Snatched By The Gods 8. Broken Strings \yt-tl ;.s £3.50 SL'L' ('l l\\lc.~: (K ‘)])'.‘l‘a listings. pages 5‘! (30.



25 Albert l)ll‘. e. 2\,' 'l l‘. [Access l’. l’P.-\. R. Facilities: \\'(’. \\ S. H. (i. C] blue funk l'iitll Sat 2 l-t'b. 0pm. £5 (£5) Becky l'tliiitiiitls's snln pei'lnl'lllaiic‘e lnl ;: purports In be a tntitiiey thintigli mental chaos and litiliiati \ tiliieiability I‘liis pei‘loriiiance installation incorporates light. sound. pin]eclin:t and the human body. Booking for nby intis reasons “I” be essential.

Scream, (stay seated) l o o a sat '7 Feb Spm. £5 (U). l’eil‘ni malice group The Max factniy present this He“ work as part (it"l‘i'aiiiuay's III! A’- lx’it/i season. Inspired by an alcnlinl-cra/ed night and acclaimed earlier this year as a \\‘()l'ls-lll- progress. this eiiintiniially charged sltnyy tises dance. theatre. \ itlen and music to explore meaningless and directionless lives. See New Shows. page (1-1. Euphoria Tho I: Sat )4 lit-h. spin. L5 (£3). London’s 'I‘lieatie I’lFR iii a


sillglt' \Pt'cIIIII)"

collaboration \\ itli (ilasgnyy -based \'.lllt‘l'

Grant Smith and t. ideo installation artist Markieysicr. L'u/i/mriu combines documentary. yatitley ille and lec‘lllltiltigy to examine the manipulation of the human personality. front the lob interyieyy to the psyclinaizalyst's couch See New Slinys s. page o4.


(i3 Ti'nngate. 552 1207 ll [Act ess: I’I’A. ST. R, l.. l'acililles; W('. WS. H. C. Help: :\.-\I.

Albertine, In Five Times that sat l-l l‘eb (iinl Moi: 0: Spin. LS :tll ). See Touring and Ne“ Shim s. page o1.



Allk‘l'l I)II\L' :3 {‘\\.\Ikl‘\' I). I’I’A. R. l‘acililtes: \\('. \\ S. H. (i. ('] New Moves: Les Années De Pelerinage‘l'tie l7 Thu 1‘) l'el‘ Spot £8 (£4). Inspired by the t‘niiipnsei Iran}; I is/l. this shoe. limit the l'lll‘itltlllt‘ll Jean-Pierre l’ei'teatill links choi'engiaphy. aicliitt't'luse iigliltu; music and cnstuziie It] a series ol (lot-Is \yhich eynke ln\ mg. passionate and social relationships The t nziipatiy last \isllc'tl Hlllaili ll) l‘l‘l-l In: all .tc‘c‘lalllit'tl itiii at the litlizrbnzgh liiteinattniial T'L'\ll\.ll \ik'C \c'“ SlitWys, PJ‘L’L‘ ()2.




2a Forrest Road. 225 9501. [Access ST. Facilities: WS. (3. C. Help: AA]

Mr Punch Tue lO—-Sat I4 Feb. 7.30pm.

Sat mat l.-i5pm. £4 (£3.50). lidinburgh Uniy ersin Theatre Company presents an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's cult graphic novel in a multi-media theatre experience employing effects as diverse as photographic montage and grotesque puppetry. See New Shows. page ()2.


Musselbtirgh. 665 2240. [Access: l.. ST. R. liacilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Tl‘. Help: AA]

Macbeth Until Sat 14 Feb. 7.30pm. £9 (£5.50). Wed 4 & Sat 7 Feb mats 2pm at 2.30pm. £4.50. Shakespeare‘s classic chiller performed by the Bruntoii Theatre Company and directed by David Mark Thompson. Dare yoti attend the l-'ri l3 performance of The Scottish Play? See review. page ()6.

The Hansel Gretel Machine Tue l7 & Wed l8 Feb. 7.30pm. £9 (£5.50). See Touring. Frontlines. page 4 and New Shows. page ()4.

CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road. Ticketline; 220 434‘). Usher Hall. Assembly Rooms and King‘s Theatre box offices or Church Hill

Theatre 30 minutes before peformance, One-Act Play Festival Thu l2 Sat 14 Feb. 7pm. Thu & Sat 1.5; I’m £3. The Edinburgh District of the Scottish Community Drama Association present nine one-act plays oy er three days. Call

0l 3] 558 9800 for tickets and details.

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/2‘) Nicolsnn Street. 52‘) ()000. [Access: 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. H. (I 'I'. Help: A]

A Midsummer Night's Dream tintil Sat 7 l‘eb. 7.30pm. £5.5()—£|~I (£3.50 U0). A iiitilti-ethnic cast take an iimoyatiye

: look at this classic Shakespearean tale in ' a production which includes liidiaii rhythms. Japanese dance. Nev. York rap aiid a myriad of son 's.

Babe, The Sheep-Pig Tho I:- Sat I4

I l-eb. 7pm. Thu l2 (Sc Sal l-i l-‘eb mats.

3 2pm £5 LID Adapted from Dick King- Smith's noyel - also the source lot the

' highly sticcessltil film Ila/iv this is the - tale of a piglet \yhn discoyers a talent for heiding sheep. Sounds like a porker'.’ You'd be surprised. See Kids section.

3 pages 8‘) ()0.

l l

KING'S THEATRE 2 I even Street. 220-134911‘. {Access R. I. Facilities: WC. IR. (3. (‘. Help .-\. AA] Headsets for Infra Red System for hard of hearing available from front of house manager.

The Government Inspector l‘ntil Sat 7 l-'eb. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm.

{9.504; I 7.50 (concessions available ). Writer and artist John Byrne adapts Nikolai (.ingol's classic Nth century satire on provincial life and official corruption. which also happens to be a hilarious tale of mistaken identity. A top notch. predominantly Scottish cast includes Ian McDiarmid. Tom Watson and Ronnie Lethain. \yliile young English actor Tom Hollander stars in the central roleThese are the only performances outside London.

Blood Brothers Mon 9— Sat 21 Feb. Mon -Sat 7.30pm; Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm. £12.50~£22.50. Willy Russell's international smash hit musical tells the tale of twins. separated at birth. who grow up on opposite sides of the track. Bernie Nolan of The Nolan Sisters fame plays the boys‘ mother in the second \yeek. PLAYHOUSE THEATRE

Greenside Place. 557 2590. (Access: R. 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. G. C]

From A Jack To A King Until Sat 7 Feb. 5pm & 8pm. £6—£l9.50 (eoiicesssions available). Rock 'n' roll musical loosely based on .tht‘bt’l/l front Bob Carlton. creator of Return '1}; The l'iil‘ltlt/r/t‘ll l’ltlllt‘l. This enjoyable send-up of Shakespeare r seen at the lidiiiburglt Fringe a decade ago -- has been completely revamped fora major tour. Summer Holiday Wed l I Feb—Sat 2t Mar. 7.30pm. Wed and Sat mats 2.30pm. £10 £22.50. Darren Day steps into Cliff Richard's celluloid shoes for this hit musical. SthlglIlg h0s hepcats Don and his friends set off for France in a red dotible-decker. hut plans are changed

\y hen they meet foxy musical trio Doh Reh Me.

QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE Corstorphine Theatre. Cleryyood Terrace. .1 l 7 3546.

Round And Round The Garden hi o Feb. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). The third part of .-\Ian Ayckbourn‘s Norman ('u/Iqtteily trilogy. performed by third-year drama students under the direction ofJohn Ramage

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This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburghjs main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

drama 8: dance THEATRE

"Hit list“

The best stage shows this fortnight.

The Government inspector lan McDiarmid (pictured) is joined by a host of leading Scots actors plus the excellent Tom Hollander and Brian Murphy in John Byrne's cracking adaptation of this Russian satire. Last few performances. Edinburgh: King’s Theatres

Macbeth Two productions, either of which can be seen by bad luck freaks on Fri l3. The Brunton's has already shown its mettle {see review, page 66); while Robert David MacDonald‘s at the Citizens’ can be expected to prove stylish and intense to the last. Mussel/burgh; Brunton Theatre/Glasgow: Citizens' Theatre.

Krapp's Last Tape Giles Havergal plays the lusty old man with a collection of tapes recording his younger years and a fetish for the word ‘spools' in Beckett's bleakly funny monologue. Glasgow: Citi'zens' Stalls Studio.

Juno And The Paycock Sean O'Casey's classic tragic~comedy of poverty and misogyny in Dublin during the lrish civil war is directed by Mark Lambert, the man behind the Lyceum's winning production of Translations. Edinburgh; Royal Lyceum Theatre.

Krapp'sl .ist lap: ls'tapp's last lalx

Kiapp's last Tape

Kiapp's I..tst l‘ape

Friday13 Saturday 14 Sunday 15' Monday 16 Tuesday 17 ‘Wednesday 18] Thursday 19

it... én...sit-Who(at..... _ ncsussr fink-shru— i n ' “insists-i Arches (1... m]: (1.... Macl‘xlll Macbeth \Iac'lX‘lll Mauls-til Citizens _ I ~ _.

Rock Hard

Kiapp's last 'Iape Kiapp's Last Tape

Gill-{ens Stalls


Buddy Buddy _ Save—Wildcat . i Rock-Hard Rock Hard- Rock Hard l i i T mm WT—u-H-W— «I... '1 latt- A (‘osi Fan Tutte : SnatchetUBrnken Strings] Cosi Fan Ttitte h a- —- T m itiuphoha M-_l.—_~_"—-—T - - i- _‘-w— u Pelennage! Les Anécsdc Pelerinagc- Les Anecsdc Pelerinngc Tramway _ Albertine ——*- _ Albertine Nikki \‘e-ili '

Macbeth Macbeth - Hansel Gietel I Hansel Gretel I Brunton

in... T” nas- tissu V Festival Theatre mood art: 7 ' - -—-—.Blti;l-3nis ] _ I Blood Bros Blood Bros T Blood Bios Blood Bros King's

Sunimei Holiday Summer Holiday

5 Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday


Juno & The Puycock

Juno & The Paycock

Juno & The Paycock

Juno & The Paycock

Royal Lyceum

Juno & The Paycock l Juno & The Paycock

St Bride's



The ('hic Nerds

The Chic Nerds

The Chic Nerds l

Traverse 1

6—19 Feb 1998 THE LISTGD