Dougray Scott

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Age/availability: 30 t er:

Prospects: About to go oal‘rstrt -'1 rveteo' e [)eerr ","‘r>a( t (I as P":'r(e C'rarrr: .'I(] .". Cr/rdere/Ja

Fatal attraction: Rot.(;'r "oa'trl t“e eooes

Chat-up line ‘.t\"vo"e see'r " y s ooe' 7'

The perfect date: You (:1) to file ha

Favourite position: L ~<e ar‘y o'."e' 3’" "(e < raw "3:, o" o"e -;"ee

Howie B

DJ and pr'odrrt er

Age/availability: 34/(ra: "(g Bork

Prospects: Wt)’K "r; “rs ‘.r‘(}ers to the oorre 0"! ms "ew (iIDtr't‘ Srrrfr‘er Dogs Fatal attraction: Glasgow (tarzte hotl 'rr x.r‘q wtth :r‘terrratora oor) .'“()."d'( 'ty (o2), "ow ‘arrtoas er‘otrg'i to {NM a worrtar: wth a taste ‘or' (e ehr :y t)()yf':e"os

Chat-up line: "‘ you're a (root: ooy, L'i. 3et yot. (to a spot of re'r‘rx l‘t; ' Perfect date: C()'Y‘t)d'."(; o'eakheats a: ar‘ (-‘X( .as ve pa'ty 'r‘ UZ's (rant olve

Favourite position: O". the news)

Ally McCoist

Footba/ler and ( hat s/roz'r host Age/availability: 3S/’t‘.d.’tr(‘(l (WU expett .".(; two‘s, so (o':‘ r‘es "‘att rhakrhq to Sattrroay a‘ter'rtoorrs Prospects: Frrrt H; arr -'\t("'ratrorral (areer aoarrrs: the boys "o": B'a/ 7 Fatal attraction: Fabulous hal‘ (()l‘.I'i)r Kr‘ov-xs how to st o'e What chat up line might work? ‘Tl‘ere's o'yy or‘e Surre' A iy' The perfect date: Or: the (out h, p"e-‘erah'y \‘J'tvioat F'eo r‘frat A;. as" Favourite position: Ur) t"‘or“. {Least ‘avo'tr'rte host o" o" t'e he": "

Stephen Duffy

At tor

Age/availability: Ageless/s rxqe

Prospects: Grow "q reouta: o," as a srrra'=-s( r‘ee" (ra'oste' S/rra/J fates, Look/mg After Jo Jo hat :l‘ere's a Channel 11 Srl(()ltl :r: tlie p:pe:.r‘e Fatal attraction: lvlearr arrtr moko

Chat-up line: 'You're clawed '

l‘ rr r.‘

I i' I“ '1“ Perfect date: A wee “arirrrrre w; a (Ur), mm H” WW1de ' f4 ‘1‘: Favourite position: on a dark altey

John Hannah

A< tor

Age/availability: 3‘3/rvtarrretl

Prospects: Avo'tlr'x; t)a"e".:(r res: o"s.t) .ty ‘o':"<o"‘ "z; e J’r‘t' James Gang and gettrrrq rowaett nth. (stat/vet" Patrons. S/rorrrt; Doors"

Fatal attraction: SlYlei, dark and handsor're eve" \.'."er‘ (“11%; arr corpses as McCa/lum and ms ooetry rearrzrrqs make yoa (go xxea< a: the knees

Chat-up line: ’Warrt to make that frve weddrrrgs7'

Perfect date: Playrng Truth Or Dare down to the last garment Favourite position: On the slab


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(LUV/[4“ ' _) . ’r r) ., (l \I\l' (i r: )

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20 Fran Healy 's "(re' “a; s's

(1 ./:/<.).)rl \ \l t/\)( . )(h’rt‘d \l

‘\18.'/ u (f) 7 as. t (k) t; (1.1 \)t15(2(

6 '9 "m: ‘998 THE LIST 13