Sandy Brown

In The Evening (HEP Records) t k fir *

In the old, pro-Tommy Smith days, the late Sandy Brown was once the toast of Scottish jazz, and he remains a highly original and listeriable stylist in the traditional and mainstream forms he loved. The recent run of welcome reissues of his work cOntinues With these sessions from 1970 -7 l, which illustrate both his command of traditional idioms, and the riiaverick sensibility he brought to their interpretation His biting clarinet work is supplemented by the likes of Brian L(‘ll"7.", Bruce Turner and Tony i Coe, and he turns in a mean ljlues vocal into the bargain Her ornriiencled listening, and not lust as history (KM)

FOLK Dr Didg

Serotoriality (Hannibal) s a *

A new one from the didgendoo club king. Culled from rnulti-trarked recordings of live gigs, the album, and their concert shows use ‘liye sarnplirig' - Snatching a sample and looping it back, then playing over it and so on, audience. vocal participation included, Heavy bass, drums guitars and synths stew in the mix of what is wholly trance-dance r'nirSic for those of a cherwal disposition But he does sCrevi some arriazinq noises out of the AUSSYF‘ termite tube (NCIH

Various Artists

Her Infinite Variety: Celtic Women in MUSIC and Serra (Ge-err linrlei) f4 ‘3' b Sir

A great double ',-Il';:iliii" ri showing off the huge (Tilli’Plll‘l of vocal and instrumental talent mplcxrlirir; out of Ireland, Scotland arid North ikriierica June Tahor's dark tones are iii here too, along wrth Altan's Maire/id Ni Mhac:~naigli, Capercallie's Karen Matheson, outrageous fiddler Eileen Ivers, the ITH’plt‘S‘ ible button hoon Sharon Shannon, Deanta, Cherish The Ladies, ROOlTIIlli', Liz Carroll and many more There IS even a tap dancer (Sandy l Silva, hooler With Kevrn Burke's Open ' House,i Never a dull moment. (NCh) I

Robert Fish Band


Dances With sh sit a a

I Benachally Ceilidh l Band 3 I I

(Tartan Tapes)

Happy Feet (Siriicldyriiade) we «is ‘9! a

Two eeilidh CD's hour the new wave define the urban/rural divergences The Edinburgh-horn Fish’s album includes non—dance tracks among the appealinoly original arrangements of French Canadian Cape Breton, Irish, original and Scots tunes \‘Jlill African (ll-T’llll,‘€’ and oercuss f)!‘. groi;'.'ing along underneath The niusicrarishit: t'iw Blairoownebased Benaci a'iy's album. it much tighter ar' f (lass-i7 (they’re ei- Capi‘utaiiiie, Siliy Vuxail, Di)‘.."}i:‘ MacLean Band etc; The seventeen tracks are all traditional Milt-:5, and even it the cei'tent l'm'ds no surprises. the music fairly bounces Out of the speakers iNCh‘;


Every Day I Fall Apart (Deconstruction) * a: i:

With the kind of v0rce which would have stainless steel Wilting at 40 paces, Superstar‘s leader pulls his merry mates down a strumastrewn avenue of sub- Fanny proportions. Irritatineg hummable or JUST irritating, depending On mood. (BD)

Unbelievable Truth

Higher Than Reason (Virgin) «r 1k a:

It would be so Sllllf‘le and ma IOi any res/rower to draw comparisons between Andy Yorke’s band and his more famous sibling's all-conquering wrelders of pain and paranOia. So here goes. Despite doing a decent stab at gloomy, then happy, then gloomy again soundtrack fodder, Unbelievable Truth, rnonikered after a Hal Hartley flick, are no Radiohead. No surprises there, then. (80)

The Young Offenders

That’s Why We lose Control (Sony) is-

This is horrible They may look like they'd chib you as soon as club you to death but they sound as though they'd run at the merest glimpse of their first Cabbage Patch Doll which they had believed forever mrssmg

Sort of like. Bis havrng a collective tantrum in a cramped room (80)

A Foghozn (Ion-don) 3‘? a

Shout loud and long enough and the world will he fcii ed to listen seems to be. A's rule of thUiiit: They have been coriipared to Syninos:uni (suppose so), Silver Suri (oh, cOme on), Beastie Boys (possibly) and Ben Fci'ds Five (eh?) ’Foghorn’ is crude, r'arripant, abraSive and pulverisirig And if take the first letters of those four

ad;ec tives and spin them into a word, you get another apt iif tonuous Ed)

' description (BD‘

Six By Seven 88-92-96 (Mantra) s tr e

Yeah, like in e reallv need another bloody F‘ortishead. Though, on the evidence of their last collectiOr‘i, someone else may need to grasp the mantle of trip-hoppers meeting the thin white crook Arid yes, there’s a socidiiig short experimental film to aCCOnipaiiy the si"oie's release, 9'” warrant voii (BID)

a Six By Sever: r‘Iay king Tut's on Thu 79 Feb

Days of the New Touch, Peel 8r Stand (Outpost) 4* at

The lead singer sings 'oo’ and ’show' tn a Mart- Pellow has lust Joined ivtetallica kind of \\ av This is that 'ialfway house thing win: It real metal fans will loathe for its powder-puff poricinrtss while the rest of us wrll avoid it for its ear-bleedin: properties Yet it‘s hard to argue with c; band who have members With names such as Travrs Meeks and Jesse Vest i’BD)

Grandaddy Everything Beautiful ls Far Away (Big Cat) it s it a

UndOubtedly the most (uriOtis of this bunch and gurte likely the only one you may contemplate returning to over and again. There's all manner of pleasant bleeps and tinkly stuff gomg on here underneath an oblique vocal Very grown-up Indeed. And destined never to see the inSide of the TOTP studio. (80)


Roses Are Red (BTL) *

Aiming at the Valentine's Day market, BTL actually does follow up the title With the line 'vrolets are blue.’ If y0u

record reviews MUSIC

Libido: keeping their end up

were into the more sugary offerings of Aswad and U840 ie everything they wrote once they discovered proper reggae was not gorng to make them billionaires —- you'll no doubt be mouthing the lyrics of this to your beloved on the fourteenth (BD)


Jim Byers, Norman Chalmers, Neil Cooper, Brian Donaldson, Alastair Mabhott, Kenny Mathieson, Peter Ross, Fiona Shepherd, Paul Whitelaw

STAR RATINGS * * * 1r * Unmissable it t * it Very good a i it Wort a shot it 1r Below average * You've been warned

ricane #


hEWSIivo EOUT No - * CD1/CD2 7?, a

more . CD 2 lncludes Mixes by F L ;- I"

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CD 1 Includes Exclusive -

6—19 Feb 1998 THE LIST“