Then last January. Daft Punk unleashed [lumen-ark. Suddenly. French music was officially hip. linsuing albums from [)1 (‘am. Dimitri From Paris. Motorbass and Kid Loco haye increased the French hype.

‘lt‘s because for the first time in France. we don‘t try and imitate you.‘ suggests (iodin. ‘liach time we did French music before. you always had better at home so you didn’t need us. It's like in fashion. which is a French tradition. but now all the British designers like Alexander McQueen. (ialliano and Paul Smith are designing for French houses. So now we give you our DJs and you giye its your fashion.

‘Maybe countries are like humans. maybe sortie are teachers and some are pupils. Maybe for music. we were pupils of the

linglish for 30 years and now we are grown up and we haye some new ideas. Maybe it is the satne with fashion.‘

For the time being at least. it‘s Air's turn to teach us a few lessons about music. But despite the pressure and scale of the media attention. they remain modest. ‘()ur friends are hallucinating about what happened to us.‘ smiles l)unckel. obyiously embarrassed. "l‘hey see our faces in the newspaper and they say. “You will become like Blur or The Beatles!" But we don‘t change. we are the same. we have the same girlfriends. the same apartments. we don‘t haye cars . . . we will never ask for the Rolls Royce like Noel (iallagherf

With that. these two sensitive. intelligent Frenchmen with the world at their feet are off. ‘I'm sorry. we have to go now.” they explain. ‘We haye an another interview to do . . .

Moon Safari by Air is out now on Source/Virgin. The single ‘Sexy Boy' is out on 9 Feb. Air's first three singles are collected on 'Premiers Symptomes' on Source.

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