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An ordinary neon M perhaps, but

to conceptual artist Douglas GOtdOl‘ :t

represents a very particular M Goroo"

tw'nose slowed-down excerpt t'rom Dr Jekyll

And Mr Hyde helped mn him the Turner P" 2e " l996l is apparently obsessed wrtn 'no; es His ates: piece, designed to blend Lmt‘OtlceO "to file streetscape', lS plucked from tne Hitcwtock which Kim Novak appears in the unintlos. o‘ t"e EM: wot-o,

right next to its neon sign So now you kno.'.

empire ‘./‘//// be sited on the wall of the Cl/(lt-zstlaiv 8am .’)tl.'l(lu’7(y' r: Billings/t ’\ Lane, Glasgow from Fri 23 Jan.

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Probably best know from the TV flatshare comedy Game On, Samantha Janus teams up wrth badly-behaved Neil Morrissey and the late Brian Glover for a different kind of game. Up ’N’ Under first saw light as a stage play by Hull Truck Theatre Company, An unlikely combination of rugby league and the Edinburgh Fringe, it won the day, and helped make a name for writer/director John Godber. He’s gained a bit more clout since then; and his film versron clearly hopes to be this year’s Full Monty. Up ’N’ Under opens on Fri 23. See review, page 40.

'is t“ s a si>(:""(5" .'."‘.c" sec- be‘o'e "ie7' ;tist ove (9mm. tir‘e trot“ Snakesbeare's ’t'ov‘gotte" " C-< ’n' "oi: n‘z‘isterprece' D;sco.'ei'eti on. a Strat‘ord skp b/ .‘xnter/ director Boo Carlton the n‘ustca' tragi- (o'rredy some sa/ bears traces of Shakespeare better kitosin i/lacbeth, has 000'" Cd":)(fl‘-(ldi€?(l and certi‘ ed duillel‘lit Carton - .'.":o also unearthed Peturn To The Forbidden Planet, a rock 'r" row brotoypc- of The Tempest 's "o D""g:"lg From A lack To A King if) SCOZ'artti i" a‘ 18".;J-5xxl'lgln' g ory Rt:""C"‘-"l)(r" E ./‘S mes, mt ll'lill rocks From A law To A King is at the Edinburgh


if: z Pia/house, Tue 3 Sat 7 For) Ber:- Drama 8 y (}’(},7({; h3llllij

Russian dancer Denis Malankine was last seen in Edinburgh Sinking his fangs into the necks of swooning Virgins. If you liked Northern Ballet Theatre’s Dracula, you'll be pleased to hear Malankine is back as star-crossed Romeo Montague, not so much undead as dying every night. He still gets intimate contact With a swooning vrrgin, mind. Romeo And Juliet IS at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 27—Sat 37 Jan, See Drama & dance listings, pages 70—72..

4THE lIST 23 Jan—5 Febl998