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Lush Cosmetics

latner up your loved one

this Valentine's Day ‘.‘.’l!ll sonietli'nq det adently sexy Dorset's lusli (c()8lll(‘ll( s have produted a range of titillatind [)l'()(lll( ts for use in bathrooms, bedrooms and boudoirs or wherever temptation takes hold. Prrtes are blushingly modest too The range |ll( ludes lip Servite balm at {l SO, 11st losty rose-stented 'bath ballrstrts' fpitturedv at fl 85 and the biggest splash-out Blue Skies bubble bath at £4 60 Eanry a dip?

Lr/s/i Cos/net/(s are avar/ab/e from the Lush store at Print es Square, G/t'is(]()‘.*./,’ or by mail order from 29 High Street, Poo/e, Dorest, BH/S 1A8, 07202 668 54‘), fax 07202 66] 832.

Graffiti Mask And Costume Ball

Edinburgh romancers can get all Edgar Allan Poe at Cafe Graffiti's Valentine's night ball. With entertainment from Flamenco Puro, Mr McFall’s Chamber Quartet, Deaf Heights Cajun Aces, Aziza Egyptian Dancers and soul combo Mr Pitiful, it’ll be an exotic evening not least because there are prizes for the most creative and intriguing costumes. The most wildly disguised couple will win three nights for two at the Stromness Hotel in Orkney; and there are runner-up prizes to be announced on the night. You’d better go in disguise.

The Masked Ball is at Cafe Graffiti, Edinburgh on Sat 74 Feb. See Clubs listings, page 75

4THEU81 6-19 Feb 1998

The Hansel Gretel Machine

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Save Wildcat

See that lrts ('oor‘t i|7 lrse C oont man lilk(" Or so Rab C. Nesbitt might but it Rab's alter ego Cirerior lislier is one of the lxiirie ntin‘ber of ;)l.l)ll( tidares ‘.'.l‘o liaye rallied round Wt dtat Stage Pl'()(l1l( trons, the (Elasqox'w based (omnanv ‘.'.'l‘.ose Stottml‘. Arts ( ounr :l revenue funding '.‘.as ‘~.'.lll‘.(ll’d.'."ll last autumn liisner appears at one of tuno benefit events in (ilasr;o.‘: next Sunday, Kids Will be entertained at a midday shot, and a rude roster of Stottisii stars slio‘sx their solidarity at an exennr; comer! Times like tli:s, you lxnou': *.'.'no yom friends are The Save Wr/drat snout/s are at the King’s lneatre, G/asqo‘x/ on Sun 773 'Feb All proreeo’s no to ‘/‘///drat's Fight/no Fund See l'iieatre fist/nos, page 68 and Kids listings, page 89