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Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Tourin shows are listed at the end oft e drama section. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Touring shows are listed at the end of the drama 81 dance section. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama 8r dance listings compiled by Peter Ross.


Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA : Parking to be Pic-Arranged. I : l.eve| Access. R :- Ratiiped Access. ST 2 Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC : Adapted 'I‘oiletts). WS : Wheelchair Spaces. AS :2 Adjacent Seats. Il : Induction I.oop System. IR 2 Iiilia Red System. (i : (iiiide Dogs Allowed. R 2 Restaurant Accessible. (‘ : (‘atering Accessible. T = Adapted 'I'eleplione.

Help: A 2 Assistance Ayailable. AA : Adyise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for maior Venues in (ilasgow are a\ailable l'rom the Ticket Centre. ('andleriggs. Mon Sat l0.30am until

6. 30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on (ll-ll 227 55l l. Sunday opening is noon -5pm. Any Ticket l.ink box ol‘lice can .sell tickets l'or other yemies.


TT indicates venues where Theatre Tokens can be exchanged for tickets. Tokens can be bought from Ticket Centre, Candleriggs, Glasgow, 0141 287 5910; most branches of W". Smith, John Menzies and James Thin Booksellers; or by credit card from Tokenline. 0171 240 8800.



Midland Street. 22| 400l. (Access: l.. Facilities: WC. WS. (1 G. Help: A. AA] Night Sullied Flesh L'ntil Sat 7 Feb. 8pm. £3.50/£6.50 (£2.50/£5). .‘slad rent boy s. Southern belles and ()rangeinen are _|tl.\l a l‘ew ol‘ the roles solo perl'ormer Derek .\lcl.tickie steps into in this show. incorporating elements ol' poetry. prose and physical theatre.

The Street Tue l0-Sat l-I ck Mon I6—Sat 21 Feb. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£3.50). Alan McHugh's musical play is a hard- hitting. challenging look .it a world ol prostitution. homelessness. drug abuse

and AIDS on the streets. See New Shows.

page 64.

Who Loves You Baby? Sat I4 Feb. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). American l‘olk musician Kate Kramer takes part in a storytelling session of Io\ e. hate. longing. late and desire.

CITIZENS' THEATRE Gorbals. 42‘) 0022. 'I'I' [Accessz l.. R. Facilities; \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. (T Help: AAI Closed Sun/Mon.

Macbeth Fri l3 Feb-Sat 7 Mar. (Free preyiey .Tlrii l2 Feb). 7.30pm. £8 (£2). Tempting late with a Fri l3 opening night. The (‘iti/eiis' company pertorms Sliakespeaies classic tragedy ol- witchcraft. L‘qtllHK‘ilIlUll and murder. directed by Robert Day id MacDonald. See pres iew. page 6 l.

Krapp’s Last Tape w'etl I 1 Feb Sat 7

Mar. (Free preview. Tue l0 Feb). 7.30pm.

£8 (£2). Samuel Beckett's classic monologue about a decrepit old man reliving happier days \ ia taped reminiscences. Artistic director (iiles Hayergal stars. while Jon Pope designs. See preyiew. page 61.

Quartet Thu 12 Feb-Sat 7 Mar. (Free preview. Wed ll Feb). 7.30pm. £8 (£2). Ileiner Muller's play transports \'almont and Merteuil -v the principal characters limit) Les [instills I)uiieererrses to a post— atomic l’uture. See prey new. page 61. GREENOCK ARTS GUILD (‘aiiipbell Street. (ireenock. (II-I75 723038.

Albertine, In Five Times wed Is a 'I‘tui l‘) Feb. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£5.50). See

I Touring and New Shows. page 64.


2l Beatori Road. 423 2933.

Antigone Fri (I tic-b. 7.30pm. to (£4.5o). See Touring.


Bath Street. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs, see Ticket link details aboye. TT [Accessz PPA. l.. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. (i. C‘. Help: A. AA]

Buddy l‘ritil Sat l4 I'eb. .\lon 'l‘liu 7,30pm. Fri ck Sat 5.30pm (k 8.30pm. Wed mat 3pm. £5~£l‘).5(). The smash-hit musical that's currently in its iiiiiili year in the West lind tells the story (it Buddy

Creature of the night: Derek McLuckie in Night Sullied Flesh at Paisley Arts Centre

Holly and. unsur'prisirigly. features such

' songs as ‘Peggy Sue‘ and “That” Be The

Day '.

7 Save Wildcat Benefit Concert Sun I5

Feb. 7pm. £l5. A \ast array of leading Scottish perl‘oimers has been assembled l’or this eyeiit. designed to raise lands and awareness lor \Vildcat Stage Productions. the touring company w liose reyenue t'unding was withdrawn by the Scottish Arts ('ouncil in the autumn. .-\ppearing alongside Wildcats directors Daye Anderson and Dayid Macl .ennan are Blythe Dul't'. (lregor Fisher. Dick (lauglian. I.l/ l.ocliliead. Katy Murphy. Iiddi Reader and lilaine C". Smith. to name but a few. All proceeds go to \Vildcat's Fighting Fund. See Frontlines. page 4.

Rock Hard Mon l6— Sat 2l Feb.

.\lon Thu 7.30pm. Fri ck Sat 5.30pm ck S.30pni. £5 Al‘).50. Rock legend Alyin Stardust leads a cast (it beeliiye beauties and biker boys as ‘ls'ing ()l' The Road' in this ray ing rockl‘est l‘eaturing more than

j 40 smash hits li'oni the swinging 60s. But

w ill be be getting his '(‘oo-(‘a-(‘Iioo‘ out‘.’

. black comedy liimsell -

' mist—é)! Aids 6mm:

New Street. Paisley. 887 Hill). [Accessz PPA. l.. R. Facilities: \\'(', \\'S. H. (i, ('. IIL‘IPI A. AA]

Freedom With A 45 Mon 0 a Inc In Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). A flat l'till ol~ unemployed actors who rob a casino to lurid their own lilm. Dayid Paul ll;rkc‘r"s w IIIL‘II IIL‘ tIIt‘t‘c‘ls

was written as a showcase for himself and fellow actors who are seeking work.

Night Sullied Flesh Wed I I Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Mad rent boys. Southern belles and ()rangemen are just a few ol‘ the roles solo perl‘oririer Derek Mcl.uck'ie steps into iii this show. incorporating elements of poetry. prose and physical theatre.

THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 332 9000. IT [Accessz PPA. ST. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. WS. H. (j. C'. Help: AA]. (‘losed Stilts.

Cosi Fan Tutte Sat 7. wed I 1. Sat 14.

Ttie l7 & Thu l‘) Feb. 7.15pm.

£3.50~£45. See ('lassical & ()pera listings. pages 5‘) 6t).

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The Glass Menagerie

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i The Glass Menagerie


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