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This issue: Valentines and quurve.

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‘tttp: ‘3.\‘rwsantessoncom aphrodas aphrhomthm

Nagano Winter Olympics (Konamrr £54.99 . l .

Nagano Wynter O/yngp/(S '5 the snow yOU fancy a lliile (ZhelTTICdl help 10 net and rte fol‘ow-up to Track And Fro/d the love of your lrfe thrs rs a red hot ' (K . <, my ()T ft‘p s te Apt arer‘t t >()~.t’ pot ons .‘~.ork best

\Jl «) \s" (i.( .v,

{)\l‘l!()ll-:)(’()"r(1(1’}()l'(1 o’ ts r

oat ,ot. tear ( ..p t: s dart you n: trnt

"Jet tetl drret t‘y r‘to the pens,

predecessor A 'te.‘. (()"'J()- sysferr‘.

a pager) (m <,,-\u (at: t 7'; wt; (rat, «NH; appret rate tt‘e coo fin- to learr‘rr‘t: to o.nat: .'.ea' (1'71 tea', but (use '1 Snedrs“

w 6‘ any 'ea se"se o' sprrrfrr‘g urgency _

w I A M I

ll. at” Mat ~p.a\,'er opt o'Is, one 07 the "‘ra n


so r'tt; points of Track Anti [re/ti, a'e

W I. '1». ‘3

Coolboarders 2: have your velocity cravings sated


Coolboarders 2 (SCEE) £34.99

Do you feel the neetl for speed but can't be bothered With the glut of boy racer rally games? \I‘y’err, prepare to have your yelotrty tra‘.'rngs sated \Vrthout resortrng to gurdrng some penrs-extendrng yrrtual motor r'otrnd the trat k Coo/boarders 2 rs here and rt rocks Choose from a se ectron of snowboardrng types rrntludrng plenty of grrls rn a neat reversal of the usual character prejudrcesr, prt it Out a gr’ooxy outfrt for the slopes and prepare to go downhrll fast To a serlotrsly ( hrzled rock, hrp hop and drum ’n' bass so'trndtratlc, you proceed through tlrffererrt courses tryrng to top the snov-xboardrng table through a c'ombrnatron of amphetarrune—rush ratrng and nrfty stunts \‘.’lill strange names rn 'nepcat jdeOH The graphrts do the ,rob \‘JIIlTOUI be-ng trashy

there's snow, there's a board, whaddayc want7 but more rmportantly the game rs responsrye, entertarnrng, atrnosphmrt ant: addrctrye Ger‘urne S'l()\.‘.’i)()dTOOT‘) may prefer to strclc '.'.rrtl‘. the rear Zl‘rnt;, but rf yOu hay trouble stayrr‘.g .rertrc a} or‘ a frosty day then thrs (();.i(l he the rat nt; game for you 'PR-

Jersey Devil (Ocean) £39.99

('ra/ed rrrtrtant ‘~.'et;e’.al)les treated by a mad Scottrsh st rentrst are :zret lcrng the tour: and it's up to horth trtrsader Jersey Deul to make them rnto puree Thrs at tron/adventure game rs constantly surp'rsrnt; and rnyentrye The fr‘ee-torrrr SD e'rtrro'r'nent arlotxs for great gamepay and the abrlrty to control the tarrrer‘a angles a lotus total mmersror‘ an the game Such lllll()\tlll()lllSll'i‘lll'lOul1l8{)'l((‘, though The controls are hard to master and gettrng trsetl to the sense of depth s a struggle But this rs a tr‘rlle ta'heh yoa tar‘. srt bat k arid adrnsre the

tooi t‘.‘.'rsted cartoon grapl‘rt s ‘.‘.llr(ll one sorrteth ng to T m Burton PRI Dynasty Warriors

(Ocean) £34.99

If you ever got oyer-ext ted by Monkey and jumpOti arountr yoar bedroom pretendrng tone an ant en: (,l‘zrrese atarrwor then thrs could be the game for you Dynasty "//a/‘/‘rors rs an asprratronal beat em up ‘.‘~.'h;tn sets yotr play one of many deadly ltrl;ers, armed to the pornty teeth '.‘.'*th a xvrc lted- roo'reng arser‘ar, and go around gettrng rnedreyal ‘.‘.'rtt‘r narrotrs rrrrtja types But ‘rorn tr's 'n‘.er‘.tr‘.(‘ prennse, the garne d sapporhts tl‘e attror‘. 2s’t",pc)rrsr‘.’e

sexereh, rnrted, af‘t: a t". >‘ the garrte lt)().~;s 'eas roar: e, there .s lrttle sense of pace r‘ the Q'dpl‘ ts Pate may not be l‘(‘((‘s‘sti"\,‘ then :1 tones to l'l(‘(1.lllt(](“-.(‘l‘i, pat ox'er'a'l, you d be better off '.‘.(it( lung tl‘e rea. tnrng ,JH


Myth: The Fallen Lords (Erdos) £39.99

If medrexai battle :s your tnhg, l/lytn ml; pate you rn your blootrthrr'sty element (orrtmandrng the forces of 'l'lrel ght agarnst those of the Farler‘ lords, you p.ace your troops lc'rrghts, archers, gnomes and others rnto formatron arit: 'rrar‘t)eu\.'e therr‘ agarnst your foes A frer‘trwsl‘ motley they are too, as incer to erupt rl‘ a ‘sl‘()‘.‘.‘(‘l' of '.'l"t.l(‘."-i pus ( s they are to hat it your men to pgetes blades longer ant: rr‘ore urneo than ther sprnes 'Clraracters exocme .n a rnrst of body parts and bood,‘ boasts the game's pat «at; r‘g, arid terta:nry r‘o carnage rs spared, though the fagures are small, and detal {0"0‘) to get srvtt)tl‘~ered .r‘ a ha/y ketchup of gore There are fey. s( t s‘ac trons frne" than seerng your er‘ernres t)?t)‘.'.t‘ to saasage'neat by a r‘rftr‘y plated grenade AB

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE Afttll't“.‘. Burnet, lo”) Hentrerso", Peter Ross

«as» Win a Playstation and Grand Theft Auto

Pla Statron

villarn but hasn't anythrng to play GTA on.

nlhrlrst cabbre rn Scorsese's Taxi Driyer. ls rt: a) Travrs Bickle

Grand Theft Auto is the most controversial video game of all time. You’re a small-time crook building a rep in the underworld through drug deals, car theft, cop killing and assorted anti-social mayhem. Sounds like fun? You betcha.

Sadly, The Man and hrs evrl trght-assecl establrshment henchmen are tryrng to ban GTA on the " grounds that rt'll make you rude to old ladies Or somethrng. Luckrly we have ten copres to grve away, M so you've a chance to clutch the game rn your strclcy paws before rt's too late. You can even specrly whether you want the game rn Playstatron or PC format. What's more, we've even got a Sony Playstatron for one lucky blrghter who lancres thernself as a top

All you have to do to bag a Playstatron and GTA or a copy of the game on rts own rs name the

b) Travis Clay Henderson c) Dave Lee Travis

Answers on a bloodstained hubcap or a postcard by Fri 20 Feb. Mark them: Grand Theft Auto, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

http: ‘.'~.".*.":.xmar'locom holiday y valehtrn

l‘ (()."(lt.('.r.'l(] yoar relatronshrp rn cyberspat e rs your t‘nang, then you cor‘d do ‘-.‘.'or'se than thrs s.te Choose one of a range of nfty electronrt \"aientrne cards, custorr‘ se :t :2th a personal message and e-rnarl It to your loteo one

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Guide

http: ‘.‘.'\.\'\.y.\.~:eddrngslasvegascom rndexhtml

The only complete gurde to gettrng hrtthet: tr‘.'l‘s-‘)Ty'(‘ .n the tasteful nt-oe- soarced, moneyobsessed, poker-t raxy surrour‘tts of Las Vegas A ‘.‘.'hrte segurned ;\rrr‘r)strrt rs probably adyrsable, and that's ,ru‘st for the groom

The Divorce Support Page

http: 'wwwdrvorcesourcecom’ joyoldrvorce

Pretty depressrhg reauy, pat rt does lrnk to ‘Funny D'yort e Quotes by Funny Peopre' .‘.l=rth 'htludes this gem frorn ‘y'loody A len 'For a '~.‘.'nrre we pondered *.'.'hetner to talce a yacatror: or get a (ll‘-.’()T( e ‘.".r'e det rded that a trrp to Berrvtada .s oter tn t.'.vo unreeks, but a (ll.’().’((‘ s sorrreth ng you al'.'.ays irtaxe '

Doze Boyfriend Survey htth ‘.t"-.*.".*.' '~ooze ooze8’ X0003 BOyfrrendhtml

Th s rnyaluabre sate :s the frrst p-ate you should loorc rf you suspect your ‘brolce' of be hg a grr., art electrrtal appaante, a tr=rrrrha. or ar‘ aize'r (flue rf 'r‘rrs last l‘.<i"‘.(‘ rs 'a h g' p it "red squeal alrrzost rrrrpertept be to human me; then the latter .s probably trtre

Anti-Valentine's Day Page

httpzr t-trrshy vdayhtml

Basrtalry a b:tter, sted, .o.'er:o'n rant agasnst arl thrngs \r’aent-rre-refateo whrtn takes pleasare rn not ng that 'Cuprd rhymes turtn stuprd' Neat r nI-cs to pages on Vaientrne's Day AK 47 and Al Capone Va'entrr‘e's Day Massacre rPeter Ross'

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