V I saw you at The Bootleg Beatles on 15th December. You wore long brown leather coat very fetching! I wore leather 60s dress and Keeler make—up. Know you saw tiie! Box No U/324/1.

V I saw you Whynot‘s Hogmatiay bash. Jenny (1’). Get iri touch? or best New Year wishes. PS. We danced. Box No U/324/2.

V I saw you Sun 28th. Flotterstone Inn. You grey sweater. glasses. Me -- purple fleece. diagonally opposite. You grinned as you left. Do 1 know you? Wish 1 did!! Box No U/324/3.

V I saw you Elsbetli. Spoke to you on the phone. but was 20 minutes late for our coffee and you were gone. I'd still love to be your vassal. Box No U/324/4.

V I saw you Robin. Safeway. Anniesland. Tall. sweet. blue eyes. gold-haired baker boy! We both keep looking at each other. You're imprinted on my mind. Keep smiling for me! Box No U/324/5.

V I saw you Wright Johnston Mackenzie. Christmas party. 22 Dec. Moat House. You beautiful girl. wearing short. dark. leather skirt and small white top. We danced/kissed. arranged to meet later. Let‘s meet Box No U/324/(i.

V I saw you Carolyn from River Islatid. Argyle Street. 27/12/97. We both knew the shirt was a bargain but I’m willing to haggle over a drink. My shout too! Peter. Box No U/324/7.

V I saw you ( 14/12/97) Bargo. Waterstone's party. Gold Chinese dress. spikey hair. dancing beautifully to the Bee Gees. and did nothing about it. Stupid 1 know. How about a coffee or a pint? Box No U/32-I/8.

V I saw you Casino Royale. 17/12/97. You: Austin Powers. the world can wait. btit I can‘t. Strangers iii the night. what are the chances . . . ? I'll wear tiara. Wednesday 28th. Box No U/324/9.

V I saw you Pete front Middlesborough. Christmas tiiglit. C.C. Blooms. You gave me the wrong phone number. 1 left tiiy cap iii yottr car. Call me at work. Box No U/324/10.

V I saw you Stephen. your stage. The Bruce Arms. Paisley. Friday 19/12/97. I heard a tale. yoti idiot! Fttll of wit and humour. signifying everything. can we discuss. Gill. Box No U/324/I 1.

V I saw you Boxing Day. Botanic Gardens. Wanted to tell you everything btit ended tip saying nothing. Please get in touch. Roger. Box No U/324/12. V I saw you You were at Green Action. You made its so happy. let's get together fora last whirl round the ballroom. Greenies reunite and we'll Compare doughnuts. Box No 11/324/13.

94 THE lIST 23 Jan—S Feb 1998

O I saw you Gillian. 25/4/97 in Edinburgh. Should‘ve replied to your Us! ad iti May. It‘s been a while. but I‘m still predicting pregnancies. Still iri Edinburgh? Box No U/324/14/

O I saw you Easy Jet. 1.uton—Edinburgli. 4th Jan. you; petite. dark-haired. fine complexion behind Dolce glasses and wearing a leather coat. 1 wish I had spoken to you and offered to share a taxi into town. Tall and beared. Box No U/324/15.

V I saw you 1 think One Night Stand matinee. GFT. 30/1 1/97. Drop me a hint as to who you are. Box No U/324/16.

9 I saw you as god intended. middle of a northern road as the year turned. Where's that shining moon now? Call me. Mr Dream. Box No U/324/17.

V I saw you freshly pierced. hippy type. Jake? You were the only guy I‘ve ever met who could make me feel special. please love tne. I loved your ‘cat‘ joke! Box No U/324/l8. V I saw you Suzy. across a crowed corridor. submerged in paper and students. Not even they could detract frotii your beauty. Let's get together ‘cos you and 1 could make from page news. Box No U/324/l9.

V I saw you Hogriianay. iii the Gardens listening to the bands. UR tall. 4th year bloke. studying in Edinburgh. living in Currie. We shared New Year together. how about some fun? Me: blond. 5'10". 1st year studying in Edinburgh. Box No U/324/20.

V I saw you on Hogtiianay at the Tron. you having problems with yourjacket zipper. nie fated to solve them. It was meant to be. Let's meet again. Patii. Box No U/324/21.

O I saw you Normal. Wilkie House. 12/11/97. You caught my eye. Was [just loved up? Cosmic 1 think. Me: pigtails. you: ponytail. Would like to chill with you after club sometime. Box No U/324/22. 0 I saw you driving LRT No5. 7th & 8th Jan (evenings). You: about 22. short dark hair. dark eyes. slim. wearing ring on left little finger. Me: enchanted passenger. Want to swap details? Box No U/324/23.

V I saw you eye-catching iti Dominion foyer. 3/1/98. before James Bond. 1: tall. dark. with female friend. You: short fair hair and fab brown eyes. Can 1 look some tiiore? Hope so. Box No U/32J/24.

V I saw you Glaciar. Plaza Real. Raiiiblas (Barcelona) February 96. Robert front Edinburgh engineering student and visiting friends in Pau. Me: Christina studying architecture. Long ago. but anyone knows him? Box No U/324/25.

V I saw you Marcel Duchamp and it's changed my life. Box No U/324/26.


V I saw you Cameron in Polo Lounge. 3/1/98 at 11.30pm. You black hair. slim build. wearing black trousers. white shirt. waistcoat. Met up with you later on in the night. I‘m ready now. G. Box No U/324/27.

V I saw you Waterstone's. Sauchiehall Street. Agreed that it's good to have more than three gay books to choose from. You recommended Larry Kramer for humour. Couldn't agree more! Wanna swap novel ideas. Box No U/32-I/28

V I saw you The girl. when l was very. very drunk. outside the chippie. hey (hey!). You are quite good. 1 like you. . . What do you think?? Box No U/324/29.

V I saw you no I heard you oti Talk Radio. 2atn-ish. 6 Jan. Catriona? From somewhere iti central Scotland. laughing about neighbours frorn hell and headaches! Are you as cute as you sound? RSVP! Box No U/324/30.

V I saw you Captain Scarlet. January 1997. Counting House stop. European tour followed stop. Happy anniversary. Destiny Angel xxxxx stop. Box No U/324/31.

V I saw you iii the rain outside Fopp on Byres Road. 13/1/98. You blond. red jacket. Me long coat and brolly. We both turned round. 1 wish I‘d said hello! Box No U/324/32.

9 I saw you girl from Lancashire? (20) [ii The Mission 10/1/98. You were lovely. can we meet again? Sick Boy (tall. leatherjacket). Box No U/324/33.

V I saw you lone cigar man at the Camp Hill Vaults. Boswell. You didn't ask me if the harbour was mine. It wasn't. Brit 1 wish you were. Maybe next time. Box No U/324/34.

V I saw you Fiona. student of German iii Edinburgh. at Cheesy Pop. QMU. Glasgow on 11/12/97. Me German guy with dark hair. Your horrible friends separated tis. Love to see you again. Box No U/323/1.

V I saw you John Gordon Sinclair-esque chappy. swingin' around old Edinburgh town. Hope the studying isn’t too bad. Life will be sweeter when we meet again. Merry Christmas. Box No U/323/2.

V I saw you freshly pierced foxy thing at Glasgow Caledonian. Brootiihotise Batik and iii my dreams. Would love to see you on ‘the other side'. miss you. P.F. Box No U/323/3. V I saw you German girl at the Lizzard Lounge. You're slightly shy and cute. I rang your number bttt it was wrong. I'd like to see you again. Love Paul. Box No U/323/4.

V I saw you Kerry-Icigli at the FoE ceilidh. Me: grey shirt and kill. Must apologise for falling over whilst attempting the Gay Gordons. l.et's drink ourselves sober again to soothe those bruises. Box No 11/323/5.

V I saw you guitarist iti Maison Hector on 14 Dec. 1 was there with a male friend. Our eyes met. Did you feel it too? Box No U/323/(i.

O I saw you Irish I-Ltliel. blushing atid grinning at Partick train station. My. how you've blossomed. Let's drink the health of past follies now we're old and wise. Your round. wasn't it'.’ Box No L'H23/7.

V I saw you at Bullitt at The Bongo Club on Titanic Night. You the free tequila girl. me the Budvar boy. Fancy mixing drinks again? Box No 11/323/8. V I saw you Pamela. Basement. Sat 13/12/97. You: small. dark. gorgeous. Me: Jack. small. specky atid beguiled. Spoke brielly. You were intent on Po Na Na. Me. didn't get in. Did you? Big queue. bad bouncers. Arrange a babysitter soon and smile at me again. Box No 11/323/9.

V I saw you ill my imagination Donald. Thanks for the Christmas card. Let's get together and look at my holiday slides!! Have lost address. so get iii touch. S. xx Box No 11/323/10.

V I saw you Shirley Bassey at the Leather arid I.ace/.Iatties Bond party. You looked slitit. glam. gorgeous atid dead sexy. Can't wait to see you at the next one. Box No [7323/11.

V I saw you Lesley. when you

came to London iti December. If

you don't come to stay. I don‘t know what I'll do. Roll on February. Love ya. Chris. Box No 11/323/12.

i saw you CLASSIFIED

I SAW foo

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V I saw you Dublin \\ti111.111011 the 211221) to Dublin 20/0/97, We discussed I‘Zstonta. ttiakttig s‘lllilll talk that definitely grew We said ‘So lotig. tiiaybe later" and yott considered tiieatitng 11. Right? Write. Box .\'o [7323/13.

V I saw you 111(‘.(‘. Blooms. 21) December You: blue shirt (with b0} frtetid'.’t. l-olloyy ed your tiods upstairs then saw yoti again iti taxi qttette. Me: blue sliit't also. Get iti touch and let's iiieet tyyttliout boyfriend! 1. Box No 1‘/.‘\23/l~1.

V I saw you l’atiiela Irotii (iifftiock upstairs at The Garage last Saturday before ('lir‘istttias. We tiiet. bttt didn't gty e yoti tiiy tiutiiber. been kickitig myself ever since. lake to meet again?

I’llil. litix Nti I'/.‘\2.Vl5.

V I saw you Dan. l‘tltiiliouse box office. I atii tottclied by your presence. Blondie. Box No l’/.i23/l(i.

V I saw you a final year medic 1I.ltlll 19/12/97 at Baroque. Me: a research bioclietiitst tll ). Mother lattglit tiie tieyet‘ to talk to strangers. bttt l was eticliatited by your smile. Box No1'/323/17.

V I saw you iii the Willow Tea Rootii. Saucliieliall Street beattttfttl girl witli dark short hair. \yotiderlttl blue eyes arid a smile that always lights tip my day. Me: tall. dark arid some say liatidsotiie. Will you spend eternity \\ ttli tiie.’ l’leasc'.’ Box No 173? i/IS.

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