I Splendid and Brian McGlynn 'l‘lie l’lcasance ('abaret liar. (it) The l’leziszuice. Spin. L11 “3%). Bree/y guitar pop from this young. local tour-piece.

I Midnight Blue ('ale (iral‘l'iti. Manslield Place Church. ('oi'ner ot' lir'ottgliton Street. 557 Stilt}. Ill.3()piii. {-1, MW music tor a younger crowd of law. soul and luiik tans.

I Makossa Henry 's ( ’ellai‘ Hat. Morrison Street. 33l l3S'S. \lidnight. L1 lLd t. .-\lt‘tc;iti roots.

I Fluid Subway. (‘ow'gatcx 335 (i766. Spin. £3. local indie rock.



I Celtic Connections See separate llsllllgs,

I Astral arid Pacifica King 'l‘ui‘s Wali \Vah lltit. St Vincent Street. .33l 537‘).

\. ‘sttpni (15(7. you.» y sounds from the headliners, l’acil'ica were toriiierly known as the .\iilumn Stone and play winsonie ictroish indie pop

I Multiplex Cineman ttl‘ct Nice 'n' Slea/y Saucluehall Street. 333 9037. ‘lprn. liis's .loliii lhsco's current wee sideline.

I Rev Doc And The Congregation Hittttltttlt .Slt’ct'l. (ir'ttt'gt‘ Sll'c‘t‘l. .553 (ll4l. 0pm. U t£l395 with diiiiiert, 'l'i'ad R&B with demon harmonica accompaniment. I Stirrup (irand ()le ()pry. l’aisley Road loll. l3” 53W» 7pm. £3. (‘otinti‘y

I Danny Boy And The Derrieres .\lc(‘huill's. High Street. 553 3H5. llll‘ltt. l-ree. 'l‘hat scallywag Hugh Reed. ol \'el\‘et l'nderpants lame. has darn gone and tormed his own country 'n' western parody act. ain't lic'.’

I Rollin’ Joe And The Jets \Va\ys. ('andleriggs. 553 3717.9..‘xttpm. l-‘ree. Rock 'n' roll.

I Nimmo Brothers Kilkenny‘s. John Street. 553 3505. 5 7 iiii. l‘i‘ce.

I Swiss Family Orbison t-Lasi Kithritle :\its (critic. ()ld (‘oacli Road. liast Mains. lias‘t Kilbride. lll3553 3077]. 8pm. £5 r£3.5l)t, l5» Danny Wilson

/ /

"av . 1",,


popsters. See albums.

I Javaal Clyde Bar. West (‘lyde Street. Heleiisbiirgh. ()l436 673 357. ‘Httpm. Free.

I Live Music Blacklriars. llell Street. 553 593-1. 9.30pm. l"ree.


I Silhouette Cavendish. West 'l‘ollcr'oss‘. 338 3353. ‘)pni~3aiii. £5. (‘lassic covers from down the years.

I Defunct, Jelly Petals and Outset The Attic. l)yer".s (lose. (‘owgate 335 3383. 7.30pm. £3. 'l'hree young bands thrash out a punk—metal soundtrack.

I The Blunts, Pink Kross and Underground Apes The Tap ()‘l.auriston. l.aui‘istoii Place. 33‘) «lttl I. ()pm. l"ree. Kick-ass punk from The Blunts. all-girl garage trash lrom l’iiik Kross and garage punk l'roni Underground Apes which contains ex- nieiiibers oi Bangtwister.

I Lizzard Lounge (‘at‘c (iral‘l’iti. Mansfield Place (.‘hurch. (‘orner til


Courtne Fine in SCtJllfllt

glasuoiii. ten 19. the arches. {9.50.01413314001

eatntiurqti. felt an. queen's .. _’ natI.£9.SU.0131667 777B

attiurri: lolltltt loud



High energy, driving blues from

'5‘ ' U1

Strangelove brighten the dark corners of The Venue, Edinburgh, Fri 30 Jun

Broughton Street. 557 Still} ‘). iltpni. to (£5i. lmmensely enjoy able and suitably busy club night which combines l).ling with some line liye iiitisic. usually on a soul. jazz. Latin or rap.

I Astro Simian Henry ‘s (‘ellar liar. :\lorrison Street. 33l l3SS. Midnight. t1 (£3).

I Rough Diamonds The Spiders \Veli. Morrison Street. 55‘s ll3(i. 8.30pm. £5. I Sugarhouse Nobles liar. (‘onstitntit in Street. l.cith. 5.53 3S5”. 0.30pm. High calorie blues and rock hour this it itll- piece.



I Celtic Connections See separate listings.

I lncubus'l‘lie (‘athonscx lilllttll Street. 348 «one. .S'pm. £4.50 plus booking fee. Bring your daughter to the slaughter.

I Beggar’s Day Nice ’n‘ Slea/y.

rock & pop MUSIC

Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 0pm.

I Gerry And Country Pride Lirand ()le ()pry. l’aisley Road Toll. 43‘) 5396. 7pm. £3. Country. lire/r .siu:

I Live Music Blackl‘riar's. Bell Street. 553 5‘l34. 9.30pm. l’ree


I The High Llamas 't‘tie (‘artiouse. l'nion Street. 3‘18hbtto. .‘s’piii.£5 plus booking tee. Sean 0‘ Hagan's‘ euphoric pop combo show the young ‘uns how it’s“ done. creating timeless music and Working in the odd Moog drone just to show that all that knocking round with Stereolab has l'lll‘l‘c‘tl (ill on them See pie \‘ie w

I Fiend l‘lte l.‘\th Note Cale/liar. King Street. 55‘ HHS. Upin. t. l. Plus two other bands to be continued.

I Nova Express, A Band Called Red and Ghin ( iloij. Hos ('uilers liyres. Road. 33H (5| 1. SSH iiu. l'ree.

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring Andy Hughes lilackli‘iars. Bell Street. 553 503-1. (l.5ll[)llt. l-‘ree. l’lus open mic guest spot. Aime early to book your place; Priority will be gixen to lost time peitoinieis.


I Songwriters' Showcase 'l‘roii ’l‘ayei'ii. Hunter Square 8.30pm. L l. lnl‘orination; not 5375. Weekly l'orum t'or l'klinburgh-based singer songwriters. with anybody welcome to perl‘orni a l‘il'teeii-niinute set

I Banco and Sandstone lltt‘ Arne.

ll) cris ('Ios‘e. ('owgate. 335 3183(9ptlt. £3. local rock.

I Steptones, Amphetaminies and Chi (‘as Rock. Westport. 33‘) -l Ml. ‘lpiii. £3. Ska horn Norwich's Steptones. punky ska trom (il;isgo\\"s .-\niphetaniinies.

I Dr Chicago Heniy's (‘ellar liar. Morrison Street. 33l I338. See Tue 37.

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