M be it's being half-Scottish, half-Ghanaian that

gives Finley Quaye a voice like sugar ’n‘ spice, but -. _whateveN)is secret, he's Scotland's most

' D de, y: o ' "-oul man. Quaye is sex personified

" “'ezed into a skin-tight T-shirt. What

-' ooded heterosexual gal could resist

_ H n every sleazy pool hall in Britain'? releasing his debut album Maverick A e, the 24-year-old has been the tastiest . on'the box. And he is Tricky’s uncle, which ups the cool factor to ten. Let's hope he isn't lured away from Edinburgh by those recording commitments: it's great when we're together, after all. Finley, in your own words, you make us feel lighter than the air.