CLASSIFIED i saw you m

V I saw you you reset my digital watch. I was with cat on train. Ewan. get in touch. Box No U/325/l.

V I saw you in Waterstone‘s. You bloke with short blondish hair. wearing green long sleeved T-shirt. Me writing you cheque in pre-Christmas frenzy. wearing fluffy blue coat and short blonde hair. Free? Box No U/325/2.

V I saw you Craig at the Moat House. Wednesday 21. You poured me coffee. Can I treat you to dinner? Box No U/325/3. V I saw you on ward 22. Blonde bombshell with the sexy telephone voice. Me all in blue. You stole my heart and corrupted my accent! Do it some more. Box No U/325/4.

V I saw you, ma petite poisson rouge. submerged in the tropical fish section at Waterstone‘s basement café. Me. bathed in the majestic splendour of my orange tank-top. matching pants. sweaty palms - you were... Kalkaesque. Lets get wet & wild swimming in the language of love at Waterstone‘s luuurve parade. 6-9pm. 14th Feb.

Waterstone's ‘} 153457 Sauchichall Street. Glasgow (J2 3I‘IW V I saw you Kim. Legends. Cowgate in early hours of 1998. We danced and talked before I left suddenly. Like to meet again. H. Box No U/325/5. V I saw you in OP’TO on Shandwick Place again. You tested my eyes a few weeks ago and I had to come and have another look atjust the most gorgeous Kiwi I‘ve ever met. Box No U/325/6.

V I saw you St James' Centre. Saturday 24/1/98. 5.30pm. You had gold ear-n'ng. going in. Me yellow jeans. going out. You stopped. I didn‘t. I apologise. I'm shyllll Box No L7/325/7. V I saw you Franck at Luvely. Can‘t forgive myself for taking so (too) long to come back. please give me a chance to give

you your chewing gum back. Box No U/325/8.

V I saw you outside Iguana. 23/1/98. Seen you many times before. You are lant'.’) Red and black jacket. totally stunning. l'm small and insignificant. wishing I had the courage to speak! Box No U/325/9.

V I saw you Euan in The Kitchen (of all places) 24/1/98. You liked Dali and my furry jacket. I wanted to stick around longer. Call me! It‘s not too latell Box No U/325/10.

V I saw you chunky chicken boy. outside Burton's. Liked what I saw. Remember me'.’ Hope so! Let's meet soon. Box No U/325/l l.

V I saw you a vegan in blue jeans searching Scotland the Green. Friendly advice entice him. romance him. entrance him. content him - Taigh Na Mara him! Pleeesel. Bananaman. Box No U/325/l2. V I saw you Reaching Out in lnverness. Come dance with me safely on Friday night and be my Valentine. Billy the Doll. Box No U/325/l3.

V I saw you AL-T. 3/2/95. Mexican porn star lookalike. getting funky on a dance floor on Sauchichall Street. Fancied you then. madly in love with you now. Happy anniversary. mucho love and hugs. Rosie. xx Box No U/325/l4.

V I saw you through the window and walked iii 'Beyond Words'. Want to get to know you frorn cover to cover. Book me now for valentines. Box No U/325/l5.

V I saw you wearing Kookai top and think you are fantastic. Fell in love. still surprised. Psycho bunny? Box No L7/325/lo.

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100 TIIE LIST 6—19 Feb 1998

V I saw you and see you every day. Sarah. You: too cute for words. Me: incredibly lucky. Thanks for everything. . . here's to another six. OK'.’ Box No L'/325/l7.

V I saw you Alice (not Alex!) at GeolSoc ceilidh. c. 2 l/l/98. We talked for about 60 seconds at the end. before I left with friends. Want to meet up sometime? Box No U/325/18. V I saw you Chicken. in these pages. four years ago. In London. Paris and Blackpool. At numbers 9l. 3S and 20. In my bed. in my heart. Love you baby. Box No L'/325/l9.

V I saw you, Fruitpicker in Safeways. Byres Rd. amidst the plum tomatoes. you grinned inanely. I fell face

forward into the swede display. Heal my aching wounds. make me swoon

with champagne 6;; sonnets - Valentine's Night at Waterstone‘s.

“‘IIII‘I'5IIIIII'.§ ‘} Ill-l3: Sauchichall Sll'i't‘l. ()Iasgow (i2 INC“.


V I saw you at The Bootleg Beatles on 15th December. You wore long brown leather coat very fetching! I wore leather 60s dress and Keeler make-up. Know you saw me? Box No L7/324/l.

V I saw you Whynot‘s Hogmanay bash. Jenny (1’). Get in touch‘.’ or best New Year wishes. PS. We danced. Box No L'/324/2.

V I saw you Sun 28th. Hotterstone lnn. You grey sweater. glasses. Me purple fleece. diagonally opposite. You grinned as you left. Do I know you'.’ Wish 1 (lile Box No L'/324/3.

V I saw you Elsbeth. Spoke to you on the phone. but was 2() minutes late for our coffee and you were gone. I'd still love to be your vassal. Box No L'l324/4.

V I saw you Robin. Safeway. Anriiesland. Tall. sweet. blue eyes. gold-haired baker boy! We both keep looking at each other. You're imprinted on my mind. Keep smiling for me! Box No L'l324/S.

V I saw you Wright Johnston Mackenzie. Christmas party. 22 Dec. Moat House. You beautiful girl. wearing short. dark. leather skirt and small white top. We danced/kissed. arranged to meet later. Let's meet Box No L’/324/o.

V I saw you Carolyn from River Island. Argyle Street. 27/l 2/97. We both knew the shirt was a bargain but I'm willing to haggle over a drink. My shout tool Peter. Box No L'/324/7.

V I saw you (14/12/97) Bargo. Waterstone's party. Gold Chinese dress. spikey hair. dancing beautifully to the Bee Gees. and did nothing about it. Stupid I know. How about a coffee or a pint‘.’ Box No L'/324/8.

V I saw you Casino Royale. 17/12/97. You: Austin Powers. the world can wait. btit I can't. Strangers in the night. what are the chances . . . '.’ I'll wear tiara. Wednesday 28th. Box .\'o L'/324/9.

V I saw you Pete from Middlesborough. Christmas night. CC. Blooms. You gave me the wrong phone number. I left my cap in your car. Call me at work. Box No L'/324/l().

V I saw you Stephen. your stage. The Bruce Arms. Paisley. Friday 19/12/97. 1 heard a tale. you idiot? Full of wit and humour. signifying everything. cart we discuss. Gill. Box No L'l324/l l.

V I saw you Boxing Day. Botanic Gardens. Wanted to tell you everything but ended up saying nothing. Please get in touch. Roger. Box No L°/324/l2. V I saw you You were at Green Action. You made us so happy. Let's get together for a last whirl round the ballroom. Greenies reunite and we'll compare doughnuts. Box No L'l324/l 3.

V I saw you Gillian. 25/4/97 in Edinburgh. Should've replied to your Us! ad iii May. It's been awhile. but I‘m still predicting pregnancies. Still in Edinburgh? Box No [/324/14/

V I saw you liasy .let. l.uton-lidinburgh. 4th Jan. you; petite. dark-haired. fine complexion behind Dolce glasses and wearing a leather coat. I wish I had spoken to you and offered to share a taxi into town. Tall and beared. Box .\'o Lf/324/lS.

V I saw you I think ()Ilt‘ .Vlg/II .S‘ituit/ matinee. (il’f. 3()/l l/97. Drop me a hint as to who you are. Box No L'/324/lo.

V I saw you as god intended. middle of a northern road as the year turned. Where's that shining moon now”? Call the. Mr Dream. Box No L'/324/l7.

V I saw you freshly pierced. hippy type. Jake'.’ You were the only guy I've ever met who could make me feel special. please love me. I loved your ‘cat' joke? Box No L'/324/18. V I saw you Suzy. across a crowed corridor. submerged in paper and students. Not even they could detract from your beauty. Let's get together ‘cos you and I could make front page news. Box No l'/324/l9.

V I saw you Hogmanay. in the Gardens listening to the bands. L'R tall. 4th year bloke. studying in lidinburgh. living in Currie. We shared New Year together. how about some fun'.’ Me: blond. 5' l0". lst year studying in Edinburgh. Box No L'/324/2().

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V I saw you on Hogmanay .it the Iron. you having probleitis with your jacket zipper. me fated lo \UIVL' then]. It was meant to be.'s meet again. Pam. Box No l'/324/2l_

V I saw you Normal. \Vilkie House. l2/l l/97. You caught my eye. Was I‘lllsl loy ed up" Cosmic l lIllllIs'. Me: pigtails. you: ponytail. Would like to chill with you after club sometime. Box No [7324/22.

V I saw you driving l.R'l‘ No5. 7th & 8th Jan (evenings). You: about 22. short dark hair. dark eyes. slim. wearing ring on left little finger. Me: enchanted passenger. Want to swap tIeltliIs‘.’ Box No [7324/23.

V I saw you eye-catching in Dominion foyer. 3/1/98. before James Bond. l: tall. dark. with female friend. You: short fair: hair and fab brown eyes. (‘an I look some inoi'e‘.’ Hope so. Box No l7/324/24.

V I saw you Glaciar. l’la/a Real. Ramblas (Barcelona) February 9o. Robert from Edinburgh engineering student and visiting friends in Pau. Me: Christina studying architecture. Long ago. but anyone knows hiiit'.’ Box No U/324/25.

V I saw you Marcel Duchamp and it's changed my life. Box No L'/324/2().

V I saw you, My gorgeous blue-eyed boy. black leather glancing boy. appallineg appealing in need of sexual healing. Let me tease you. unease you with my rhyme & rhythm at Waterstone's singles night. thats right - Desperate Dan?

“'alt‘t‘slotti-‘s } I33- I37 Sitiii‘liii'liaill .‘Irr-r-I. Glasgow ($2.) III'IW

V I saw you Cameron in Polo Lounge. 3/l/9B at ll.3()pm. You black hair. slim build. wearing black trousers. white shirt. waistcoat. Met tip with you later on in the night. I'm ready now. O. Box No L'/324/27.

V I saw you Waterstone's. Sauchiehall Street. Agreed that it's good to have more than three gay books to choose from. You recommended Larry Kramer for humour. Couldn't agree more! Wanna swap novel ideas. Box No L'/324/2X

V I saw you The girl. when l was very. very drunk. outside the chippie. hey (hein You are quite good. I like you. . . What do you think'.".’ Box No U/324/29.