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Kelly Macdonald

Glasgow vs Edinburgh: which is best, east or west? The remake Of CraC/(er

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Friday 23 January Thursday 5 February 1998


6 James Bond

The girls, the gadgets, the gentleman spy Glasgow is shaken and stirred by the 007 exhibition.

8 Goldie

The drum ’n’ bass star with his head on a different planet.

10 Gasgovv vs Edinburgh

Which is best, east or west? We celebrate and berate the good and bad in both cities. It’s make your mind up time . ..

22 Famespotting C'mon feel the noise West Lothian style.

24 Titanic Director James Cameron reckons stories of on-set tension are just the tip of the iceberg.

27 Kelly l‘i/lacdonald

Trainspotting’s Diane is back for revenge in Ste/la Does Tricks.

28 Gatecrasher Teenage kicks on Scotland’s dancefloors.

30 Celtic Connections Glasgow’s music festival comes to an explosive climax.


David Byrne exposes his Feelings (30); Stuart Townsend on Resurrection Man (37); Ex-Stone Rose Ian Brown returns (51);

John Byrne's Government Inspector (65); Radio Scotland gets clubby (74);

Cordelia Parker transformer of debris (82); Chicken-killer Andrew Miller (96);

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