna, but the programme was axed after two fab series When \Vlll we see her likes again.7

Marti Pellow


The trademark Pellow grin has endeared Glasgow's Wets to a generation of housewrves who Just can't get enough of their wholesome soul. They are Scotland's biggest musical export and if you laid all the CDs that they have sold end to end then they w0u|d stretch from Glasgow to Venus Or thereabouts

Sharleen Spiteri


Possibly the most famous Glaswegian woman alive, Spiteri » With her band Texas < has had a career resurrection the likes of which have not been seen since Christ rolled away the stone Her face has graced more covers than most and, for a while, she never seemed to be off TF/ Friday Global domination awaits

Kirsty Wark


Provrding glamorous relief to a nation sick of the horse-like Paxman’s sardonic brayrngs on News/right, Wark has become a real media heavyweight, The topical-debate iii-your-town Words With Wark and her pull-no-punches interViews wrth slimy politicians have made Kirsty the people’s champion

Bay City Rollers


You may mock now, but in the inicl-/()s Bay( Ity fever swept through Britain like typhoid in a ghetto Screaming teens and pie-pubescent girls wept openly at the nierest whiff of a shang-a-iang lhe l cliiibuigh boys staked their claim in the style race vath tartar: cuffs and turn-ups Glasgow l‘|(l its face in style shame

Big John


Larger than life, with most of his body cc)‘-.’ete(l vczth tattoos and assorted prerc ings, Big John has never been niuc h of a wilting wall flower He has however played With Nirvana, Goodbye Mr lylac ken/re twith Shirley Manson), The Exploited and er lhe Grisly Ghosts Of (my Suc h flainboyance c an orin come from Edinburgh, naturally

Ewen Bremner


World rec ognition carne two years ago as lovable loser Spud in Trainspotting, although Bremner hacl prevrously iriipressecl critics in the lead role of Renton in the original stage version Subseguent filiii roles in the 60s gang clrarria fi/lo/o and violent blac k comedy The Life Of Stuff have seen him continue to trawl through the tougher end of urban existenc e

Tam Dean Burn Actor Before the world learned of Begbie, the spirit of