Radge was upheld by one solitary figure in the Edinburgh arts scene. Tam was that man. Has interpreted Joyce's Finnegans Wake With a donkey on a hilltop, performed Irvme Welsh's Het'idstate in London club venues, fought the Roman ciVil wars With Berkoff in Corio/anus', and remains a hardened clubber Outdid BOWie for non-matching eyes on The List’s front cover last year

Edwyn Collins


Despite always being assoCiated With Glasgow, the former Orange Juice singer was actually born in Edinburgh and raised in Dundee. Terminal career decline underwent a sharp recovery when ’A Girl Like You' was re-released and Collins found himself laughing all the way to the bank

The Duke Of Edinburgh


Forget the 'Phil The Greek' baloney It’s all there in the man's title Plus, he's got a handy pied a terre right next door to the new Scottish Parliament, so he'll be worth keeping in With

Davud Greig & David Harrower Playwrights

Scotland's hottest young bloods in the field, the two DaVids can be considered together, not least because they collectively penned an open letter calling for better theatre funding Both have relocated to Glasgow, but plays like Harrower's Knives In Hens and Greig's Caledonia Dreaming have an East coast sensibility which has helped shake off Scottish theatre's Glasgow-led social realist traditions

Stephen Hendry Snooker player Already Scottish Amateur Snooker Champion at the

age of 15, Hendry became the y0ungest-ever world champion in 1990 Titles cOntinue to flow his way

and, despite backtracking on alleged comments about leavmg the c0untry if Scotland voted for its own parliament, he's also shown a warmer side to his personality and a laconic sense of humour during his TV appearances on A Question Of Sport

Shirley Manson Musician

Garbage’s Lothian-born lead singer had a monopoly on MTV at one pOint and 'Stupid Girl' could be heard on radios from Timbuktu to Manitoba. J0urna|ists love her for her ability to give good quote: ‘my new gUitar is the same colour as my pubes flaming red ' She still lives in South Queensferry

Finley Quaye


Edinburgh raised Quaye's debut album Maverick A Strike has earned him a Brit nomination as well as healthy album sales. Not only can he sing superbly but he is also a shit-hot pool player haVing honed his skills on the City Cafe's tables He still makes the capital his home

Alan Wells


Scotland's most Successful sprinter since Eric Liddell had his moment of glory at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, when he took gold in the 100m and silver in the 200m. Two years later at the Commonwealth Games, he was first past the line in both races.

Irvme Welsh


The radge writer put Leith on the map With his portrait of funky culture in Trainspotting, and then like Renton headed off to Amsterdam. Since the book was translated to film, starring Ewan fvlacGregor, Welsh has had a love-hate relationship With his celebrity. At 39 he’s pushing his status as youth icon and his last book Ecstasy failed to reach the parts his others did.



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The Castle Forget the Statue Of Libert}. the Arc de 'l'riomphe. the (iolden (iate Bridge. the cit} 's impregnable seat of martial might is quite siinpl} the most distinctne feature an} citsscape has to offer. And _\ou can set sour watch b} the one o' clock gun.

Coffee houses Since linlightenment da_\s. lidinbtirgh has been stimulating its thinkers with a law kick. 'l'r} (‘ommon (irounds (3/3 North Bank Street. 33b 14 lbl. The lilephant House (3| (ieoi'ge IV Bridge. 330 5355i. Kinnell House (.‘~(i Victoria Street. 33” I I5“) or Patisserie l‘lorentin (.S’ St (iiles Street. 335 0367) for that (‘ontinental touch.

Cowgate nightlife Around nearl} as long as the cit} itself. and still the epicentre of Its nocturnal actix ities. Home to club \enucs like The Attic (335 838D. 'l‘he Subwa} (335 (Grim and \Vilkie House (335 5583); bars such as Bannerman‘s (556 3354 i. the beer-gardened (ireen Tree (335 I304) and the Kitchen (335 54 l 3 l. There's alwa} s some“ here open late. often with li\ e music from local hopefuls. The Doric Tavern/McGuffie's Bar l5/lri Market Street. 335 ltlh’4/335 5343. Wood- panelled \enue for man} an amicable gathering. Downstairs. .\lc(iuffie‘s is a traditional bar attracting a wide range of clientele; upstairs. the I)oi'ic is both a refined bistro ser\ ing a broad. wholesome menu of Scottish cuisine. and an infoi'iiial w ine-bar where the art} intelligentsia gather. Edinburgh International Festival to .-\ug 5 Sen-173 3(llll. Audiences and commentators Come from ttll (i\ er the world to see the finest performers from the international arts circuit. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 9 3| Aug. 226 5357. A ballooning free-for-all which attracts tliousands of performers from all fields. Edinburgh Film Festival l() 3t) Aug. 338 405 l. A showcase and forum for the world's cinematic talents. with good support for local filmmakers.

Edinburgh Book Festival l5 3| Aug. 22s 5444. A gathering of man} (major names in the writing and publishing world make this the t'K's premier annual literar) ex ent. Edinburgh Science Festival 4 it) Apr. 33() 3977. New technologies and ancient secrets unveiled in themed exhibitions. lectures. performances and participator") e\ents designed to be fun and accessible. It's like hax ing the 'Iiminrroii- 's ll’orltl team on )otir doorstep.

10 Allen

Catering worker 'Edinburgh’s qwte small, which is good You can walk from one side to the other pretty easily Unfortunately, there's not enough punk clubs and lend up spending a lot of my time in the Tap O'Lauriston I go through to Glasgow for gigs It’s got a much better scene than Edinburgh but it's a crap Clty like one big motorway' J

Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2‘) Dec 1 Jan. 557 3990. Not content with hav ing the world's biggest arts festival. lidinhurgh's main contribution to the millennium bug is this enormous new _\ear celebration. designed to make llogmana) a safe and en ilised affair centring on live entertainment rather than inebriation.

The Filmhouse 88 Lothian Road. 338 3088. The city's famous arthouse cinema. screening the best art_v films. hosting groups and events. and housing a damn good place to eat.

drink. look at art and schmoo/e into > the bargain.

23 Jan—S Feb 1998 THE “ST 15