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Turnaround Publisher Services provides a sales service for US. UK and Irish publishers. whose titles range from the conventional to the contemporary cutting edge. We are seeking to appoint a Sales Representative to effectively present and sell these varied and innovative lists to booksellers and other trade outlets in Scotland and the North.

Previous publishing experience Is not essential although some knowledge of bookselling would oe advantageous. What is important. is enthusiasm. an

I Do you want to be a

' comedian? Are you always the

joker in a group? Are you

; confident? Can you make 3 strangers laugh? lfso. why not

try an Open Spot at a popular Edinburgh comedy club. Please contact Amanda on Wednesdays between 1 lam and 4pm at Ol 31 66] Ol 34 if you're interested.

I Innovative travel writer required Opportunity for keen and capable writer to help create The Eggshell Guide to Glasgow.


LOVE YOURSELF. HEAL YOUR LIFE Weekend workshop in Glasgow. 21/22 Feb. Led by Joy Watson MBSC H. Tel: 01789 294 946 for details.

I Cello and piano tuition by experienced. friendly. professional teacher and performer. Children and adult beginners. re-leamers and advanced students all welcome. Creative, fun and supportive learning. Tel 0l3l 551 453l.

I French'and German also English as a foreign language. taught by qualified teacher. Glasgow West End. Call 014! 334 9487.

Ceilidh 3t?“ 8.“ mtar Institute

now has places availablefor most styles of

i . .

2 interest in all kinds of literature. the ability to work on your own. a willingness You '1 Med 10 be Glasgow . H. mm mm...

to travel and, of course. a clean driving license for your company car. bit-“Cd. be able ‘0 Wham" (fume-Fit? gangs“ and First lesson free

i . ,t. .n in." please to. creatively. write succinctly and “mm” "m- ike “3” “Glory Ph 5 d - Wm ms, M g ' raise advertising revenue. Please law" and adv'cc- ("3580M one y on

I HmHm,UKSuanTmPuumSm

K' " ' t . ‘2 Unit 3. Olympia Tradng WO,CMRM, [mammal trkintilloch irea Tcl Kenneth

McManus 0141 776 7757.

0131 553 1274

send CV and a few words on any aspect ol'Glasgow to: Free Range Publications, l08/5 Nicolson Street. Edinburgh EH8 ()El.

. Scotland’s New Writing Theatre requires 0 JOB SHARE PARTNER

l i to work 21%» hours a week

hotocourses + workshops 'eb march

be inners black&white hoto ra h wgekend 28 teb +1 marcii g p y

(w eekday aitemoons) as


3 Salary 25992 evening 5 x consecutive tuas l 24 tab to 24 march

, Contact Emma Dall, Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, tel 013i 228 3223 for iob l description and application form.

Closing Date for complotod applications Fril3 fob The Traverse Theatre is an Equal Opportunities employer. Charity no. $002368


7~9pni Fee LEGO/40

composition and printian

eventn 5x consecutivet are:

5 mare ~- 2 april

7pm~9pm Fee {60/45 5 participants

8 participants


26 king street glasgow 0141 552 2151


digital imaging

I Black actors required for courses 4- WOI’ Shops . . o profit-share production of i T B RE Joseph Conrad‘s Heart of A A U A U Darkness at The Arches at the Photosho') 4 weekend + {all end of March. Rehearsals start 12~5pm Fee {60/50 5 participants

beginning of February. Call Mia fl-il 334 1792:

I Work when you want and where you want. £6—£10 per hour. You need a car and a telephone. lfyou‘re interested.

Press cuttings agency requires Edinburgh- based graduates to help with production of daily news services.

For Further details call

Introduction to (luarkXPress sa121stteb 2.30 ~ 5pm Fee 1? 15/10 fipamcrpants

Creative nuarkXPress weekend 14 +15 march


26 king street glasgow 0141 552 2151

give me a call. Paul Williams. 30~Spm Fee £60,150 5 participants

freephone08000266613. w M) . k Ma 28 e osr n wee so + mar = vol-UNTARV WORK 12~5pm gFee £6060 4participams

I Glasgow guy. 48 who writes comedy scripts/screen plays. American humour my speciality. also comedy/dramas and other types of comedy as well. for American films. but also British films written with


US-style humour. ls there 8 v e n t5 anybody in the film world A 7 interested in what I do and can ‘K A N T E D do for you? I‘d like to also get y E N TE R TA [NE R 5 in contact with other Writers like - gay, lesbian or bisexual?

me. P/copying is expensive, so if you want copies of scripts I'm working on. then I‘ll have to charge for them. A normal I30 page s/play would take tne 14 days or so to complete. So who’s interested. Long/short - films etc. 0l4l 778 2831.

I Lung Ha's Theatre Company are looking for volunteers to work with the company of 30 adults with learning disabilities during rehearsals for their next production in October 1998. For more infonnation please call Ali or Fiona on 0131 228 8998.

Do you dance, sing, - open minded?

ll ' te JOkes’ perform - able to spare 3 hours every week?

magic? Do you have any experience committed and dependable? If so, we would like to hear from you. For further information

please contact: SGLS, P O Box 38, Glasgow, G2 20F

or telephone 0141 332 8372 any evening between 7.00pm and 10.00pm.

of theme evenings - or have a special

talent to astonish?

Contact Carolyn Paterson at:

Prompt Events Ltd.. Lcith Lofts. 6 Maritime Street. Edinburgh EH6 658

Tel: 0131-467 0066 Fax: 0l3l—467 7333 limail:


V—fi @Cuvitcln b 0 AT

CAN-U-ACT? Volunteers needed to act out ‘budding blockbuster script' for major rewrite. Copious amounts of tea and digestives. Auditions 28 January in Edinburgh. Call Gordon on 0131 229 4296 (evenings).

Prqfemimra/ Recital“, Oratory, Jlrwic,

Performance T/Jeatre

88 THE “ST 23 Jan—S Feb 1998