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Football it’s a funny old game. And to prove it, the Scottish Cartoonists and m: 6 im

Comic Artists Members (SCCAlVl) have joined forces with Partick Thistle FC. In the TV: Mosley < <>"?'<>‘-<“‘><)' WW latest of many efforts to save the First Division club in their hour of need, over 25 SCCAlVlers have given their services free of charge to produce Jokes Wi The Jags, (mum mmiw: mime-m (die

a 32—page pocketbook of cartoons, gags and vvitticisms on the nation’s favourite wavf a <"<)"‘>"‘<)'~'< :><*'f<)"r'<)"<<' «)8 sport. Contributors include Rod (Daily Record), Frank Quiter (Batman), Roger W’“ Kettle & Andrevv Christine (Beau Peep) and Alex Ronald (Judge Dredd). There’s an Music Meredith Brooks Ow introduction by Tam Covvan, co-presenter of BBC Radio Scotland’s On The Ball, .20.":(1'),<>!‘<><;:i‘f(i' mi «mm» and the cover is by veteran comic artist l\/lalky McCormick. Now fitba’ fans “‘“lfj’f 'f’l‘i't‘”) "W everyvvhere can do their bit to save Firhill’s finest. (Scott Montgomery) 8'02,[35,:318:2:fix;({,':,f,,'.,fjl' Jokes Wi the Jags is available now at £2.50. For details contact Partick Thistle FC page 23 (mam-f on minimum,

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