Sinned against

While it is not unusual for me to read dismissive Journalism In reference to my band, your 'Ironic' article ’Glasgow Sinners’ part of the Glasgow Vs Edinburgh feature (Issue 324) is particularly offensive.

Firstly, regardless of your personal Opinion of my band, or any particular member of my band, I take offence to the company with which you have filed us Paul Gascoigne, Jim Coleman, Julian Spalding.

While I admit Manda Rin’s vocals may be an acquired taste, 150,000 music lovers in Japan have acquired It. Not bad for a band who ’are to melody what Carlos the Jackal is to world peace'.

We make no apologies for not being a cosy, coffee—table, AOR outfit (stand up Sharleen SpiterI), but surely what Bis have achieved should be celebrated, or at least acknowledged, If anyone at your publication bothers to listen to our next album, they Will find a band not only widening their horizons but at the very height of their talents.

But why should they bother? I'm sure there will be plenty of cosy, coffee- table AOR, safe, unambitious albums made by Glasgow's ’greats' in 1998. Why pay attention to the likes of Bis?

Anyway, Carlos the Jackal did alright for himself.

Steven of Bis

bar : rertaurant

39 arhton lane glargow

Tel : 0141 342 4966 '

Edinburgh fights back

There were several mistakes made In the article Glasgow Vs Edinburgh (Issue 324). To begin with it must have been written by someone from Glasgow as they constantly referred to Glasgow as 'we'.

The most hurtful mistake was that Edinburgers think the Sweater Shop is






Dutch vocalist on her '

first visit to Scotland.

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26 THE LIST 6-19 Feb 1998

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Bis bite back

trendy and we all wear lvl&S Jumpers. Nobody I know wears anything that’s not designer and the worst thing to be found In my wardrobe Is a Calvm Klein t-shirt. I have never seen anyone in Glasgow wearing anything better than a Kappa tracksurt and l have never heard anyone complain about the lack of good shops in Edinburgh. Something which is true but Irrelevant, Is that west coast football



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Belated thanis to Powerhouse, suppliers of boxing equipment, for their help with last issue's cover.

clubs are better than the east coast's. Most Rangers players are of foreign origin, with the best Scots on the bench. And since some of Rangers’ and Celtic’s players are more expensive than the whole of Hearts', we do not badly.

I read somewhere in the article that Glaswegians are meant to hold some sort of physical advantage over people in Edinburgh. Come over and we’ll have a square go.

Laurence Quinn Edinburgh

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