Gay centre on course

THE CHAIR AND COMMITTEE of the Gay and Lesbian Centre in Glasgow were surprised to read the letter from lvls Gibbons in The List (5 December). We would like to correct any rriisunderstandrngs which may have arisen among your readers.

The Centre continues to thrive, despite the difficulties experienced over the year Uniquely in the West of Scotland, it provr-Iles a base for

desperately needed community groups

whose worth to the gays and lesbians is rr-tcognrsed by a range of local authorities which support us financially e turntipally the Clty Of Glasgow CourtCrl

The Centre is host to an expanded Steve Retson Protect which does vrtal work With gay men around HIV/AIDS and sexual health. We hope to develop servrces with the Lesbian Heath Servrce, and we also lease accommodation on a permanent basis to Pride Scotland and PHACE West Gay Men’s Protect. Everyone can meet in relaxed surroundings in our cafe particularly important for peOple newly coming to terms with their identity.

The Centre needs the support of the lesbian and gay community to flourish and the committee, staff and our

dedicated and increasing band of volunteers are working to enc0urage this We also need the support of Glasgow's citizens >— gay and heterosexual to achieve our arm of contributing to a Glasgow free from drscrirnination and ignorance.

J.M. Whannel Chairperson, GLC Project Committee Glasgow

Choose strife

THE DEADPAN SLOGAN used to sell Ronseal outdoors vvoodstain 'it does what it says it does on the trn' undercuts the basic hyperbole of advertising. The same can't be said for the latest offering in the Trainspotting merchandisrng range.

Havrng received a copy of the Trainspotting Green Edition Video for

Sucking up the profits: the Trainspotting ultimate edition is no treat

out to be Maybe Boyle et a/ really do think we are mindless consumers. I ’choose' to protest that.

Dervla Lomond Kersland Street Glasgow

; Hitting the G-spot

: AT LAST, an attempt to redress the

l balance in the porn debate. The List’s l porn special (lssue 323) covered erotica l for women ~ a more. taboo subject

: than port? for men - intelligently, ‘.Vllhl)Ul ‘~Ql‘.§allOH8l|Slng it. Keep up the good work, if you’ll excuse the pun

Christmas from my teenage brother and s'ster, rt‘y measure and '«irnrise was shattered when l QUIIIANJ r'. u'ttc the VCR A rues age flashed up that nine extra scenes cut from the original film fol/o'w/r-td the main feature What's more, their visual and sound Quality was not on a par Wllll the rest of the film

Nowhere in the cross media marketing campaign was this mentioned and the Video packaging

Sarah Patterson High Street Edinburgh

also failed to explain it in other

words, the thousands of Letters page .

Tia/“SPOflmg fans have been rI‘he Llst MagaZlne

conned. 14 High Street TE Surely the money spent rnarlzetrng Edinburgh EH1 1

Hm [Ultimate dem' mum have e—marl: editor@list.co.uk

stretched to reinsertrnr; the scenes where they occurred M the plot The TV ad even showed ti clip i if ‘l‘Aotite: Superior' dressed as a cleric that isn't included.

Some ultimate edition this turned

fax: 0131 557 8500

Please include your name and address

respircd by tnc Original drawrngs of

House for an Art Lover

(mar/rs k)rrrnir [film-Lida.‘


PIFASE CAlL r‘il41 3

HM Ilitl‘; iit'tirtv (iii:- : / ') 0.x .-~‘— : '

'56 THE lIST 23 Jan—S ieb 1998

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