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YOU wOuld probably think tvnce about eating an orange that wasn't actually orange In fact, the best Florida sgueezing oranges have a slightly green tinge to them and are smaller than eating oranges Juice producers Tropicana sguee/e a mind boggling 58 million such oranges everyday and every single one of them has to be picked by hand The fruit is then JUICC‘d, gently pasteurised and sealed into cartons

Fortunately the consumer doesn't need to go through such a palaver to get a drink of JUICE’ and over twenty million people a day opt for Tropicana

At a recent Tropicana iurce tasting, The List tried Out their full range of nine chilled JUICOS from the ever popular original orange, complete With bits of frUit pulp, to the mom esoteric sangumello, made from Sicilian blood oranges Movmg away from citrus frUits, the apple Juice and the apple and cranberry mixture were also sampled The sanguinello came out tops for us It's the same coIOur as tomato Juice and has the same tartness as orange Juice but also boasts a SCrummy richness

Incidentally, another fact that emerged from the tasting was that a glass of Juice counted as one of the five portions of fruit and veg that the World Health Organisation recommends for a healthy diet It's also a lot less’ hassle than peeling spuds, shelling peas or plucking pomegranates especially since you don't have to pick all 58 million of those oranges yourself

Soup Crrsrs For the second year running, the New Covent Garden Soup Company is launching a new soup in support of Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people

Printed on the side of the lentil and bacon SOUD cartons is a hotline donation number alongside the story of Bert, a 54-year-old homeless man who from to death in a doorway last year

The New Covent Garden Soup Company have prowded funds for the proVision of 10,000 hot meals fOr the homeless during the winter months and hope that the cartons \VIH increase awareness among the public

There are an estimated 73,000 homeless people in Scotland Some of them have been helped by Careyfriars Parish Meals, an Edinburgh shelter which has already benefittecf fror'n funding from Cr:sis, assisted by the New Covent Garden SOup Company Thanks to the funding the sheiter can open for an extra day a week

In addition, Tesc o and Sainsbuiy's have promised to donate 10p for every carton of the sOup sold Ill their stc)res, up to a maxmiuin of £5000 each

The Crisis lentil ancf bacon soup will be on sale in all 111810! supermarkets and selected delicatessens The donation hotlrne number is 0800 448898 (JOnathan Trewi

& drinking




Bann's 5 Hunter Sguare 226 1‘ 1.2

Voted best cheap and cheerful meal :n Edinburgh by List readers Egon Ronay recommended 10am-‘i tpm every day

The Basement lOa-12a Broughton Street 557 0097

Restaurant quality food at pub-grub prices, served 'til 10pm il‘. lively, colourful surrOundings

The Bookstop Cafe 4 Teviot Place 225 5298

New bookshop/cafe Promises book-browsing, plus, extensive coffee menu, smoothies and deli snacks

Cellar No 1 1a Chambers Street 220 4298

For superb atmosphere, wines and food, late nights and 1ive llltlSYt, the Cellar is No 1'

Common Grounds 2/3 North Bank

Street 2261416 '

American-style coffee

h iTl>l\1 rf "\“f Ouse or it ../.()U.t( '4 ‘5‘.

Food served all day Live

music most evenings

Cyberia Internet Cafe, 88 Hanover

Street 220 4403

'One of the best cafes in Ed'nbu'cd‘. 'ScoISinan With the fastest i'iternet

access in town

Dial restaurant/cafe 44/46 George IV Bridge 225 7179

'Wears :ts style with a capital with food to

d matc f‘. Conrad Wilson,

Modern Scottish Cu's'r‘e

edinburgh espresso bar

10 Grassmarket, Edinburgh 220 2242 You'll stay for more than an 'I‘Sléll‘l" Open 8-5pm - 7 days a week

Filmhouse 88 Lothian. Road 229 5932 it

Relaxed, FILMHOUSE atmospheric cafe bar, serving great value snacks, salads, spec 'ais and brilliant cappuccinos 10am til fate

Helios Fountain 7 c_‘;rassvi~awet lw:th shop) 229 788:1 i‘vlon-Sat lCle-Ollf‘l, So.“ M 10am-4pm Excellent . vegetarian coffeehouse ‘05 - I serVing really tasty t'oocl "7 lsabels Cafe 83 Clerk Street tre'cw.’ Nature's Gate) 662 4031

Stone walled, smoke-"ee baser'tent oasis serVing norne'nacfe veggie/negan food fresh, (l(‘|l(l()ilS and cl‘eap'

Kaffe 651nm 146/148 m

Marc’hmont Road 446

9873 Espresso bar Juice bar Food specials all day 'Worth 4 the trip' 10am 10;)”; 7 days m Khublai Khans Mongolian BBQ

43 Assembly Street

555 0005

Lunch iFri & Sun‘ {5 95, it"‘ner iseve" daysi £13 95 All you can eat OIY 98C Lnigue and fun.

Ndebele 57 Home Street 22’ 1‘41 A cafe and sandw'c n deli ‘.'.lll‘i an :mpressive range of (t;.'.".a",/ rte igl‘ts from Southern Africa

Negociants cafe, bar, restaurant 45-47 Lott‘ra't Street 225 6373 Eclectic film-terrancn'tn "ier‘u, superb range of drinks, coffees, cocktails, wines and bees Oper‘ 9-3arn Pancho Villas 240 Canongate 557 4416

Mexican-born. owner Mayra Nunez says If yc)ci"e going to eat Mexican, then don‘t be bland ' Lunch until 5pm, dinner until 17pm

Passepartout 24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbridge 332 4476 Licensed bistro and coffee house New, exciting, eclectic' Cosmopolitan ctiisine Wllll daily set price lUi'1(_ll/(llfl'l0f menus from £5 50/{12 50 lbooking adwsablel

La Piazza 97-99 ShandWick Place

221 1150

Stylish Italian restaurant without designer pric es Open 7 days Ham-midnight

Pyramids 6 Hayrnarket Terrace

337 9979

for a co'r‘pletely different taste this Christ'nas Egyptian and Sudanese cuisine 8'-ng vour own wine

The Sanctuary 38 Blair Street 225 6885 New bar/cafe excellent food in unusual surroundings with cool sounds 6pm late Tue Sat

Smoke Stack 53-55 Broughton Street 556 6032

.‘.Iuc h more than burgers and steaks at this stylish but friendly new chargrill restaurant

Tabula Rasa 9O Hayrnarket Terrace 474 3446

It's Latin rhyming slang for a clean plate Yours Will be' Try it'

Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165

World wide cuisine, weekend breakfasts, Happy Hour, lunch menu, evening

spec 'als a'itl G‘asgow s best l)u'gers'

Balbir's SI West Regent Street

331 1980

Not big, not designer, not sexy, gust t:" lia'it Hrgh gua'itv "lcliar‘ cuis'ne at af‘o'dau e prices

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Asl‘tori Lane 342 4966

Be :; a" ttee's draft teffe a"d l-loegaarctenu, f-ne ‘.'.’lI‘.(‘S, rust't food, cool rnus:c, re'axed atr'iosphere

Café Del Mar 94 Queen Margaret

0r ve 400 5560

A relaxed and friendly

atmospl‘ere \lew

’.1ed.te"r(‘i'im'i b'stro and

co‘fee lease in the West

End Students always

wei’c orrie BVOB Take-away ava'lable all day

Grassroots 20 \\’c>odiands Read

353 3278

Sca'e-‘ree ‘-:;-::.:t, o'ganc grocer'es, excellent :)re( d, ‘ine cheeses, herbs and sp'ces, ‘wl‘olescime foods yur", yum Kama Sutra 331 Saucniehall Street 332 0055 I Bu‘fet on QM“ (LT-Kk dow . gu'ckie at itii‘ctiti'rte,

{5 35 l.':>'tday evenr‘g buffet £9 95 cunt? 10 30:20“


Le Petit Pain 239 Bvres Road 337 1118 iphone/faxl Coffees, guality sandWiches and pastries to go

or to stay Outside catering fig)?

Mama Miska 1321 Argyle Street 334 0594

Lashings of paprika, pasta Mama and pizza 'An Alpine .v grotto of delight, highly recommended' The List

Miro's 36 Kelwngrove Street

353 0475

The new look Miro offers a fresh view to European dishes Open from noon till late, 7 days a week

Mojo 158a 8a—tl715t-r-ee‘t" 3313237 Ivluch acclaimed

stylish bar a unigue

blend of modern

brasserie cooking in

an intimate setting

Mungo Jerri's, American Sandwich Café 25 Parnie Street 552 7999 iphone/fax)

Choice of 33 varieties of American food in American style \‘Vlllt Ian and R88 Murphy's Pakora Bar 1287 Argyle Street 334 1550 Over 30 ways to get stuffed at the great Murphy's buffet

“II M I "K

Daily 3-7pm only £3 95 Ocho 150 West Campbell Street 332 1032

A Vibrant new bar,

proViding relaxed meals, noon-7pm,

funky music, great Vibes and daily drinks promotions

Rab Ha's Restaurant 83 Hutc heson Street 553 1545

Traditional Scottish cuisine offered in intimate surroundings, with a choice of pre-theatre and a la carte menus from 5 30pm, 7 days a week Ristorante La Fiorentina 2 Paisley Road West 420 1585

Savour the flavour of Tuscan cooking with our extensive menu including rnany vegetarian dishes

Restaurant Splash at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2 Sauc hiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3NY

Tel 332 3163

Stravaigin 28 Gibson Street

334 2665

Cresh Scottish ingredients, authentic and orignal recipes, award-winning cooking, lively and informal

atmosphere 7 _ The 13th Note 80 Glassford Street 553 1638 F’—

Bar/cafe/venue with. a totally vegan menu of wholesome food within a relaxed atmosphere

Tron Theatre 63 Trongate 552 8587 ‘A whole lot more than great theatre' Voted Glasgow's best bar The List Readers Po'l

rhé o‘brqmagcap iguana; '

Lcll‘t’ , 334 5007 Ubgqvglouj (Lg? One of ""'—

Glasgow's finest restaurants sewing modern Scottish fayre

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