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Glasgow School Of Art 167 Renlrew Street. 353 ~1500.('harles Rennie Mackintosh's greatest legacy to his city is perched on the top of (iarnethill oyet'lcmking Sauchiehall Street. A true (ilaswegian landmark.

Glasgow University (.iiliiiorchill. 33*) 8855. The main building on the crest of L'niyersity‘ Ayenue is a West lind landmark. cwerlooking the Art (iallery. The \ iew of these two stately buildings floodlit at night is one ol‘ (ilasgow 's best.

1 TAlyzen Thyne

Freelance stylist

'Edinburgh's much smaller and a lot cliguier. Ahh0ugh Glasgow is much bigger, it's also much friendlier It's like a Village Everybody knows everybody else, a very sociable city I studied through in Edinburgh and, although I love the architecture and the history, I still feel happier in Glasgow'


Grand Ole Opry Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. A bit of~ Nashy ille comes to (ilasgow 's Southside. reflecting the west coast's obsession with country 8:. western. l.i\e bands. cheap drink. line dancing. a staged shoot-out and bingo eyery weekend. A must.

The Halt Bar l(i0 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. Nigh-legendary West lind pub with three equally happening areas to nest bar. lounge. and snug. llome-from—home for a wide spectrum of locals. students and anarchists. The Horseshoe l7 Drury Street. 22! 3051. Longest bar in Britain and cheapest pint in (ilasgow. Do we need any other reason for recommending its traditional \‘ibiness'.’ lnsomnia/Crispin's 38—42 Woodlands Road. 332 5500. ()ne‘s a cafe. the other a deli and both are open 2-1 hotirs. This fact alone should tell yoti why this estimable establishment is a (ilaswegian essential. It's toasties at dawn. Java l52 Park Road. 357 2770. A \\'c‘bstit'1iiig community has sprung up around this bijou Internet cafe. which also hosts comedy and poetry reading nights and claims to serve the biggest veggie burger in town.

Kelvingrove Park/Art Gallery 1287 2697). Take a West lind stroll par excellence in the park tall human/animal lite is there) or drink in sotne culture. including Sunday organ recitals. in (ilasgow's flagship museum.

King Street galleries This small but perfectly-formed street is home to many ol‘ Glasgow ‘s small art galleries exhibiting new work by local artists. including the Print Studio 1552 070-1). Transmission (552 ~18 l 3). Street Level (552 215l ). 18 King Street 1552 2540). and round the corner in Parnie Street. Art lixposure1552 7779) and t. (iarner1552 4585)

Merchant City Eating/Drinking Something for everyone from the style bar etwirons of' Bargo (80 Albion Street. 552 2680) and Bar 91 (9| ('andleriggs. 552 521 l ) to the no-music. only-chat atmosphere of Scottish bar/rest- aurant/hotel Babbity' Bowster t lo—lx Black- f‘riars Street. 552 5055) to ‘style hotel’

The Brunswick 1106 Brunswick Street.

552 0001 ). >

16 THE "ST 23 Jan—S Feb 1998

Saints and ‘s‘inners

An at-a-glance lowdown on the public figures who enhance the fame and

shame of both cities.

Glasgow saints

John Maclean

Red Clydesider

Long before New Labour was dreamt up, Maclean was Jailed six times between 1916 and 1923 3'or inciting Glasgow's eprOited workers to strike Inspirational

Alan McGee

Record company boss

Doubly disadvantaged by being ginger and bald, McGee has triumphed over follicle adversity, discovering Oasis at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, and releasing such epoch-defining albums as Screamadellca, Bandwagonesgue, Loveless, Giant Steps and (What's The Story) Morning Glory on his Creation Records.

R.D. Laing Psychologist

A true revolutionary, Laing transformed psychology by arguing that schizophrenia was an enriching experience. He helped rid the mentally ill of Victim status and his classic book The DIV/ded Self informed the 60s counter-culture. He once appeared VISlbly drunk on The Late Late Breakfast

Show. Chap


DJ team

Slam, aka Stuart Macmillan and Orde Miekle, are the hard techno twosome who give it loads at the Arches every Friday. The dynamic duo could be canonized for long-running serVices to Dng duties alone, but Slam also get the halo for their fab production work, their genre-fisting album Head States and for signing Daft Punk

Tommy Sheridan

Local politician

Spearheaded the Anti-Poll-Tax movement, finally domg porridge followmg various brushes with Sheriff's OfflCE’TS. Stood for parliament, and remains one of the UK‘s most radical and Visible councillors A thorn in New Labour's side.

Glasgow sinners

Paul Gascorgne Football player The man who trips over Glasgow's sectarian diVide every c0up|e of matches With his inVisible flute-playing antics, has endeared himself to Rangers fans and provoked the rage of Celtic supporters Since signing to Rangers, Gazza’s private life has captured as many headlines as his considerable playing skills particularly his volatile relationship With Wife Sheryl. Newcastle's finest and worst export

Manda Rin

Squealer With Bis

The most irritating offshoot of Glasgows music scene since Norman Fanclub's beard, Bis are to meloclv what Carlos The Jackal is to world peace Manda Rio combines falsetto ‘-.‘.(ill and kirby grips to deyastating effect, especially during gigs where she bounces like a spangly, spc-‘ed-cra/ed Spacehopper The hoiioi

Councillor Jim Coleman

Local politician

Like some cobwebby uncle intent on spoiling your party, the head of Glasgc)\'.'s Licensing Board is responsible for banning outdoOi drinking and transforming Glasgow into 'Cindeiella city' with a nightclubs curfew Lighten up, COunciHOt

Mr Happy Yellow blob

The public face of inuch-aclmired Pat Lally's ‘Glasgow's Miles Better’ campaign, that fat smiling face covered a multitude of sins Unemployment, homelessness and drug deaths all received his Jaundiced benediction

Julian Spalding

Museums boss

A champion of Art For People, Spalding has kindly written a book explaining what a painting is, so that Ordinary People can enjoy his cherished Gallery of Modern Art Doesn't mention anything about hanging pictures where Ordinary People can see them Without banging into each other, or how many Ordinary People have lost their JObS at Glasgow Museums under his Jurisdiction

Edinburgh saints

Greyfriars Bobby Wee dug

Possibly the most tenacious terrier the world has ever known, super-faithful

mutt Bobby never got

over his master's demise and spent fourteen years pining at the graveside Suggestions that he was ltlSl after a regular supply of fresh bones are hideous, unnecessary and quite beastly

Alexander Graham Bell


The father of modern communications, this man can take credit for everything from the humble phone to the information superhighway Bob Hoskins, Bill Gates and Busby all owe Sandy big-time

Robert Louis Stevenson Writer/adventurer

With his wanderlust, hippy hair, droopy 'tache and penchant for laudanum, Stevenson is the Grateful Dead of 19th century literature His drop-dead talent for penning ripping yarns ~ Treasure Island, K/dnapped, Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde made him amazmgly famous, so he swanned off to Samoa Where the weather was nice An example to us all

Miss Jean Brodie School maim

Not strictly a real person, lviuriel Spark's classic Edinburgh schoolteacher was a fine example of a woman in her prime. Sexually liberated (she copped