Comedy is listed by date. then by city. Shows will be listed, providing that details reach our offices at least ten da 5 in advance of publication. Come y listings compiled by Peter Ross.


The Stand The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. ‘) llprn. £5 (£4). Weekly. Five acts for a liver. Tonight‘s qtripping quintet are Rhinestone cowgirl Tina C (see panel). dirninutively tlrtrggy Jo Macken/ie. Glaswegian funnywornan Ria l)in. Captain HM Bayonette and Jane .‘Vlackay.



Cosy Comedy Cafe State Bar (downstairs). Holland Street. Charing Cross. 332 2l5‘). 9.30pm. £4. Fortnightly. Subterranean shenanigans at this regular laid-back club. (‘olin Ramone. Neil Gallagher and Gary Hagen are the comedians yoti cart cosy up to. Billy Bonkers comperes.


Viv 8r Jill's Cabaret Club (ilitit‘ti Balloon Studio, 233 Cowgate. 226 6550. 8.30pm (doors open 7.30pm). £5 (£4). Viv Gee aritl Jill Peacock invite you to indulge yourself in pre-Burns Night shenanigans. celebrating Scottish culture. l.end an ear to the skirl of the pipes and enjoy performers with a Gaelic slant. We are reliably informed that a ‘bonny haggis competition' is planned. Tonight's puddin' racers are Sebastian MacPlampff. John Gillick and The All-Stars. plus a special appearance by the ‘internationally renowned circus diabolist' Donald Grant.



Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. (‘lirisrie 6’; Son. 27- 3! West Port. Tickets: 228 3765. 9.30pm. £3. A brand new night called Corrtetly ()ff'l'he (‘uff sees local comedians working improvisation into their routines. lispect a loose. experimental feel with lots of audience participation. Patrl Graham frorn Bedlam

lmproverts. Viv Gee and Jack Wetherall will be making it up on the spot. Gavin Stott aka Reg Anderson is the MC. Screamers Comedy Night CC Bloom's. Greenside Place. 556 933]. ‘)--l lpm (doors open 8pm). £6. Scotland‘s first all gay stand-up night opens its doors for the first time. Tina C (see panel). the Queen of spunky. funky country comedy is joined by special guests James Holmes and Ali Jay frorn London. with short spots from Ria Dee and Lee Ness -- two up—and-coming homegrown acts. This should certainly make a change from sad lads in jeans wittering on about The Magic Roundabout.

Pint Sized Comedy The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 l550. S—l0pm. £2. Raise a glass to Allan Miller and eight or nine up—and-coming acts for the price of a pint. Who could resist such a bargain?



Chris Addison Pleasance. 60 The Pleasance. 650 234‘). 9.30pm (doors open 8pm). £5 (£3). Chris hosted The Comedy Zone at this year’s lidinburgh Festival. but this is your chance to see him do his thing without constantly having to introduce other people. Lucy Porter supports.



The Twisted Cabaret Bourbon Street. I52 George Street. 552 ()I4 I. Doors open 8pm. £4 (£3). MC Sandy Neilson. who is pleased to refer to himself as ‘impious'. hosts a night of comedy and short comic films. with music from Tequila Mockingbird and Club Baracuda.

Steve Gribbin The Velvet Rooms. CANClil.l.l-‘.l).


Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. Christie & Sort. 27 3| West Port. Tickets: 228 3765. ()pm (doors open 8.30pm). £4 (£3). See Scottish comedy talent at this regular Thursday night club. James l)onlan and John Hint strut their comedy stuff and Janey Godley comperes.

Steve Gribbin welcomes you to An Evening With Steve Gribbin, Edinburgh. Sat 31

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The laughing bag

We put the key questions to the comedy community. This fortnight: rhinestone cowgirl Tina C.

Square sausage or round? Round and thick.

Where would you time-travel to? Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, 1753.

Fat Elvis or Thin? Thin and spunky. Johnny Cash or Pat Cash? Oh, Johnny. Definitely.

New Year’s Resolution To lose weight. Again. I have a red, Spangly dress i need to fit into.

All Saints or Spice Girls? Spice Girls. id rather have the crap original than the pale imitation.

What do you wear in bed? Nothing. Can you bake a cake? No, as was hideously proved recently when i tried to make a banana cake. I had to ring up my boyfriend's mother for the recipe.

Tina C: Poor banana cake

What have you got in your pockets? A herbal tea bag and my wallet. I was in this cafe the other day and someone said to the waitress ‘Haven't you got anything other than those lesbian teas?’ I thought that was hysterical.

Got any makeup tlps? Try not to look like Ronald McDonald. it’s always a danger when you've got a curly red wig. (Peter Ross)

I Tina C plays The Stand at The Tron Ceilidh House, Edinburgh, Fri 23 Jan and Screamers Comedy Night Scotland's first all-gay stand-up night at CC

Bloom's, Edinburgh, Sun 25 Jan.

The Stand Canon‘s Gait. 232 Canongate. 556 448 l. 9—-l lpm. £4 (£3). Joort Broon. Bill Dewar. Angus Cameron and Douglas l)unlop are cracking the gags. Susan Morrison comperes and there are two open spots for any brave would-be ftrnny person.



The Stand The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. 9 -l lpm. £5 (£4). Satirical Scouse guitarist Steve Gribben plays the first of two nights at The Stand (see Sat 3l ). and is ably supported by Allan Miller and Gerry Grant. Jane Mackay comperes.



Joke Box Mister P's Bar/Diner. 42 Wellrneadow Street. Paisley. 56l 71 I7. l0.30pm. Free. Fortnightly. Regular Belhaven-supported comedy night. Tonight's lattghmeisters are Raymond Mearns. John Flint and Alan McQueen. Janey Godley comper‘es.


An Evening With Steve Gribbin The Tron (‘eilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. 8.30» l0pm. £5 (£4). Playing The Stand's Saturday Special tonight. the satirical Scotrse comedy guitarist is well- established on the London comedy circuit thanks to fabulous couplets like this one about noisy neighbours: ‘Their car stereo's as big as a PA at a Guns ‘N Roses gig/When they make love it sounds like someone's slaughtering a pig.‘ Look out for special Scottish guests.

Viv & Gill's Cabaret Club (iildetr Balloon Studio. 233 Cowgate. 226 6550. 8.30pm (doors open 7.30pm). £5 (£4). Nosferatu Night. Viv Gee and Jill Peacock unleash an evening of terror and fear. where the comedy comes froin the darker side. Reg Anderson and Hirdtnn l)irdum are the acts aiming to get you shaking with laughter. with prizes on offer for the best dressed ji'mmt'frrlttlt' and the best Bela Lugosi lookalike. So be sure to get yer cape and fangs on.


Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. Christie 8; Sort. 27-3l West Port. Tickets: 228 3765. 9pm (doors open 8.30pm). £3. The impro—cra/ed Comedy (MT The Cuff night. Suzanne Fraser sets art audience member tip on a date. have Williams cormnits himself to art evening of spontaneous combustion. and Sttrart Potter looks at Rice Krispies in a new

It yht.

Pint Sized Comedy The Tron (‘eilitlh House. Hunter Square. 220 l550. S--l0pm. £2. See Allan Miller for the price of a pint. He may be cheap. but he's fttnrty too.


Edinburgh .

Vladimir McTavish Pleasance. 60 The Pleasance. 650 234‘). 9.30pm (doors open 8pm). £5 (£3). T mart in the tartan strtt returns to Edinburgh with the Newcastle Brown Ale Comedy Network after a successful appearance at the Hogrnanay celebrations. Support from Gordon Southern.



Cheshire Cat Comedy Club wtixy‘s. 2t) Caridleriggs. 552 S717. ()pm. Free. New weekly club in this newish Merchant City pub. Look out for Gary Hagen. Billy Bonkers. Raymond Hearn and Voodoo Reg Anderson. Hugh Reed of Velvet Underpants fame comperes.


Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. Christie & Sort. 27—3l West Port. Tickets: 226 6550. 9.30pm (doors open 8.30pm). £4. Viv Gee. Stuart Murphy antl Weejy philosopher Raymond Mearns beg permission to tickle yer funnybone this evening. Charming l)undonian Jimmy Mooney is the compere taming the slavering lions of comedy.

The Stand Canon‘s Gait. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 556 448 l. ‘)—l lpm. £4 (£3). At least fotrr acts for your hard-earned caslt including the intriguineg named The Man In Pants and Susan Morrison.

23 Jan—5 Feb 1998 THE UST73