Kirsty Hume


Age/availability: 2 i/re: e"! " aver: s "’;<’" :Qi,"“).::" s sort

Prospects: lam ' your:

Fatal attraction: 's< w: a":: s " ost it'l";I'_ " a' '2 armless hook I'til"!t1('ll"<i'l‘(‘S‘-s('ll<:()"‘ ar‘tt ilt- ea

Chat-up line: "(one got :;e""t-<: s-\"‘

Perfect date: “‘reesor'e ti". a‘o'<-"‘<-": ';"-;’:: ..a:,"

Favourite position: Or t"e <af‘.'.aEk

Kirsty Young

s/eaoer and tar rao’ro nost

Age/availability: 2‘1/srqie

Prospects: 8 1t "tr; no.2". a: ast or‘ her own ( nanne 5 (l‘at srtos. at the (-1 <2 of l.lar‘( r‘

Fatal attraction: l:.(- ‘at ts plor‘oe, s_.sseo, sassy, lI( l‘, amodrous Chat-up line: 'Ar‘tt t'rnaay Perfect date: A (rtutk one petuneen new s t):.'.Qet;ns

Favourite position: Star‘orrio '.‘.rtl‘ a (less (orr‘er longed petu‘xeen ner t>:.'.to< ks

,oar pare or mrneT'

Jenny McCrindle

Ar tress

Age/availability: 29/r1ot known, not pre. oas soaee/es ttt( .l.(l(" (orrtetlla'l ( rarr; lerqtrson and rrtel l)a.lri Kane

Prospects: Saute stanomq by her man :‘ loomnr; After Jo Jo, she's one of Stot‘a'ttl's hottest at tmr; properties

Fatal attraction: Short of stature ano on; or‘, zaee Jenny as a tomboy \.'.ttn attrtntie

Chat-up line: "ll/as that a '.‘.'l(} or are yoa It‘d/U the nex'. lalanlyn l.‘ro:"oe?'

Perfect date: As Y'ar ‘rom 80s l (lint):.r<;l‘s st nentes as yoa (an (let Favourite position: Sexeral steps up the lander

Shirley Henderson


Age/availability: sZ/anat hen

Prospects: lragnr; naor‘keo ‘.‘.~th some o‘ S( otanrls sex e t rnen :n lr'a/n/sn Mather/r, Trarnspottmr; ar‘tl [stump/no The Odds, Sl‘rrley rs no‘-.‘.' makrnq a inn: u'utn tl‘e gnome-Me MIKe leroh

Fatal Attraction: Any woman who has snoqoerl ooth Robert Carlyle Ham/sf? MM bet/rt and Joe Mr l‘atltler‘ 'la’t/mp/nq The Odds surely has a t.'. "Alt" 1‘ "-L-r eye

Chat-up line: ‘llello qo'qeotzs, I'm an e'n:)t.o"a |y—((>, (rope— s'r‘.or\trt<; ‘1 on anti polls 1'.th a ( ate nee out), o‘, I".(‘ may"

Perfect date: In a heather-tarpeteo (]l("‘., asaaI sex' tartn a (atatonrt jt.l‘\ e r‘anretl atte" a potato

Favourite position: Rollrrxr; .r‘- the l‘rOdll‘i" rear P ()t .«Toti

Dot Allison


Age/availability: 2 //atta( neo’

Prospects: l.<it.’lt( lung a soio (areer, ‘.".ill‘r a net: s:ri(;le(1t.e 'r‘ April Fatal attraction: Heavenly husky ‘.()I((‘, as near: ‘.‘.rtn ‘ormer hano' One Done 1 I

Chat-up line: One Dore, t‘.'.o Ioveprros '

The perfect date: Larqrnr; I rr‘ a super s. we, : up

Favourite position: Behrno‘ a nut rop'none


and if those fail, try these dream dates . . .

11 Lynne Ramsay tfrlmmalrerI l‘~.'l(il\|ll() short frlms that prove size doesn't matter

12 Kirsty Wark throadt aster) Feisty but feminine, ontty but qlam, a tool qrrl In a stale boy's world

13 Honor Fraser Isnpermotlelt Posh (atwalk trumpet wrth a weekly nmvspaper (oitrmn and a bit} shop named after her

14 Julie Graham <<t( tress> Whether posing m (Iranrlm or estaprnq the (lntr hes of many-wrverl Bedourns :n a hat<hl>a< ls, Julie keeps her motor purring

Simone Lahbib

15 Arlene Cockburn <a< tresst Usmq hot teenage passion to thaw out The W/nter Guest

16 Clare Grogan (ex-singer and actress) As a soap star, knew how to get EastEnders' Ian Beale In a lather

17Valerie Edmond rartressr SC(lU( mg Prentrce In The Crow Road means she always gets her man

18 Simone Lahbib (actress: Fluent French rs jUSI one talent that makes the star of Carlton TV's Th/ef Takers a stealer of hearts

19 Scottish Widows Woman Bereaved but sexy, the horny monrner rs the Ideal woman Single and, rnsnrame be praised, loaded

20 Emma Thompson ld( tress; The bust-op Wlilt Ken and the shelf-fol of Ostars make Emma a (Greg) Wrse (home

6 ~19 Fe!) 1998 THE IJST 11