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Coroboree Theatre Company

Thu 5 - Sat 7 Feb 8pm 25/2250

2 for l offer on opening night Tickets available in advance from the Arches Box Office


30 Midland Street Glasgow

P The Almeida “Theatre presents “JOHN BYRNE’S outrageous Scottish version” of Nikolai Gogol’s

The Government I n s p e r “..breathtakingly

funny production 3-7 Feb - ONLY DATES OUTSIDE LONDON! 7.30pm evenings Tuesday-Sat urday

& 2.30pm matinees Wed 8. Sat Tickets from £7

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new shows


Glasgow: Tramway, Thu 5 Feb-Sat 28 Tvlar. Tramway has been luring audiences to Glasgow’s soutliSIde one way or another for over ten years now. The new spring season Hit a Run tantahSineg subtitled 'expect the unexpected' - is further testament to the venue's commitment to new, young work, and to pulling people in with innovative performance and visual art from nine cutting-edge companies.

Working in a variety of media (theatre, dance, light, sound, ll‘.’Q music, film and Video plO]€(llOll) and tackling suarect matters both everyday and esoteric, the companies are exploring alternatives to traditional discourse between performer and audience, Becky Edrnund's solo blue fun/c (Thu 5--Sat 7 Feb) is a study of insomnia and the intangible anxreties that haunt sleepless nights, staged for Just one spectator (book early to avoid disappOrntment).

lx/leanwhile, Anatomy, the resident company for the Hit a Run season is set to challenge Our senses and perceptions, as director, choreographer and performer lvtarisa Zanotti is erased by video in taupe Out 426 28 Mar) Zanotti also intends to undermine traditional perspectives on the performance in a series of unique 'lirnited editions‘ of the work she‘s developing r5 Feb-7 Mart. Audiences literally borrowed from other shows ".‘.‘!ll be encouraged to ‘.’l(?.‘»’ lit/w Out in a theatre space lc’;lll(‘».'t?(l the perforriier, or as Will ait installation to be sampled before rnoang an



Night Sullied Flesh Glasgow: Arches Theatre,

Thu S—Sat 7 Feb.

Actor turned writer Derek Mr l_i.c lire has survrved being different in our 'enlightened' times Bullying at school, fear of gay—bashers and the constant struggle against prejudice are rust a few of the experiences that have inspired his poetry

Survival instincts: Derek McLuckie in Night Sullied Flesh

Developing artist: Marisa Zanotti

Challenging the diyiSIOiis between performance and exhibit, between theatre and non-theatre space is, according to senior producer Steve Slater, part of an ongoing strategy to ‘free up' the exper-enc‘e of sisiting Tramway lt's less lieht entertainment, he explains, than art as ariibush

lt you buy a ticket tr; see a particular show, there may well l‘c‘ a couple of other things going on lll the building that aren‘t billed. The intention rs that you get a more 'total experrence'

PTO'v’étllllt} a historical context for the programriie is a critically acclairized yideo installation, showrng recordings of work by the pioneering pc-rfurrriarice artist partnership Ulay and Abiariiowc (7 Feb— 14 Mari Entry to the exhibition and several asorl:s—iii~piogiess are free, while tickets are .r‘.'ai|able for "lltt'l events at the knockdoss‘ii price i T {S if31oitessiorii Be prepared iJohri l/‘ic Nallyi

After t\.'.o years at tlxe Royal St ottish Ac‘aderity of Music and Drama iii Glasgow, lie Joined Lindsay Kc-riip's company, studied mime «.llil siibesguently worked in tourirzg thratr‘e His new show, a collabcratiori with choreographer Alan Greg, is nothing if not controversial. t contains sexually explicit poems such is ’Fuc lzir‘rg Deatli', whit ll is about unsafe ari.l l'wll‘llt“) tltr- All)"; ‘-.llti‘. l)(-l‘,t)ll|ll€’ll as a Southern Belle

sex iii toilets,

“The gay t()'lllllllllll‘.’ is rife with ‘,l'>"lzll curnriulsrori and a lot of people il(' in ileittalaboi:t rt,’saysl.1;liicl;ie “AK-llch addiction is especially easy for i’tl‘,’ people to tall iritri’

Sexuality is not the show's theme There are also poems about the natural world and about under human issues like hatred and culture clash lJltLthklt,‘ believes firmly that poetry is at its best when perforrried, and that the choreographic input adds another level of expression

On a set by Kenny lvlat Kay featuring a 3Crft-lonu sofa, t.‘.<Lu<l:ie portrays a range or characters from Glass-regaan llSll‘v'rJi‘c'tf‘B to outrageously self- important (aritp clli‘é‘tlTO directors Corriedy balances the harsher piec es an irriportant element in his work ‘I was called "poof" and "pansy" from about age five,’ he explains. ‘The survival technique is humour r- and that's what has saved my llltfl (Stephanie Noblett)

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