Street style

The trouble with folk from Edinburgh is they think they’re smart. Unfortunately this doesn’t extend to their taste in clothes. Not that We’re fashion Victims or anything, but some of the Sights you get gomg up Princes Street are a disgrace. And I'm not talking about the Castle

You always hear east-coasters moaning about the lack of decent shops, You'd think they could make an effort, though -- maybe make the capital of Scotland look a wee bit stylish for Visitors from afar? All those trendy Japanese tourists must go home and laugh into their platform soles after seeing the whole of Edinburgh dressed in M&S Jumpers.

OK so some of us Glaswegians get a wee bit carried away on the Versace front. But at least we don't all look like our mum or dad by the time we're 25 and

Clear Winners

FClubs N

There's a coach that runs from Glasgow to Edinburgh every night around midnight for clubbers to go through and sample the beats on offer on the east coast lt’s empty, bet ause no self respecting denizen of the dancefloor would dream of spendmg an hour's drinking time on the road when they could be 'aving it in Glasgow

Edinburgh venues look like someone has deCideo ten minutes beforehand to make them into clubs stick some decks on a trestle over there, put up some flashing lights and a few speakers and away you go Glasgow is a city of style and if the (lub doesn’t look like someone has taken (are over the way it looks, it bombs.

MUSic too »- in Glasgow you've got the best. From your free party Organisers, who clean out a railway arch to take you into the night, through to the internationally renowned Ham and the Slam Crew.

Edinburgh7 There's Pure yeah, but they choose Glasgow for the big events and then what are you left With.7 Garage purists breaking their backs to get their head up their arses Pretty boy Craig Burger Queen Tackno and Gomg Places

| Gomg nowhere, more like.

20 THE “ST 23 Jan-b leb l998

think stuff from The Sweater Shop is trendy.

Worst of all are Edinburgh students. Someone should tell them wearing a baseball cap is a slappable offence. Put the posh twats on the shuttle to Glasgow and I'll be happy to carry out the punishment. On second thoughts don’t bother It might ruin our image.

If you think the M8 is the only connection between Glasgow and Edinburgh, you're not the only one. On this page, we give Glasgow a soapbox, while opposite, Edinburgh gets a say.


It's not jUSI the fact that Glasgow's big guns Celtic and Rangers have each won nine championships in a row during the last 30 odd years. Nor that they have the best stadiums in Scotland. Nor that the national team would collapse Without them, nor that they can boast some outstanding European players among their ranks.

Glasgow football clubs can Wipe the floor With the Edinburgh opposition in the style stakes alone.

For a start, Weegie teams would not be seen dead in maroon Call yourselves Hearts7 Bravehearts more like To have the nerve to walk onto a pitch in front of thousands of fans and play for 90 minutes dressed in the world's worst colour ~ that takes balls,

As for Hibs stealing Celtic's colours won't make you league contenders The fact that Celtic was established in 1888, thirteen years after Hibernian, doesn't alter the fact that the Hibees are the young pretenders.

Gazza aside, Rangers and Celtic do it in style and apart from the odd one-off lucky break for Edinburgh’s upstarts »— they play better. Even Partick Thistle can beat the east-coasters -- albeit in the underdog stakes

Face it, Glasgow kicks the liVing daylights out of Edinburgh on

I the football pitch,