W" La Fromagerie 015 Your sense of style makes me smile. turning 'Iliursday night into a pure delight. Life is so easy when the listening is cheesy. Be My saleiitines.

W" Shall I compare thee to a summer's day. no. that ssould be too predictable. All it remains for me to say. is that still yoti remain irresistible. l.oy'e (irant. x

EV" Luci Yoti wore new boots and a big smile. We both went (irrrr.. Let's do it again] l'adorel II.

it?" Valentine My lose for you transcends definition by mere words. I lose you Noddy and yotlt' essence will fores er llow through my heart. my mind and deep within my sotil.

W" To the doormouse from Sehwan with lose. Sorry for the traumas. l.ookiiig forward to wet fur on the beach. Your tomb-hunter.

W" Babes Thanks for always being there for me. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I lose you more than I can say. promise.

W" Here's a wee message for Mr James (i. from a young lady who drinks all your tea: l.ots of lose this Valentine's Day from your li’k’tl.\ baby that’s right. iuelxxxxx

W" Help! I'm running out of track! Which way now. .Vls (‘ursy (‘outrollei".’ Yours all the way to the junction box. Thomas The Tank litigine.

W" Jenn you're Ios ely and I lose you. Stes ie.

W" Sarah you light tip my life (but not tiiy liserl. Be my saleiitine.

I ~ - I

W" K.D. It's your turn this year! Isn't it gi'eat being iiiarried'.’ I lose you heart atid soul es ery part of me is yours. Your adoring wife of six lllollllls. .\I.:\.

W" Haemotologists are red. physios are blue. ()Is are green. someone wants yoti.

W" Bashful Still full of energy. hope you are too. l.os e you more than es er. l.ots of lose. l..B.

W" Yellow aardvark for l’olly. I'sing thirty words to say sorry I porkied about putting message in last year's List. I lose you this big. Spirito di Scabiphito (with central locking).

W" Distracted by T Irresistible to me. I'm lost in the sand dune cleft of your chin. Weakened with every totich and dinied by the scent of your skin. l.os e (‘.J. EV" To Alice Always l.ady like. Interesting. ('harming and Iintertaining. I'm besotted because you're Intelligent. Breathtaking. Stylish. Irresistible. Blonde and Sensuous. It's a wonderful life w ith you. and loiig may it continue.

W" In December Sally and Wally were having plenty argy - bargy'. By January they'd split and ss ere going their own way. but now iii February they're together and expecting a baby. W" Gillian proving there‘s life alter 30 is a valuable .sers ice. Be my valentine (and come out more often!)

Danielle my blond-haired angel. we don't need any heas en 'cause this old world is a good place if we look and take our time. somewhere. the sun is shining nearly all the time. l.ose you petal.

W" Liebste Philine! Dancing through life. sailing into your arms. a safe harbour at last? In liebe. ('arlione.

W" Audrey My heart's in a whirl. you're my calendar girl. I'm totally smitten. with you my sex kitten. You‘re my little ray of sunshine and you‘re all mine.

I - -


W" We have a mutual (ialway friend. You tall. dark. lrisli set. Let's meet in the Southern and win the quiz. l‘s e thought of you since we met.

W" Bobcat You may be my Jokerman. btit. hell. I ain‘t your Rainy Day Woman.

Inspector .\I.

W" To Chilli-pepper Percy the smartest. kindest. sexiest guy. 1 es er met. I lose you and ties er want to let you go. .\'ow w here's that chocolate'.’ A.

W" Happy Valentine's Day my siitiggly. sexy babester. We's e shared butterfly kisses and back scratches for os er a year let's share them for a long time more. All my lose. S.

W" Mr R. I know your bed's too big and your frying pan's too wide at the moment. btit the 17th will be our own special Valentine's Day. l.os ing and missing you. Mr I’.

W" Edward You are the best ‘friend of a friend of a friend' I ever could have imagined. Thanks for the futi and look forward to lots more . . . l.os'e Beth.

EV" Licky l.ou can I raid your tomb‘.’ Lose Nods. xxx

W" ‘I’o the monkey man from your brunette \ ixen. how could I resist you "Samson .\'ixen' .‘1’ It started off with fish for tea. a championangler you‘se hooked tiiell Ilold oil to your rod. it's quite a catch. I ptit it to you you‘se met your match?! W" Cold nose and ditto lo the one I lose.

W" Pettle (in Australia) You just call otit my name. and you know where es er I am I'll come runnin' to see you again. Winter. Spring. Summer or l‘all. All you gotta do is call. and I‘ll be there. yes I'll be there. you got a

(boy )friend. l.os e Me.

‘17" (J. Ross picked Rachel. but she blew it. Not me. (‘iise lls another chance and I'll nes er give you a reason to be unhappy. 1 can wait. Love always. Babydoll.

W" Eternity would be a lifetime too short to express coherently this single thought. ()fteii otit of sight: never out of mind. you remain forever one of a kind. W" To the real cowboy with all my love. Petra. xx

I - - I

W" CAZZA you are SO HOT. you Hip Hop and you don't stop. wickedlllll

W" BUSTER I'm torn between you and Natalie. Let‘s hit the bottle together.

W" Bertie I may have only seen your photo. btit you look pretty purrfect to me. Let's sneak out for nose kisses. Meg.

W" Snugglepups you are in my thoughts always. Please be mine. If not, I shall kill you. then your cat. all the members of your family and then myself. l.os e you lots. xxxxx

W" Kate If you could sell 80s style. you'd be a millionaire! Be my saleiitine.

W" Daphne Why haven't you called‘.’ I told you I got the all- clear. Please be mine. FF. xxx W" You've turned my lis iiig room into a hand lounge. my kitchen into a bagel bar. my bedroom into dew berry den. Want to help me paint my hatllroom'.’

W" Debs I feel it in my fingers. I feel it iii my toes. I will nes er forget that night at Wonder West World. Yoti were my wonder and I was your big star. Big fluffy lx'lsses. Derek. .\.\.\

W" Mr E enjoy ed the curl tangliiig escapade. hated the 'l‘\'. When's the omnibus'.’ 'I'hicko. x W" Cold fish Wait for 27/3/98. it will blow your mind. l.os e. Belt Lady.

W" Big Dod you don't come and see its any more. Harthill has become a lonely place. I)oreeii and Senga.

I . - - I

W" Hey you pervy dag I know l’eiiiberton is calling btit spare me a little ol your time. please, We has e things to do Borha is calling.

W" Panzer boy tloii‘t desert me. I lose you lots.

W" To the Midnight Toker Sod logistics. I'll meet you halfway. .-\ semi in Salford‘.’ You bring the segetables and I'll bring the \larigolds. l.os e. 'I‘he Showgirl.

W" Remember 1984? Well this year it's a meal for eight. What‘s happened to romance'.’ G.

W" D. Much love and kisses for a happy happy Valentine's. despite the hellish living conditions! See you in the tree- house. W‘stein. xx

W" To my shining beacon in a field of darkness! (T. x

W" Dear Pie When scaling the dizzying heights of lurve. please make sure you don't drop him! V Fuzzy bear Want to go to your happy place'.’

I ~ - - I

W" Si Think of mine before anyone else‘s and know your place. Love Schminky .Vlinky'.

W" You are too fat and you remind me of an Iiisvok. btit I think you're smashing.

W" For Petaletta you are my little flow erl I'Il‘otll the beetle. W" To K.H. Yoti are my fasoui'ite es er tstaiid-iui Queen of Hearts and li/ard for that matter. l’etch the ladder! l.ose always. I..S. xx

W" G I lose you. I lose you.l lose you almighty. I wish your pyjamas were next to my niglitie. Don't be mistaken. don't be misled. I mean on the clothes line and Nut Ill llle bed. (i.

W" Fluffy I.et's get cookin‘ iii the kitchen. you start on the baps while I peel the banana . . . then I'll go off the lioll. better ltick next time. l.ose llunny Bunny.

W" Root toot toot ptit on your little playsuit. you be Buffy. I'll be .\qufy and we'll play hide and seek.

W“ Hello Mr Corgitt Your eyes look different ways and your body is longer than your legs. You're HOT. I’iewife. xxx

W" C.P. you're the only boy for me. lose you. I.. x W" P does moving to l.ondon mean I can be your posh tottie‘.‘ l.osc ('. xxxx W" 'The only way of knowing a person is to lose them without hope.‘ lisen saiis hope Iidinburgh has been unforgettable I'll miss you always. ‘Bitter. party of one tbcdrooiiil' I - - I W" Love to Ginger Spice from your wee midden. W" Chubber who ate all the pies',’ Still. the Ios e handles are worth it. Yours fores er. I)elia. W" You hold my hand and bravely senture. round a map of passion. trial. ads enture. lirom palace balcony to Minoan shore. my lose for you grows more arid W" 2, Mount Royal -3tl"(‘. fat air. I’eter arid his l’osse. .-\(i (k I'R. Bomb . . . oh happy days. 0/ next time. l.ose ll. W" Lynne Thanks for being there. generally in a more pissed state than me! Be my salenline. W" Simon Bucktrout l w ill miss you with all my heart. Stepliie .\'.\ W‘ Harvey 'I'w inkle. Twinkle. my little star. l.ots of lose from Mt) .\lo. .xx

I ~ - - I

W" Mr Alan Burns You are gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. Love from the Angel next door. W" LaLa I can't express how much I lose you. I might has e to Use hand gestures instead! I‘i'oiii the other one.

W" Nells ‘Words just come alise' or is it ‘Immerse yourself ill l.ose'. Ratliollettd

W" Grayman Ward rounds will nes er be the same again. Space ('adet.

W" ROSS the Rat If you didn't has e such a big fat tail I would take you home.

W" Left your world behind to liud me. to hold my dreams together w ith your smile. .\'es er ss ill I es er stop the lores er that we'se lotmd. Still in trouble. aren‘t w e'.’

W" Ozzy O Ignore what people say. you are special. Keep the faith. we lose you. and so does .lllsllll. llollesl.

W" Tom .-\ wee toast to my special friend ’tlcl‘oss the water" with the tisquehae. Sending you special close and lo\ ing thoughts. Jane.

W" MFP you are so beautiful. it hurts to look at you. Grant. xx

6-‘9 Fes 7998 THE lIST101